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09-02-11, 09:47 am
Halo All,

Im 23, from Malaysia

Nice to meet you all,

This forum is really usefull for a newbie like me :)

Spent 3 days to done this cage, by using linoleum. Cant get any coroplast here.
The cage seem like a bit too huge for him.


09-02-11, 11:27 am
Welcome to the Group!

Lots of useful info on this Forum!
How old is your Piggy and what is his name? He is so cute!

It does seem like a huge cage for a little guy but he will grow into it! and the bigger the better. To make him feel safer and less stressed in his new cage You could give him a house to hide in. Even a cardboard box with a towel or piece of fleece inside. You can also add a tunnel or 2 for him to run through and play in.
There are so many ideas here for accessories you can spend days reading :-)

09-02-11, 11:50 am
Welcome, Prince Khai! You've got an awfully cute pig there! You'll find lots of useful information here -- be sure to read the stickies at the top of the nutrition forum, and also go to the main page of this site, Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home (http://www.guineapigcages.com), for additional information.

I don't think the cage is at all too big for him -- the bigger the better! Guinea pigs usually do better with a friend, so you may want to one day add another. Do you have any idea how old he is? If not, you may be able to guess based on his weight and his claws -- younger pigs usually have thinner, sharper claws.

Please be sure to refill that hay basket often -- he needs all the hay he can eat 24 hours a day. Not only is it good for his digestion, but it will help keep his teeth properly worn down.

Thanks for joining us!

09-02-11, 11:56 am
Thanks a lot for those precious advice !

Will look into forum for more useful information,

My piggy is around 2 months old.

He seem like not eating anything since I bring him back just now,

What to do nw =(

09-02-11, 12:19 pm
When they are that young he will want to eat more Alfalfa hay than Pellets and lots of Fresh Veggies. If you go take a look in the nutrition forum there is LOTS of food recommendations and what fresh foods are safe and best to feed.
I Feed my Piggies Oxbow Cavy Performance pellets Which is for Babies. (My Piggies are about 4 months old.)
if you just brought him home it may take a day for him to show interest in food. I think a couple Hiding places will help a lot too.

09-02-11, 12:22 pm
If he's very new and you just got him, he's probably terrified. Put something in the cage he can get under -- cut the bottom and ends out of a cardboard box, or put a small step-stool in it, or drape some fleece in one corner. Put his pellets, hay, and veggies right next to the box so he can grab the food and go back inside to eat, or even put them in the edge of the box. If he's used to eating veggies, give him some red or green leaf lettuce and see if he'll eat that.

Approach him very slowly and carefully for the next several days, and don't let anyone scare him to death. Sit on the floor next to him and put your hands in the cage -- move things around, or offer him tiny tidbits of things he likes to eat. He just needs to get used to you, and it shouldn't be long before he's standing on his hind legs at the side of the cage, wheeking madly at you to HURRY UP AND BRING THE FOOD!

09-02-11, 07:24 pm
Welcome, your piggy is sooo cute!

09-02-11, 07:30 pm
Hi! Welcome to the forum!

Your cage is so nice and spacious! Once your piggy gets older, he will appreciate the space to run and play. In the meantime, though, I agree with bpatters. You should add a hiding house or some kind of place your guinea pig can hide in.

Good luck!

09-02-11, 07:35 pm
agreed *nods head*

09-02-11, 09:24 pm
Thanks all.

My piggy still not eating and drinking anything..

Im really worry for him =(

09-02-11, 09:37 pm
Welcome to the forum!
There is so much information on here and I'm sure the answers to any questions you have will be on here - they were for me! You certainly do have a cute piggie :) Yes, put something in his cage he can get under like a small cardboard box and cut the end out of it and put his hay, pellets, and water close by. Since he is around 2 months old, I would suggest feeding him Cavy Performance pellets from Oxbow. These pellets are made with the proper nutrition for guinea pigs 6 months and under.
Also leave hay open to him 24/7. Hay is the most important part of their diet. Because he is under 6 months old, he should have Alfalfa hay open to him beause of it's high protein, energy, and calcium levels which are perfect for guinea pigs his age. When my guinea pigs were under 6 months I fed them Oxbow's Alfalfa hay - they loved it! Timothy hay is another favourite at my place.
After a few days, your piggie should warm up and feel more comfortable in his cage and he will grow into very quickly. More space is better because they can run around.
Like what bpatters said, approach him slow and let him get use to you by sticking your hands in the cage, offering treats and such.
Has he had veggies before? If not give him a bit of lettuce such as romaine or green leaf and maybe a slice of a green bell pepper.
Have fun in the world of guinea pigs! I've been hooked ever since I stepped in :D

09-02-11, 09:40 pm
And don't worry if he's not eating or drinking right now. If you just got him he'll still be getting use to his new surroundings. None of mine ate much in their first few days.

09-03-11, 12:25 am
I just bought a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits from market,

Already wash and cut into pieces for him,

Is inside bowl now and hopefully he will eat some,

He is still hiding inside his ''house'' now


Thanks for all the precious suggestions and advices !!

09-03-11, 08:20 am
Are you sure he's not eating, or you're just not seeing him eat? Make a note of what you're putting in his cage, and then check it periodically to see if any of it is disappearing. Mine ate under their hideys for the first week. They ate plenty, but I never saw them take a bite in that time.

Is he producing any poop at all? If not, he needs to see a vet. If he is, are they misshaped, or normal? Is he drinking? (Make sure the water bottle is close enough to his hidey that he can get to it without having to come out.)

Some pigs have to be taught to eat vegetables -- they won't do it without encouragement. Once he settles in, you may want to consider getting him a friend (another male, or a spayed female) -- they'll encourage each other to eat, because the very best food​ is always in the other pig's mouth!

09-03-11, 08:34 am
Finally I saw he eating some of the pellets ,


He is still not eating any of the vege that I put inside,

Anyway to encourage him to take vegetable?

My Gpig is a male, wont they be fighting if I get another male?

As I know , only fmale and fmale gpig can mix well?

Looking for advices !

Thanks in advance ! =D

09-03-11, 09:20 am
Glad to hear he's eating! Once he's comfortable eating the pellets, you can teach him to eat vegetables by dicing them into tiny bits and putting them on top of the pellets. He'll get enough veggies by mistake as he's eating the pellets to get used to the taste of the food, and in a week or so you can feed him larger pieces. If you do that, just teach him to eat one vegetable at a time -- start with green peppers (capsicum), then branch out to other things. There's good diet information in the Nutrition forum.

If you mix a male and a female, you're likely to have baby guinea pigs. And that's very hard on the female -- some die, and often some of the pups do. Please don't get a female unless she's spayed -- there are always guinea pigs in rescues, shelters, or other people's homes who need a place to live.

Males can live together happily, if they've got enough space and one of them isn't being a jerk. In your case, it would probably be better to get an older boar who's already settled down, rather than one of the same age as yours. If you have two the same age, they're going to be teenagers together, and much more likely to squabble with each other.

Keep us posted on how he's doing. Is his name Prince Khai?

09-03-11, 10:58 am

Thx for the advices,

Will get another fren for him soon =D

His name is Yellow, hahax

Besides, I have some questions regarding to the pellets and Hay,

My gpig definitely is under 6 months,


Im using Oxbow Cavy Performance pellets for him,

Im still confusing for the hay,

My town here only got Vitakraft brand of hay,

I will upload some pictures of it,

Plan to get Oxbow Alfalfa Hay(Or Timothy Hay?) for him but the shipping cost is really too high and I cant get any Oxbow or another brand here.

Is the Vita Hay can be use?

If can, I can save some cost for another new pack of pallet.

Pls find the attached picture for your perusal =D

Looking for advices,

Thanks in advance !!

Front of the packaging

Back of the packaging

The hay inside (Yellow colour)

09-03-11, 11:14 am
Im really not sure about the pellets. Im still learning on what brands and ingrediants are best but I do knwo that you should use alfalfa for younger pigs if that helps any. There will be some more experianced guinea pig diet peopl here soon hopfully to help you out :)

09-03-11, 12:03 pm
I think that hay is OK for him when he gets older than six months, if it's all you can get. It's a European brand, and you're paying shipping from Europe in the price. I know access to hay is a problem all across Asia, but if you can find a horse stable somewhere near you, you might be able to buy hay from them at a much cheaper price. Don't get the stuff they feed to cows -- it's not suitable for guinea pigs.

But under six months, he needs alfalfa hay for the extra calcium. If you can't get it, you should feed the hay you've got, and pellets and vegetables with calcium. You can switch to lower-calcium veggies when he's six months old. The Oxbow pellets are also fine until he's six months, then you need to switch to just regular Oxbow Cavy Cuisine.

09-03-11, 12:05 pm

I dun think can found any House Stable near Malaysia here,

I think I would stay with this hay and will feed him vege always =D

Thanks for the advices !