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08-12-11, 05:00 pm
I'm a piggy owner from the upper border of Ohio.

I'm not a newb at owning guineas, as in the past I had five pigs at once. However, it was just recently that I discovered the truths about things I had the wrong idea about.
Currently, I only have one guinea. Her name is Nikki, and I've had her for roughly three weeks now.
Nikki came from a petstore, as I got her before I knew they were so horrible. I wasn't planning on getting her, but she was in bad conditions and needed someone who would nurse her back to health.
She arrived home with three bald patches, a runny, sneezy crusted nose and could very well be considered a walking skeleton.
I gave her a bath, brushed her, layed her in heated blankets to burrow inside or walk away as she pleased, and had a heat lamp in a portion of her cage for a week.
Can I just say she is now the happiest piggy I've ever seen?
Her nose is cleared up and the sneezes are long gone, she's gained weight, and the bald patches are gone. Three weeks and she's a whole different guinea pig.

Nikki loves to popcorn, especially when you least expect it. She absolutely loves floor time and will run laps around my room, dashing to and fro, jumping over everything in her path. Her favorite fresh foods are apples, for sure.
She's a playful little thing and last night, she played with the ornament I hung on her hidey house for at least an hour.

She's currently housed in a 2x3 C&C cage. I'm also in the process of building an outdoor pen, because I have about fifteen or more grids left over.
I plan on getting her a piggy friend in the future, and have already searched Petfinder for piggies in my area.

Here's some pictures of Nikki:

And, uh... I think that's it. I'll edit if I have anything to add.

08-12-11, 05:00 pm

Two more pictures.

08-12-11, 05:17 pm
Hello there! i love her she is so pretty welcome ;)

08-12-11, 06:13 pm
Welcome to the forum! Nikki is adorable!

I wish mine liked floor time like she does -- they're total cowards, and park themselves under something and refuse to move.

08-12-11, 06:56 pm
Thank you guys!

I wish mine liked floor time like she does -- they're total cowards, and park themselves under something and refuse to move.
Sorry to hear that. Maybe you could convince them with veggies or their favorite foods?
For the first week, I would hold her on my lap while sitting on the floor. She wouldn't move, but eventually got up the courage to scamper across the room before darting back to my side. She's finally brave enough now to run around like a wild thing when she's out of the cage.

08-12-11, 07:08 pm
Nah, I've been trying for nearly two years to get them to like floor time. I've given up. I just put some veggies down with them when I've got them on the floor during cage-cleaning time, and they snatch them and run back under a hidey. That's it for floor exercise.

08-12-11, 09:06 pm
Welcome! What a beautiful little girl!! Love her coloring and markings. Lucky Nikki, to have found such a loving home.
Will look forward to pictures and story of your new friend for Niki.:heart: