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08-18-11, 09:25 pm
Hey every guinea pig owner out there. Im new here but im not new to guinea pigs. i've owned guinea pigs for over a year now. I own two Abyssinian guinea pig sows and thinking of adding another piggy to my piggy family. Rite now i have my piggies living in 3x4 c&c cage connected to a midwest guinea habitat but im thinking of adding a 2x3 to my 3x4 cage soon. i use fleece for my bedding, although im new to it. ive been using it for a lil over a month now. well im here to help out any new guinea pig owner and here to learn from guinea pig veterans :)

Guinea Pig Way
08-21-11, 09:21 pm
i am new here too but i have had guinea pigs for three years, i still am learning about how this website works and all. lol

08-21-11, 09:24 pm
well then u must have a lot of advice for caring for guinea pigs

08-22-11, 09:22 pm
Welcome to you both. You have found the best site there is for the care of GP's and all things piggie. There is just oodles of info in the stickys before each thread. Numerous posts avaliable in the search engine. Feel free to ask all the questions you need. Look forward to hearing from both of you. And of course pictures. We love pictures.

Guinea Pig Way
08-24-11, 07:09 pm
I love pictures too! Especially cute ones. And there is always something new to learn about guinea pigs! You never know what they are going to do next! Haha.

08-24-11, 08:00 pm
Hi and welcome. Im some-what new here. I LOVE the forum and Im sure you will too. There is an never ending amount of information here! Looking forward to pics! :)