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08-21-11, 12:23 am
Hello everyone! My name is Kim, and I actually joined in December, but I only got guinea pigs two weeks ago. I found this website in November when I was first thinking about getting guinea pigs. I wanted to build a cage instead of buying one because it would be bigger and probably cheaper. I looked up "How to build a guinea pig cage" and found this website! I had been planning to just buy guinea pigs from the pet store, but I read about petstores and decided to adopt. After I built my cage and put pictures on Facebook, my uncle saw and asked if I would take his guinea pigs! So after my family and I were done on vacation, we stopped at his place and took the guinea pigs home.I have two female guinea pigs, named Penelope and Molly. Penelope (Or Penny for short) is a black and white long-haired, and she is five. Molly is a six-year old brown/white/black Abyssinian. They are currently in a 2x4 C&C cage, with a 1x2 loft for their kitchen. I am hopefully going to make the loft into a 2x2, because they do get into little squabbles. So that's pretty much it... Sorry it is so long. I do have one question though. They really like carrot tops, but I don't know how often I should feed them or how much. Can anyone tell me? Thank you!

08-21-11, 01:07 am
Hi Kim! Welcome to GPC! Glad you decided to adopt. Would love to see pigtures!

I don't remember how often you can feed carrot tops. If you ask in diet section, you can get your answer there.

08-21-11, 01:49 am
Thanks! I'll eventually put pictures up, once I transfer pics from my camera to my computer.

08-21-11, 04:01 am
Hi Kim,
welcome!! What a lovely story you have, I bet these two lady's are really happy with you! You have waited a long while for the right pigs to come to you. Looking forward to the pictures you pop up. Where you thinking of making a second loft on the other side or a double sized loft? Congratulations on your getting your girls!

08-21-11, 04:13 am
I've done some searches to refresh on carrot tops amount but I have not come up with anything conclusive (not mentioned in the diet charts either), let us know if you do... I'll check more of the threads tomorrow and see...

08-21-11, 11:17 am
Right now, I've been feeding them carrot tops as treats only. I'm teaching them to do tricks, and so far it's going pretty well! Penelope can stand up on her hind legs and Molly can shake a paw! And the loft is going to be a double sized loft once I add to it.

08-22-11, 09:33 pm
Welcome! Sounds like your girls have gotten into a wonderful home. Would love to see pictures. I am also unsure about carrot tops. Have you looked into Ly&pigs list? I will check it out and get back to you.

08-22-11, 10:00 pm
Yup, I've searched the forum, and I looked on the list of things they're allowed to eat, but carrot tops aren't there. I guess until I figure it out I'll just give it to them as treats. And, I just changed their loft/kitchen into a 2x2! They are LOVING it! lol I'm going to put pictures on now!

08-22-11, 10:03 pm
Well checked the list. Didn't come up with carrot tops. Will have to check with Ly&pigs and see what she says.

08-22-11, 10:53 pm
Did another forum search, and found a topic about carrot tops. I missed it the first time. They can have them in small amounts 1-2x per week, if anyone wants to know. Thanks for the help everybody! :)

08-22-11, 11:43 pm
Good to know. Thank you for finding the info and passing it on.