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09-01-11, 09:16 am
Hi there!

I've been a fan of the page since a few years ago, when I discovered a video in youtube showing the proper way to house guinea pigs and it had a link to this page. Since then, our piggies have enjoyed C&C houses!

We had Watson, who is now in Rainbow bridge due to a tumor and his "brother" Melvin, who has lived alone ever since but we've made sure to give him extra care and love. We also have Nicole, an Airedale Terrier who is turning 10 years old this November and who is so amazing that she has lived for years with guinea pigs in open cages and loves them.

We relocated to Baltimore last year, so all 3 of them came with us through Continental. Now, we are relocating again to Oklahoma, but before, we have to make a short trip there to find a new home. Which is what I wanted to ask - Does anyone know of a petsitter in this area that could take care of Melvin? Nicole will stay with a friend, but she has two dogs and Melvin wouldn't be safe there. We have no family in here :/

Thank you!

09-01-11, 09:21 am
If you don't find someone here, you might try posting over at Guinea Lynx. There are a bunch of GP owners and rescuers on the East Coast that read that forum regularly, and one of them might sit for you. Punch up the title of your post a little by saying something like "Baltimore-area pig sitter needed" -- you might get more responses than just an introduction-style title.

Hope you find someone soon.

09-01-11, 11:22 am
Welcome! I live in Odenton, MD. So Im about a half hour from you. I would love to watch your piggy for you :) I have piggys myself and they are spoiled rotten. I can give your piggy everything he needs while Im watching him. Can you tell me a little more about him and how long Id need to watch him for, ect.

09-01-11, 10:34 pm
Hey bpatters, thanks for the suggestion and for welcoming me into the forums!

And hi SweetiePig! Ty ty ty! I'm so happy to have found a piggie mom living so close, I uploaded some pics of my baby but can't seem to find how to change my avatar.
Melvin is kinda shy with new people (Watson was more outgoing) but loves a good rub between his ears and if you talk sweet to him, that's it, you've won his heart forever. He also loves belly rubs and will start popcorning as crazy, also when he hears us shredding the paper for his bedding or when I get him a new box to play with. He has a 6x2 C&C cage, with a pigloo, a timothy hay bed, one of those stick tunnels and lots of cardboard tunnels/boxes, I change them constantly to keep him entertained.
I'm not sure about his age, they both came from a pet store chain in Mexico and although they were not neglected overall, they did have a serious case of neglected/untrimmed nails, which after consistent care is finally getting better. So although they were supposed to be months old when we adopted them (2.5 years ago), by the look of how their nails were then, I don't think so, I'm thinking he is about 4-5 years old.
He eats veggies 2-3 times a day (little bits) and wheeks loudly around 1 pm when he knows I'm about to eat lunch. But he will be alright with just one feeding, my mom used to take care of them that way back home. His favorites are parsley, cherries and clementines. He eats oxbow timothy hay and zupreem timothy hay pellets.

Of course, if you take care of him I'll supply everything. I saw you have 2 girls, what are their names? We're making this trip to Oklahoma in late September/early October and will be out of town about 4 days. What is really holding us back in making specific plans is knowing where Melvin could stay and be safe, happy, etc.

I don't know if I can share my email address in here so we can chat that way?

Thank you again for this very kind offer.

09-01-11, 10:51 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum. You could send a private message to sweetiepig or visa versa and share what info you would need. That way the private info would only be between the 2 of you.

09-01-11, 10:55 pm
Ah! Great, suzilovespiggie! Thanks for the info and for welcoming me :) I am a newbie but hopefully I'll learn fast.

09-01-11, 11:15 pm
You have come to the best place for all things pigge! Read and enjoy! Looking forward to sharing posts and of course pictures!1