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Cavy Tamer
05-10-05, 12:35 am
My rabbit is between 8 and 10 weeks old. On the way home, after getting him, I stopped at the pet store, and bought some Rabbit Food. (LM Classic Blend Rabbit Food) I then read some article online that said that a baby rabbit needs a different formula. Is this true? Is there specific "baby rabbit food"? Would it be harmful for my rabbit to continue feeding him regular rabbit food?

05-10-05, 09:15 am
Rabbits like GPs have different dietary needs at different ages. Your young rabbit should be getting unlimited access to a high Quality Pellet like Bunny Basics 15/23 and unlimited alfalfa hay.

I'm not certain how good/bad LM brand is. I don't believe it is very good quality.

Once your rabbit is over 6 months you need to switch to Oxbow's Bunny Basics and cut back on the pellets to 1/4 to 1/2 cup per 6 pounds body weight. A gradual switch to timothy or a good grass hay is also needed.

I have also always given my rabbits a day off from pellets once a week. Instead I change out their hay and they eat hay all day instead. This is to make sure they get enough hay for their teeth and digestion. Rabbits aren't usually as interested in hay as GPs but it is just as important they eat it.

They also need some fresh veggies. Dark leafy greens and roots are best for them. You will find a list of good veggies on the House Rabbit Society link below.

I recommend you read the House Rabbit Society website. They also have a great book out on rabbits. There is also a Yahoo Group called Etherbun you may want to post on. It is a very busy group but they are prorescue/antibreeding and from what I have seen most are very knowledgable.


05-10-05, 10:38 am
Everything that the moderator has mentioned is great advice. You can also pick up rabbits for dummies book at either amazon.com or any book store. When you first started posting on bunnies you gave the impression that you read up, I am concerend that you havent and took on a 10 year commitment without knowing all that is involved. I along with others have provided the links that were mentioned in the above post also giving you other sites. PLEASE read up, there is alot that you seem not to know yet. I do wish you the best of luck with the new bunny but STRONGLY encourage you to get a book and read read read. Best of luck with the new little one.

Cavy Tamer
05-10-05, 11:31 am
Well, I have read many many many articles online. All I had read before, though, was that I needed to feed the bunny alfalfa, which I am doing, and cannot feed him veggies yet. I hadn't read that there were specific bunny pellets as well.

So, his stool this morning was very soft. So far, they've only been hard pellets. It wasn't completely liquid, but it was a pile of very very soft pellets. I know this isn't completely healthy. Is this because of the food? What should I do to correct this?

05-10-05, 11:41 am
Nope those soft poops are called ceces. They will actually eat these, it is very important that you let him do that. The ceces are high in nutrition that get passed thorugh the system the 1st round of digestion. Its totally normal.

Cavy Tamer
05-10-05, 11:49 am
Nope those soft poops are called ceces. They will actually eat these, it is very important that you let him do that. The ceces are high in nutrition that get passed thorugh the system the 1st round of digestion. Its totally normal.

Well, don't ceces normally get eaten directly out of the anus?

We, he was on the floor at the time running around, so I'm guessing he wasn't "hungry"?

05-10-05, 11:56 am
my guy will deposit the ceces on the floor then turn and eat them, not all will eat them right from their anus. My guy wont eat them all the time, but for the most part he does.

05-10-05, 12:09 pm
I was just thinking of something, are you feeding him the same food he was weaned on? If you switch food to fast that will cause an upset belly.

Cavy Tamer
05-10-05, 12:25 pm
Good question. I will contact the breeder to ask. However, I've already had him for several days, and he hasn't had any problems so far. And again, I saw him bending down, and then munching away, and then he hopped off, and there was a small pile of soft poop. So I think you're probably right, that its just the ceces. He seems perfectly normal otherwise.

05-10-05, 01:16 pm
Yea then I wouldnt worry about it

Cavy Tamer
05-10-05, 01:32 pm
Well, this isn't exactly bunny food, but since I'm here.....

What toys do you give your rabbits? I bought him the store bought "irrestible to rabbits" toys, but he seems to be doing a good job at resisting them....

He also has a log of wood to chew on. Whatever I give him, though, he plays with for a very short period of time, and then forgets about it. Is there a toy that rabbits will just go crazy for?

Maybe an XBOX?

05-10-05, 01:51 pm
lol ummm i am gonna so no on the xbox. I give my bunny so many things to play with that half the time I wonder who is whos pet. My bunny LOVES rattles. Petsmart has a cute rattle that has 2 carrot sticks on a ring that are wood. He loves to run with that in his mouth its so cute to watch. I offer tons of chews really anything I can find in the stores. I also bought 2 cylinder cat rattles that were like a dollar a piece that he really likes to throw down his ramp when I am tryin to clean his cage. I put newspaper on the bottom of the cage for shredding, another favorite. I have a busy buddy (got that at petsmart too I think) and I bought some wood bird toys that hang from the cage to chew on and smack around. Toilet paper rolls filled with hay are great to push around and destroy. I got a reall neat grass mat at petco which is probably being reconfigured as I speak. I think things they can toss and push are great.

05-10-05, 01:51 pm
Try www.bunnybytes.com (http://www.bunnybytes.com) they have some awesome toys

Cavy Tamer
05-10-05, 02:07 pm
Thanks for the link.

I think I'm also going to try some stuffed animals. I also put a fake bunny, that we had in the yard, right next to his cage. Maybe that will keep him company when I am away?

Well, thanks for your suggestions. I have the 2 carrot rattle already. I'm gonna try the tube filled with hay.

What kind of rabbit(s) do you have?

05-10-05, 02:17 pm
Just be careful with the stuffed toys as the bunny can dig at it and rip its stuffin out, wouldnt want the bunny to ingest that. I have a mini rex mim fuzzy butt.

05-10-05, 05:51 pm
Most rabbits really love cardboard boxes and tunnels. I bought a cardboard concrete form (cardboard tunnel) at Home Depot for around $5. I cut doorways into the boxes and he loves going in and out. You might also want to try untreated baskets to chew, baked pinecones, plastic slinkies, and hard plastic baby toys (especially the ones that make noise). My rabbit also enjoys an old phonebook; I open the phonebook and crinkle a few pages in the middle. You could try a towel for digging and scooting around as long as he does not start injesting it. He might also like a pot with sand or organic soil for digging.

05-10-05, 08:20 pm
For toys I use:
blocks of wood - chewing
Parakeet/Parrot toys!! - chewing/entertainment. hang in cage. Some have bells and my buns like to run back and forth against the hanging toy to hear the bell - the louder the better! They like the ones with the cow bells the best.
Plastic Rainbow Slinky - entertainment. Hang in cage. My buns like to pull the bottom and watch it bounce up and down.
Grass Mat from petco - chewing/food/entertainment. They LOVE to tear this apart and dig it to shreds.
Plastic Hanger - entertainment. I use a childs hanger. My buns like to drag them around and play tug of war. I also hang one in their cage that they play with.
Fleece Donut Pet Bed - to cuddle and snooze - CHEAP $9.99! I throw this in the wash once a week. It's their favorite place to snuggle. I found this a lot easier than towels. Here is the link for a picture: http://www.petco.com/product_info.asp?familyid=9087&sku=4258375471&tab=2&dept_id=501&c1=500&c2=501&c3=&ct1=Beds+%26+Furniture&ct2=Beds+%2D+Loungers+%26+Pillows&ct3=