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09-21-11, 08:01 pm
Hey guys, I'm Cristina(or Cryssa or any way you would like to call me). I'm a huuuuge guinea pig lover and I want to become a better owner for them:love:
It started in January when I went to a local petshop and found SooHyun. Back then I didn't like guinea pigs but I decided to take him home as he was in an extremly bad shape. For 7 months we struggled together but whenever we managed to get rid of a disease a new one was waiting by the corner:( 2 days before my birthday my SooHyun went to a better world
This was my angel

As he was my first piggy I didn't know anything about them so I had to learn a lot, about how to gain his trust, make him happy, and try to get him healthy. Many people said they never saw such a sociable guinea pig. After I gained his trust he became so lovely he wasn't scared of anybody and loved to be scratched on his tummy like a dog.
At first I bought an unsuitable cage but later, when i found out i bought the right one and soon a friend for him
Unfortunately while I was in hospital kevin(the white angora pig) had diareea and the lady who took care of him didn't know it is severe so my poor kevin didn't receive the right treatment and passed away.
A few months before Hyun's death my little Kien joined the family. He is a beautiful angora male(his pedigree name is Ocean Blue de Inka) but he is extremly spoiled xDD

After Hyun's death Kien was extremly depressed and even stopped eating so a little neglected piggy joined our family too...unfortunately we didn't pick a name for him yet
A day after I bought the black guinea pig i saw an add with 4 extremly beautiful baby guinea pigs...so I couldn't stop myself and i adopted this guy(also still nameless xDD)
I hope you liked our story and that I will become a better mommy for my piggies and in a few years a good vet for them(i want to be a vet, and i entered uni this year:))
kisses from my boys:heart:

09-21-11, 08:19 pm
Welcome to the forum! Your pigs are very cute.

There's a wealth of information on this site about caring for your pigs.

--Click on the "Home" button above for information about cages.
--Read the stickies on the Diet and Nutrition forums, especially the two about Cavy Nutrition Charts and the one on sample menus.

And let us know if we can help in any way.

09-21-11, 09:55 pm
Your piggies are so cute! Sorry to hear about all your problems. This site has great info and people. They have helped me become a better mommy to my 2 boys.

09-22-11, 12:01 am
Welcome to this forum...I'm glad to hear that you want to become a vet so you can educate and take better care of gps. Your piggies are adorable!!

09-23-11, 02:53 am
thank you. I really love this site, i've seen sooo many cuuute piggies around here. I just wanna sqeeeeeze them all haha.
A few moments ago I received this from my piggies's godmother
I guess she got over exited when she saw them haha.

09-23-11, 06:57 am
Welcome-you came to the right place.
Sorry for your losses-it's tough.

Your pigs are adorable! You must have a huge cage for all of them.
We love pics-so share more when you can!

09-23-11, 08:38 am
Sure, I will post more pictures soon. Unforutunately i still have a small cage(1mx60cm) but untill I manage to build one by myself(unfortunately here in romania is hard to find all i need for a big cage) i leave the door opened and put a doggy pillow outside and a wooden bridge inside(the youngest piggy cant jump so high. So they use my whole room as a cage xDD outside they have a lot of accessories and when they wanna eat or drink or sleep they go back to the cage ^.^ Still I hope they will have their cage and I'll have my room back soon xDD

09-23-11, 10:50 am
Welcome to the forum! Im sorry to hear about your losses. It must have been hard loosing multiple pigs :( Im glad that your willing to learn more on bettering your piggys lives! What kind of cage do you have? Also, have you cam up with names for the other piggys yet? They are really cute! If you have questions, feel free to ask!

09-23-11, 11:31 am
It's a good thing you adopted little soohyun at least he died after having some better care than at the petstore but it's still very sad about kevin too:( Your boys are very cute and adorable and the little brown and white one is sooo tiny and cute.

09-23-11, 11:55 am
Welcome to the forum! Sorry for your losses. Your piggies are adorable! If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

09-23-11, 12:29 pm
I blame myself for Kevin's death cuz I should've been there. Still I took him from a guy who was using them and hamsters as snake food :( I'm so sorry I was hospitalized when he got sick :(
Now to answer your questions. I dont have a picture with my cage it was bought from the store it has 1m L x 60cm l x around 60 cm h. i'll show you guys of the cage of a friend(same kind of cage)
right in the front it has a small door but because the youngest cant jump so high i put a doggy pillow outside and a wooden bridge inside so all of them can go out and play :).
In romania there are only 3 doctors that can really treat guinea pigs(and other small animals) so (I know it sounds a bit silly) my dream is to become the best vet in romania lol.
I remember that 4 years ago when i decided to become a vet it was because I wanted to be able to treat all the animals that don't have someone to love them ^.^

09-23-11, 11:07 pm
Those boys are adorable! The little one is sooo cute and tiny! It takes me back to my little girl, and boy I miss her.

09-24-11, 02:20 am
Guess what friends!! I got a name!! Let me introduce myself, my name is Kenzo
http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/cryssa_kien_kyouhei/gashka de nebuni xDD 2/IMG_2708.jpg
Now I'm going to play around :heart:
http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/cryssa_kien_kyouhei/gashka de nebuni xDD 2/IMG_2700.jpg

09-24-11, 02:43 am
Well, hello there Kenzo !:heart: What a handsome little fellow you are !lol

09-24-11, 05:02 pm
I really like the name Kenzo!!! He's adorable!! :-)

09-25-11, 10:16 am
thank you ^.^ we're working hard to find a good name for the black piggy too :heart:

09-25-11, 10:19 am
Awwww that is tooooo cute for a toooo cute pig!!!!

09-25-11, 10:23 am
That is an adorable name! :)

09-25-11, 11:10 am
Thank you:heart: I'll add more pictures soon :love:

09-26-11, 03:12 pm
I finally got a name too!! yayyy!!
Hello, my name is Kyong Min :heart:

09-26-11, 03:23 pm
awwwzies! That's too cute!

09-26-11, 03:38 pm
That's an adorable name for an adorable piggie! :)

09-26-11, 04:07 pm
thank you so much:heart: i hope my boys like their name even if they have a bit weird names :D