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08-24-11, 03:25 pm
Hello my name is Carly. I am originally from California but recently moved to Tennessee. Before moving I had a 7 year old guinea pig that passed away. Once my husband, my 5 dogs and i were settled into our new home I went on a quest to adopt more Guinea pigs. That when I found two male guinea pigs off craigslist that were malnourished and not taking care of well. They were extremely skinny and the nails were about an inch long curled in crumbling. 2 weeks later someone else answered my old ad desperately needing me to take in their guinea pig too. I did. So I currently have three males. Best feeling was to see the boys eat veggies for the first time.
I renamed them all. I have a gray and white 3 month old guinea pig named Popper. He popcorns more than any guinea pig I have ever had. And I have a black and white 6 month old guinea pig named Saber. And then I have a black and red roan a 2 year old guinea pig named Budington!
I also have 5 dogs. I have four pitbulls ranging from ages 5 months to 7 years and a 10 year old chihuahua.
Now here is my question this has never happened before but my 3 month old guinea pig does not have upper teeth. It looks like he use to have to upper teeth but they are broken off. He eats and seems to be fine but how would he hav done this? Should I do anything?

Sorry for all the typos I am using my phone right now. :)

08-24-11, 03:35 pm
What a heart-warming story! You rock.

Well, he either lost his uppers due to malnutrition or an accident. I would offer him a mash of Critical Care until they grow back -- which is usually amazingly quickly -- unless you are sure he is getting his proper food.

08-24-11, 03:40 pm
I watch them all the time. He was in a cage that was 12 inches
By 12 inches grid floor and rabbit food when I first got him. I was wondering about his bottom teeth.. how will they grind down? He was housed with a female so I'm not sure if it had anything to do of a fight.

08-24-11, 04:33 pm
Unless his bottom teeth are overly long, it will probably be alright. If you think it looks like a problem, you should probably take him for a vet check.

08-24-11, 05:15 pm
Hi there, Welcome to the forum!

I am so glad to read your story, your boys must be feeling such relief to be cared for!
The vet, a good cavy savvy one, will be able to file his teeth if he is maloccluded, until the time the teeth grow down and meet properly with the bottom incisors. If the incisors are not meeting and grinding it will affect not only the other set of incisors (bottoms in his top broken off case) but it may also affect how the molars are growing and wearing. So a good full mouth check will ease your mind for sure.

Looking forward to some pigtures of your lads!

08-24-11, 05:41 pm
Welcome. You did such a wonderful thing by taking in those piggys! I cant wait to see pics!

08-24-11, 07:10 pm
Thanks for the advice! I live in a small country town now. I brought my dog in to ( attempt) to order her medication that has to be made just for her. She's got severe allergies. And the vet turned me away because " no one out here brings in dogs for allergies"... needless to say, I had to call my vet back in california to order me at the vial of medicationserum. I'm going to have to find another bigger town and find a guinea pig knowledgable vet. The south is quite different than west coast! 1468314684
I hope I attached the photos correctly I am doing this over my phone. First photo is Saber. He's the dominant one. Very feisty. Second photo is Popper. When I went to go pick him up from his last owner he jumped right out of the box and started popcorning all over the car. So that's his new name. He probably was so happy to be off his old grid floor. My third a guinea pig Buddington is camera shy. I try not to handle them too much sinceI just recently got them a few weeks ago. Hope the photos works! Popper is the one with the teeth issue.

Guinea Pig Way
08-24-11, 07:10 pm
i used to live in tennessee!

08-24-11, 08:18 pm
Hi, your piggies are adorable.
I am also in TN. Near Ft Campbell, KY.
If you are near by and find a great vet, let me know! I am always looking for one better and cheaper!

08-24-11, 08:20 pm
I live in blount county. Not sure how far away that is from you.

08-24-11, 08:30 pm
I live in blount county. Not sure how far away that is from you.

Your in east tn below knox county. I used to live in knoxville.
I hope you and your family settle in well :)

08-24-11, 08:44 pm
What beautiful pigs!

08-25-11, 12:01 am
Your boys are lovely! Poppa has such a nice gray colouring, somehow neat and formal which, for me, would make the popcorning somehow really cute! Saber looks like an interesting colour. Very handsome chaps you have there.

Strange the attitudes some vets have (well not only vets, people, places...) Luckily your previous vet was able to sent to you! I hope you find another good vet closer to you!
Looking forward to meet Buddington - when he's ready...

08-25-11, 04:34 pm
Here's a poor phone camera photo of BUDINGTON! he's mostly all black but his underbelly is brown and a foot and little hairs here and there are red. He's the only tame one I have right now. Currently they are getting floor time and Budington eats the cilantro right out of my hands...yet he's the one that had the nails longer than mine. So no one took the 5 minutes to trim his nails. They were seriously about an inch long. The vet is still a work in process. Apparently no one brings small animals to the vet. Still trying to get use to the south. My husband is a bull rider from Montana and I'm a self proclaimed pinup 50's housewife from southern California
Imagine the stares I get here in my 1950's vintage dresses. Its a big change. But its beautiful out here. :)1470614707

08-27-11, 02:50 am
How you made me giggle! That's wonderful of you to be exactly who you are!! Keep it up - you've no idea the inspiration you'll be to someone out there!

I Adore Buddington! he reminded me instantly of a seal!
I can't even imagine a guinea pig with 1 inch long nails - how on earth must his poor feet have Hurt!!!
All his wee bones would have been pulled the wrong directions!

Geez a bull rider!? you have one brave husband there! I moved from one country to another and found it really amusing how different people were. Sometimes it can also be frustrating and hurtful - especially when people feel threatened by your individuality and try to make you feel as though You Aught to Change to make them feel more comfortable to be around you... but what I found is that Never works well or happily... I hope you are able to only look for the good and just ignore so far as possible the yuk side of things... Its what I do, and it helps me...

I too live somewhere at the moment where the closest vet is hours away, its a scary position to be in for sure. I'm hoping that a holistic lifestyle in a big area, good food, as good as I can get where there is no Oxbow or Kleenmama's pellets and wonderful veggies and hay and forages and fruit and clean water and big clumps of fresh grass daily will go the long way to keeping Maximus von Lichtenwalder a healthy wee guinea pig for life!