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12-31-02, 03:05 pm
i have two guinea pigs
both are girls and im beuiling them a new cage, but i have two problems, if u can help me with either, please respond!
1. they fight, and even bite through the witre cage, any suggestions on how. what to use to seperate them?
2. I am potty training them, and wont b using bedding in their new cage, except for in their retreat/house. I was wondering, what would b good comfortable flooring, i thought maybe an astro turf type thing, but would that b too tuff on their toes? im afraid their nails will get stuck on carpet!

12-31-02, 03:54 pm
1. Are they currently housed together? If so, why are they trying to bite through the wire on the cage?

2. What kind and size of cage are they currently housed in?

3. Are you planning on building a C&C cage? If so, what size? If not, what size and type?

4. Potty training them? I doubt it. :) You are going to need bedding. May as well face it. Astro turf is not safe for guinea pigs. It's plastic, they'll chew it/eat it. If there was a real way to get around not having bedding, hundreds upon thousands of us would already be doing it/using it.

5. If you are going with no bedding, it will have to be towels or something similar which you will have to wash regularly. Carpet WILL get very messy in a cage. It will have to be cleanable or disposable, potty trained or not.

And for that kind of setup to work, their individual cages will need to be pretty large so they have enough space so they don't have to potty all over.

01-01-03, 06:14 pm
ok they arent housed together, and never have been because they have always fought, even during floor time...:( so right now they are intwo seperate cages. their cages now are not to greayt, they are those large plastic storage thingys, without teh lids of course, kinda like an aquarium, but they are plastic adn alot bigger. i am using cubes for thier new cages, it is gonna b two cubes wide by 3 cubes long and two leveled. each cube is 14.5 in. i want this cage to last and be interegrated into my bedroom since that is where they stay. i can do bedding but i haev been looking at the cube and clororplast cages, and i still dont quite get how u clean them...please clarify! thanx!

01-01-03, 08:37 pm
You clean a C&C cage just like you clean a normal cage.
Use a dust pan to scoop out the bedding , some people have even started using a wet/dry vac to suck it out. Wash it down with vinager and fill it back up !

01-02-03, 02:01 pm
ok, so i just scoop the bedding out then use vinegar to disinfect it? sounds easy, but now that i have gotten to the actualy 'builduing part' i have been wondering, with the cloroplast base, should it fit inside the cude cage or around/outside? does that make sensse?

01-02-03, 10:46 pm
Well, you could do it either way, but coroplast inside the cubes would make cleaning much much much easier.