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09-06-11, 09:07 am
I live in a town house and have a 2 1/2' x 2ft 3" table to put the new cage on. I was thinking a 2X3 would fit with a piece of plywood screwed on top of the table. If I make a balcony on the top, would this be big enough for 2 cavies? I have one right now, since we have a smaller cage, but plan on making a CC cage in the next month or so, so that we can get a friend for Fern.
Would this be large enough??

09-06-11, 09:20 am
What you've got is what the main page of the website recommends as the minimum for two pigs. More space is better, and you're likely to have fewer hassles and spats between your pigs if you have more room.

Can you just use a larger piece of plywood, and make the cage a 2x4?

09-06-11, 09:26 am
I am not sure....let me take a quick picture of the table.

09-06-11, 09:32 am
I wish I would have known about the space needed before I got her, so that we could have built the CC cage before we got her. But here is the table she is on. I can move the table to another area, and if I can get a piece of wood big enough I can make it a 2X4. What about the top? Does she need one? I have a dog, she can't get to the cage now, she is blind and only 10lbs, so she can't get up there....so do I need a top??
Also, what size coroplast will I need?
Speedy signs near me said that a 3X4 would only be $18, would that be big enough? How big will I need for a 2x4?

09-06-11, 10:17 am
If you can put a 2.5x4 foot piece of plywood on the table, and then build grid walls around it, you could use the cage you have for a second floor kitchen area. That would be plenty of space for them. You could drill holes in the plywood to ziptie the grids down so the cage wouldn't get knocked off.

You won't know how much coroplast you need until you know the dimensions of the cage. Figure that out first, and if you still need help with it, post the dimensions of the cage, and we'll help you decide what you need. Also, tell the sign place that you want it for a guinea pig cage, and ask if they have scraps. If they know you're not competing with them for signs, you might get it a little cheaper. Or they may have messed up a bigger piece, and will let you have it.

As far as the lid goes, if you're absolutely positive that the dog can't get up there -- no chairs or stools anywhere that it might use as a ladder -- and you don't have a cat, ferret, etc. that runs loose, you probably won't need a lid. However, some pigs are escape artists, and you may wind up having to put something on it. Closet shelving works very well, and you can easily use zipties as hinges and get some cheap clips at the hardware store to keep it closed.

09-06-11, 10:24 am
Thank you! I will try the top for the kitchen, but it is pretty heavy. I might use the top and use coroplast for the bottom instead of this heavy plastic base.

09-06-11, 10:41 am
If you have grids all the way around the bottom, you can easily slide dowels through the grids to support the cage. Drill holes in the ends of the dowels to ziptie them to the grids.

You may want to look through the cage galleries here, or the cage forum, for more ideas.

09-06-11, 11:13 am
I have been, I would like to see one that has the pet store cage on top though, I have only seen the cube and coroplast balconies on top.

09-06-11, 11:31 am
This is your chance to design one...

09-06-11, 02:35 pm
If you could use the table for something else or move it to another room, can you fit a 2x4 C&C in the space you have?

Here's a sample of pet store cage as kitchen.
http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/539/medium/0016.JPG (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=20296&title=boomhower26amp-3b-reesee-27s-cage&cat=539)

http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/2/medium/DSCN4005.JPG (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=15315&title=king-timon-27s-cage-&cat=2)

To make it a loft, you'd simply have to build grid floors to support the tray and then you can use the tray instead of coroplast for the loft.

Edit to add:
If you build storage underneath, it would save you even more space. You can store a lot of things under the cage.

09-06-11, 02:47 pm
I have to have it on a table, I have a dog.

09-06-11, 02:58 pm
I have to have it on a table, I have a dog.

Yes, see the link that shows you stands/storage.
Stands - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showgallery.php?cat=522)

09-06-11, 03:02 pm
You could make 2 grid high stand/storage. Something like this:
http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/522/medium/Cage29.jpg (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=16941&title=2x5-cage-on-a-stand&cat=522)

I find that stands made from grids are much stronger than tables. With the cage on the table, the dog could easily knock it off or pull it off the table.

09-06-11, 03:39 pm
Thanks, I'll look into it.

09-06-11, 03:42 pm
If the cage was a 2x4, and she only has a 10lb dog, I highly doubt it would be strong enough to knock if off the table. I will however say that I perfer grid stands. It provides excellent storage, and is just the right size, obviously. A 2x3 is the minimum for two pigs, but you will find that a 2x4 is best. Even a 2x5 is better if you have two males. They can sometimes squabble in a smaller cage, and like to have their own space. I have found that my two males do fine in their 2x4, but I think that once they're full grown I may have to upgrade to a 2x5 for them.

09-06-11, 04:00 pm
I will have 2 females, I wouldn't have room for a 2x5. The 2x4 will be stretching it.
I did find a cage on craigslist, I am not sure if it is big enough though. It is a Marchirro, 26"x46" cage, double door, and the top opens as well.... what do you think???

09-06-11, 04:03 pm
Well it is a no go on the cage, she was really rude when I asked about getting a picture of the cage. Guess I will go the C&C route.

09-06-11, 04:11 pm
Glad you will be getting C&C. Those extra inches different from the Marchirro cage really do make a difference.

09-06-11, 04:21 pm
Also glad you'll be going for the C&C cage. A 2x4 would be just fine for two females! A 2x3 is still better than a petstore cage, so if that's all you have room for now then that's all you can do. You could just upgrade later when you had more room, but bigger is better.

09-06-11, 04:21 pm
Thanks, yeah me too. I don't want to buy something I can't see before I go get it. Plus I like the idea of adding a kitchen to the top. I was so upset how she acted about taking a freaking picture. No one should be that rude about a freaking picture if you are selling something.
I am so none confrontational, so when someone talks to me like that it really gets to me.
Ugh...sorry vent over.
I am going with a C&C cage. Not even going to go on CL or SPCA or Petfinder till I get my cage finished. I don't want to have to deal with people....I am better just to stick to my guinea pig.

09-06-11, 04:24 pm
I don't blame you on that one. I would also want to see something before purchasing it. If they didn't have a camera I would understand, but there is no reason to be rude. Don't let it get to you.

09-06-11, 04:30 pm
Thanks, she had a brand new digital camera, and a phone that took pictures, but she said "I don't want to fool with all this crap for a f*cking cage, if you want to buy it you will just have to get it without a picture".
After she had just told me she got a new camera but wasn't sure how to upload because she had to read the manual.

09-06-11, 04:50 pm
Im glad your going with a C&C cage. They are so much fun to make and you can customize it any way you want! Dont let that rude lady get to you. What she said was unbelievable! RUDE! She doesnt deserve your money anyways. I would say if a 2x3 is the size you think would fit best ont he table and thats what you want, then make a 2x3 then. It says on the site a 2x3 is fine for two pigs so its fine. Yes bigger is better but if you cant do bigger then at least your giving them something better than a store bought cage. I dont think you pigs will be mad at your for taking them out of a tiny pet store cage and giving them a 2x3 C&C cage, they wont even know the difference. If they complain, then they are just greedy! :silly:
But if you can fit/afford/want a 2x4 then g right ahead. Dont feel pressured into making the cage bigger than you have to if you just cant do it. Have fun with your cage!

09-06-11, 05:10 pm
Thanks Sweetiepig, I think you are the first person who hasn't tried to pressure me into something. I really appriciate it. I am going to attempt a 2x4 but it is good to know I won't be bashed for having a 2x3 with an upper kitchen.

09-06-11, 05:19 pm
Yup. I see 'pressuring' a lot on this forum and its not right to make people feel guilty when they are already doing more than enough for these wonderful critters. Your being a great piggy mommy already and I know for a fact, they will love there new C&C home whether its a 2x3, a 2x4, or a 2x10, whatever the size, as long as your giving them all you can, thats all that matters. Please keep us updated on the cage and post progress pics!!!

09-06-11, 05:20 pm
Thanks! I will.

09-06-11, 06:53 pm
Hey Hannah,

If you can do a 2x3 grid cage, you'll be fine. If you can make a 2x4 all the better, but a 2x3 is totally acceptable. No pressure on a 2x4. It's just that people find in the long run, they end up wanting to go bigger. But feel free to start with a 2x3.

09-06-11, 08:06 pm
I'm a new pig owner, so these are my newbie impressions:
- The C&C cage looks neater and more sleek than a store cage (I especially like mine with fleece -- I added a kitchen litter box but am now debating using pads in the corners and changing them every day or so).
- Once you're used to seeing good-sized C&C cages, store cages just look like Piggy Prison. You can't imagine how a pig could be happy in them.
- The pigs will love their hideys and tunnels and cuddle cups, but those toys will take up a LOT of floor space. I use a fleece forest in one corner to provide a hiding/snuggle spot without taking up floor space, but it's still shockingly tight. We have two girls (one not fully grown yet), and we genuinely can't imagine how it all would have fit in the 2x3 we were originally planning to get. We got a 2x4, and every few days my husband wrinkled his brow and says he's going to build them a second level.
- Setting the cage up on grids is MUCH more stable than it looks. We had ours on the floor initially, but I love it up on the grids. It's easy to get them out, and the top of the cage meets my desk, so it's a very comfortable level to interact with them on. Again, it's much more stable than I thought it would be. It also looks more sleek than a cage on a table would be. You'll have to decide what's best for keeping other pets out, but know that it's not as flimsy as it may look.

Good luck with your decision-making!

09-06-11, 08:27 pm
I would also say that it was VERY helpful to look at all the pictures on the site. We were originally going to do the 2x3, but at the last minute decided we liked the way 2x4 cages looked for two pigs. A lot of it is personal preference, so think about what kind of look you like. I figure that if I like the way my pigs' home looks, I'm going to be a happier owner -- and if I take pride in how it looks, I'm going to keep it cleaner!

09-06-11, 08:31 pm
My cage is on a grid stand and I can say it is VERY sturdy and the perfect height!

09-06-11, 08:43 pm
I hope you didn't take any of my posts as pressuring you :/ If you did, I wasn't meaning to come off that way. I was just saying that while a 2x3 is fine, bigger is better just as long as you have room, can afford, etc! So I hope you didn't take any of my posts as pressuring. I agree with SweetiePig 100%. You make do with what you have, and it is so much fun setting up and messing around with cages. I personally think it's easier to start off with a smaller cage. You learn how to do everything, and then if you want to expand, have the room, etc then you can :)

09-06-11, 10:04 pm
I'm not sure if you thought I was pressuring you into make the 2x4. I hope it didn't sound that way. I just thought if you have room, you might want to try that first. It's easier to make the base for 2x4 then cut it down to 2x3 than starting with 2x3 and trying to tape a piece of 1x2 to the existing piece. Not that it can't be done, it can. Clear packing tape works wonderful for that.

I've remodeled my cage so many times and I wish I'd started with the largest cage so I don't have to get new coroplast so often.

09-07-11, 06:40 am
Thank you for all the support! I am really going to TRY to do a 2x4 but it is nice to know I won't be bullied for only having a 2x3 if I have to.
How many grids come in a kit? And how many grids will I need for a 2x4 and a base? I am also going to make a top, my girl is sneaky, I am afraid if she gets out my dog will either want to eat her, or want to play with her till she is hurt. She likes to chase, so it just wouldn't be good.

Oh I found the perfect place for our daily play time. I have my daughter clean up all her toys in the play room, make sure nothing small is on the floor (it is a small room) and we play with her in there. She LOVES it! She was zooming around the toy basket in the corner and hopping all around, I think it is called popcorning? She sqeaked A LOT too! We did it again this morning and she did the same thing. AND it gets my daughter to clean up her play room, LOL!