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08-17-11, 05:22 pm
Hey everyone!
I'm a new guinea pig owner (I did a lot of research before deciding on getting guinea pigs). I've had my two for almost a month now. I found living by myself dull and they've really given my house a lot more character. Its nice going down in the morning and them getting excited by my voice and having cuddles in the evenings. Their individual personalities are really beginning to show now they've settled in and it's great seeing them becoming more confident. They're still a bit nervous by certain things but overall they're doing great and know when its food time! Very different to when I first got them, the first couple of days you'd have thought I just had an empty cage!
I came across this site because I've been thinking about giving them a c&c cage as I've heard many good things about them. They have the largest cage from the pet shop but I still feel it's not big enough, especially as they grow. I just want to make sure I do the best for them.
It looks like a great place here :)

08-17-11, 05:33 pm
Welcome! Do you have 2 boys or girls? What are their names.
Yes...a C&C is the best cage because you can custom it to your space.
Have fun looking thru the pictures to find the one that fits your space.

08-17-11, 05:35 pm
Welcome to the site! I don't think people realize how much personality they have until they have them. It's really nice to get up in the morning and see that they're waiting for me. Lots of great people and info on here! I'd love to see photos of your new additions.

08-18-11, 05:00 am
Hey, thanks!
I forgot to mention they are both girls, called Hana and Sulli. Everyone thinks they are identical at first but they have differences in their looks and very different personalities. I was told they are sisters.
I have been looking at many pictures of cages to get some ideas and I have lots of space for them.
They do, I often sit down and end up watching them instead of the TV or doing housework :rolleyes:
I will take some photos soon and post them up!

08-18-11, 05:51 am
Hello and welcome to the site. You'll find lots of info here regarding cages, nutrition, etc. I have sisters, also, as well as two older unrelated sows. All four have very different personalities! The two sisters are so different. One, Baby Jayne is a true baby, sweet and loving, kind to the others. Her sister, Isabel, is feisty and rude, spraying pee on the others at times and being a bully over food. Despite her feistiness, one of the older pigs, Shady, is still the boss lady and can put Isabel in her place. The last pig, Busy, doesn't care about anything. She is in her own world and naps when the others explore the room and is quite content to snooze while they run and chatter. They truly are fun to watch !

08-26-11, 04:44 pm
Thanks! I haven't been online for a while but I will get round to putting up some pictures.
My two have such different personalities too. Hana is quiet, gentle and loves to sit on your lap but Sulli is noisy, bossy and she doesnít want to sit still, she wants to explore everything. Even the way they drink is different, Hana is really gentle but Sulli makes as much noise as possible! They also have different tastes in some foods, one loves peppers and the other isnít keen on them. They are great :)

08-26-11, 04:47 pm
They sound like great pigs! I'm glad you've joined this amazing website. It is truly the best place online for all your guinea pig questions! I hope you'll benefit from it as much as I have.


08-26-11, 05:38 pm
Welcome to the forum! This is a great place for piggy lovers :heart:
Your pigs sound so cute, I really am excited you considering a C&C cage. I LOVE mine and Im so happy I made one for my girls.
Hope to see you around the forum