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08-17-11, 01:22 pm
Hello everyone! Yesterday I adopted two piggy boys from the local Humane Society. They are shy right now, but I'm being patient with them and I know that they will warm up to me. They seem to enjoy sitting in my lap or on my chest and snuggling, but they do not like the process of being picked up. When i went to pick them up at the shelter they were in a cage that was MUCH to small for them. I looked in their food bowl and they were being fed HAMSTER food. I brought them home and immediately went out to get supplies and material for a C&C cage. They are loving their hay, GUINEA PIG pellets, and veggies. They also seem intrigued with their doggy brothers and sisters... they aren't scared of them at all... so I assume they've seen dogs before (living right next to the puppy room at the shelter may have something to do with it).

This is Frank. I don't know why I named him that, he just looks like a Frank for some reason. He seems to be the more docile of the pair. He seems to be unsure of himself at times, always following his brother's actions. He is very sweet and loves to be held... he just doesn't really like to be caught.

This is Charlie. He's a chubby boy and a bit braver and more inquisitive than Frank. He was the first to explore the bowl of veggies that I gave them last night, and the first to start eating off of the hay pile. He likes to sit in my lap and seems to be warming up to his new people faster than Frank.


Here is the link to their petfinder page: Petfinder Adopted Guinea Pig | Guinea Pig | Tupelo, MS | Brownie & Butterscotch (http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/20528764?rvp=1) if you want to see their shelter photo and the photo of their awful cage.

We hope to get to know some other piggy owners!

08-17-11, 04:55 pm

Congratulations on your new babies! they are beautiful. I must agree Frank really does look like a Frank! :D

08-17-11, 05:52 pm
They are such handsome young boys. Do you know any of their history as to why they ended up at the shelter? I did look at the petfinder page and that cage was absolutely terrible. I guess shelters have a difficult time housing guinea pigs but no piggie should have to live in a cage that small even for a short time. I'm so glad they found such a wonderful home with you.
Did you already build their C&C cage? They will have a ball with all that space.
Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

08-17-11, 10:27 pm
The girl at the shelter said that someone just came in and surrendered them a couple of weeks ago, she didn't say why... but since they seem to be young piggies I'd be willing to bet that someone bought them at the local Petsmart and decided they were tired of them :( They were apparently surrendered with the cage, because they included the cage with their adoption fee (not that I wanted it, but it helped in transporting them home). I had their C&C cage built within about 2 hours after I brought them home. Currently they are in a 3X2 but it will be upgraded to a 4X2 next week (The coroplast I bought was just a hair to small :guilty:). They are loving the extra space! They are bit shy right now, but they get do get occasional sprinting spells! I love to sit quietly and watch them interact with one another, my past Guinea Pigs didn't get along (actually fought once to the point of one needing stitches) so I didn't get the opportunity to see a bonded pair interact.

08-17-11, 10:32 pm
Gorgeous pigs! Love the names...I had a Frank + Charlie too (Frank was Charlie's son).

09-09-11, 04:27 pm
Hi everyone! I'm proud to say that the boys have now been upgraded to a 4X2 cage (they had a 3X2). I tried doing a loft, but they wouldn't go up the ramp, so I took it off :sad:. They are slowly but surely coming out of their shells and are beginning to get to where they are excited to see me come into their room. They LOVE their hay, romaine lettuce, apples, and especially carrots!

09-09-11, 04:34 pm
Welcome! Your babies are soooo cuteee!!!! You'll love the forum! There are so many nice members and helpfl information and pictures :cheerful:

09-09-11, 07:37 pm
Hi, piggypuppylove, welcome to the forum! I just wanted to say that if you want to try the ramp again, it sometimes takes piggies awhile to get used to a ramp. It helps to cover it temporarily, with cardboard, or draped fleece. And strategically-placed bits of their favorite foods don't hurt, either.

09-09-11, 07:44 pm
I agree don't give up on the upper level. They probably aren't used to having that option and need more time to feel secure in exploring.

09-09-11, 09:20 pm
Your boys are so handsome and cute !

I third that motion ! lol ( you know..like I second that motion...) It's worth giving it another try...my girls ABSOLUTELY loved:love: their ramp ! They don't have one now, since we moved, but I am still in favour of lofts and ramps-- as long as there is sufficient space below! I know that they miss it terribly, and when I can, I plan on doing something more with their cage. Right now it is currently all one level, in a 2 x8 in our very small computer/den room.

09-09-11, 10:11 pm
Your boys are adorable!! Frank and Charlie are very lucky to have found a good piggie mommy. Welcome!