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Sara Vaughn
08-30-11, 06:33 am
Hi! I'm new here and new to Guinea Pigs! I just bought my first pig a few days ago. He's slowly warming up to us. Although he stays in his house 99% of the time and doesn't like coming out. I hold him for several hours each day and give him fruit and veggies, while I hold him. How long does it take for a pig to adjust? I'm worried that he may have a shy personality and that we won't be able to fully enjoy his company. :( Do most pigs act this way? Also, he "tasted" and bit my finger the other day (not aggressively), which concerns me, since I thought the didn't bite at all. My hand may have smelled like food. Is this normal? I just want to make sure we got a pig with a friendly personality. We have 15 days to take him back and get another one, if necessary. Any advice?

Thank you!

08-30-11, 06:54 am
Guinea pigs are prey animals so they'll probably consider you to be a predator until they learn to trust you. It's not an overnight process. It takes time. Feeding him by hand is a great way for him to start to bond with you. He will understand that your hand offers treats so they aren't something to be afraid of and that your lap is a comfort zone. Approach him slowly and try not to scare him. I found that approaching them from a side of the cage that casts my shadow on them scares them. I've taken in a few skittish ones and it usually took me about 9 months for them to fully trust me. As far as nibbling, it's not unusual. They often do that when they have to go to the bathroom or when they think your fingers are food.

08-30-11, 08:13 am
Welcome to the forum! Like pinky said, it can take a while for them to fully trust you so you have to be patient with them! I foster, and the one thing I think that really works is hand feeding. I just got a new foster Saturday, and she wouldnt eat from my hand which is normal. Sunday morning, still wouldn't eat from my hand, still normal. And by Monday night I got her to come up to her cage bars, knowing I had food, and she took it from my hand! Of course, I won't be expecting her to do that every day like my pig does, but its a big step and it shows they trust you a little more! Another thing that works, it sitting next to your pigs cage for a while and just talk to them. It doesn't matter what about, but I did that when I first got my pig and after like 20 minutes of talking she came out to explore! It was great! She was comfortable to come out of hiding while I was right next to her! So I hope your piggy warms up to you, it might take a while, but little steps and soon you'll have a less scared pig!

Good luck and have fun with your new piggy! :)

08-30-11, 09:12 am
Hi and welcome to the forum! Guinea pigs are skiddish animals because they are prey animals and its completely normal for your pig to be hiding right now, and even more a few months. It takes time for them to trust you. Dont give up on your piggy just yet :optimist: The nibbling is normal too. They just wanna "test" you out haha.
Im sure with lots of love and time, your piggy will come around and be a wonderful pet!
Iv had my pigs for about 3 months and they still are skidish and run from me, nibble, and hide. Im working on it though. Each day they get a little better. Takes time, thats all.