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09-13-11, 09:16 am

I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Inle mom of two human boys, two guinea pigs, one dog and owner of a husband. I have had many small animals in my pre-child past. Rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, etc. but as each little friend passed on my herd got smaller and smaller. I lost my most beloved house rabbit shortly after my son was born and decided to not get any more small animals until the kids were old enough to treat small animals kindly.

We (the family) have two guinea pigs Eddy Pig, a black and white teddy, and Benny Pig, a brown and white smooth hair. Eddy is a pet store rescue. When I got Eddy I had no intentions of getting any guinea pigs (yet). I had some time to kill before meeting my husband for lunch and decided to take the kids to a local pet store to look at the animals. Something we have done before. This time though there was Eddy Pig: under weight, ears chewed up, abscess under his chin, and fur missing. He was a wreck. I learned from the pet store people that he had been dropped off there a few days before by someone that no longer wanted him. They were also planning on marketing him as snake food since he was not in good health. I talked them into selling him to me and took him home. It took a month to clear the abscess from under his chin and for him to return to peak health. It took another month after that before he started to show his little guinea personality. I think that he was mistreated and under fed by his previous owner and when put into a pet store situation the other piggies just beat him up. We have had him for about 6 months.

Benny Pig is new to our household. We have had him for about 3 weeks. Once summer ended and my oldest son (primary guinea pig fan) went back to school Eddy seemed very lonely. He squeaked at me every time I was near his cage. The little guy was just looking for some love. I posted an ad on Craig's List looking for a male guinea pig and was contacted by a mother whose daughter had "out grown" the guinea pig phase. The mother actually said she didn't realize guinea pigs lived so long... =/ I picked Benny up, he was healthy and seemed well taken care of, just very lonely. He was constantly snuggling my hand. We just introduced the two piggies yesterday. It was guinea love at first squeak. Eddy seems much happier and so does Benny.

Both my human boys love the guinea pigs. Their favorite activity is watching Iron Man on the couch, eating carrots and snuggling with piggies. There is also a fair amount of floor time, building train tacks around the pigs (who are not very active at all), and lots of talking to the guinea pigs. There is my youngest feeding the two piggies some yummy greens.


I found this site while searching for ways to introduce male guinea pigs together.
Which it turns out I really didn’t need since the GP boys are getting along so well!


09-13-11, 12:12 pm
Hello and welcome ! I am glad the introduction went well. I hope you'll stick around and keep posting. It sounds like you have lots of experience in the small animal department. We have threads here devoted to rabbits and other small animals. It's always nice to have members who can give sound advice to others on these pets.

09-13-11, 12:39 pm
Welcome to the forum! This is a great place for piggy lovers, which, you seam to be :cheerful:
I am very happy to hear all you did for Eddy Pig! Thats was so kind, many people wouldnt do that! Im sure he really appreciates it!
If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask. The members here are very helpful and friendly!

09-13-11, 01:00 pm
Oh wow! I didn't see those other threads. I love rabbits. I currently volunteer at the local Rabbit Rescue here in Austin and can't wait to adopt one (or two) once my boys are a little older. I like my rabbits to have as free range of the house so the kids do need to grow up a bit more.

I couldn't leave Eddy there in that pet store. There was no way. He needed some one to care for him and he got it. He's a very lucky pig. I was a vet tech and worked with an exotic veterinarian during college so I was able to provide the medical care he needed on my own. Thankfully there was nothing serious enough to warrant taking him to a vet. Mostly he just needed to be alone and have some good food and vitamin C.

I should say though, if anyone doesn't have the animal medical back ground that I have and has a GP with an abscess that GP should be taken to the vet. Things can change quick with the little animals and abscesses are nothing to mess around with.

09-14-11, 04:15 pm
It is amazing the information on this website! I'm learning things I never knew and remembering things that I had forgotten. You guys are doing a wonderful job.

09-14-11, 04:27 pm
Your piggies and son are so cute! Your awesome for saving Eddy, thank you!

09-14-11, 06:34 pm
Thank you, Hhbean! All three of them know exactly how cute I think they are and they use it to their advantage. lol.