View Full Version : problems with my bunnies

05-06-05, 02:57 am
i have two male rabbits who are buddies but lately they have become aggressive towards eachother. they are not neutured but i will get them neutured when i get more money (for the pair it would be $100+). They also spray urine on anything in their cage too. is this normal and why? also the more dominant bunny, pepper, mounts and humps his companion, salt. why does he do this if they are both males? how can i get them to calm down?

05-06-05, 03:15 am
How old are they? If the aggression has just now come up they may be going through bunny puberty. As for the spraying they are marking what's theirs and their territory. The mounting and humping is a sign of dominance. Pepper is showing Salt that he is more dominant because Salt may be trying to move up, to be the dominant bunny.