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09-05-11, 08:24 pm
So as many of you know , Im brand new to this forum and I recently introduced my Skinny Terry and his soon to be werewolf brother Deaner... well Deaner fell through... I found out he was from a breeder and someone on her comented on a thread saying one bought from a breeder was twoo killed from a rescue... I was on kijiji looking to sell an old cage and found two adult male skinnies with cage for free and there was over 600 views I went out on a whim and asked if maybe by chance they were still available and she said she was looking to just get rid of them... So since I had built my huge c &c cage anyway why not adopt the two brothers! And so i convinced my fiance and he said yes!

They are gigantic boys compared two my 4 month old

Tron is a werewolf He is 1

Deaner is 2

Terry is 4.5 months!


09-05-11, 08:35 pm
Wow, 2 skinnies for freeeee! Thats crazy, I know they cost a lot. And thats awesome that you could give them a home and not have to buy from a breeder! Man, what are the chances! Glad you got some skinnies like you wanted and got to feel good about it too! Im happy for you! Cant wait to see more pics!

09-05-11, 08:38 pm
Thank you very! I`m excited they are huge boys !!!

09-05-11, 08:50 pm
I just adopted a new guinea pig today and he is the size of my dog lol he is one huge guinea pig so I know what you mean!

09-05-11, 09:02 pm
I know these boys are half the size of my pugs!

09-05-11, 09:18 pm
Did you name them or did they come with the names?

09-05-11, 10:21 pm
We (my fiance) named them after a really really stupid movie thats was filmed in our city, fubar2

09-06-11, 12:06 am
Welcome tothe forum! There is so much info here for the care and welfare of your gorgous boys!
They are so adorable1 Kudos to you for adopting and not buying from a breeder. That was an awesome thing to do. Will Enjoy more pictures. Looking forward to you posts.

09-06-11, 08:49 am
I thought skinnies didnt have any fur? I like Tron's patern, although he kinda looks like a regular piggie who is losing his hair. How do they feel?

09-06-11, 09:22 am
Skinnies are born with some hair, and then lose most of it, but usually keep some on their noses. Baldwins are more nearly totally bald than skinnies.

09-06-11, 09:40 am
Thanks every one!... I'll take a different photo of tron tonight!
that photo doesn't do justice, he looks like a shaved guinea pig lol!

He is coinsidered a werewolf... he feels like a s.o.s pad?!? lol but he looks far fuzzier in that photo then he does in person.

09-06-11, 05:41 pm
They're so cute! Congratulations! I'm really excited for you!