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08-12-11, 03:38 pm
Hi, my name is Amie, and I live in Edinburgh, UK. At the moment I have no piggies :weepy: My profile picture is my latest piggie, Nibbles, who passed away in easter this year, and life has gotten in the way.....I do plan to get some soon, but I have to convince my boyfriend to let me first! Any ideas? He is not sure it is such a good idea in a flat, and would rather that they live outside in a hutch (which of course I cannot do!). I need to figure out space, and a cage, then I plan to get some rescue piggies from Paws Here in Edinburgh :) My planned cage will be about 2m by 1m, using elements from a playpen by trixie, and linolium for the base (though not sure how to stop them chewing on the linolium?), and it will be enclosed as I also have a cat. I do miss having piggies so much, and Nibbles was my little lad, so cute, so curious, so snuggley! His cage mate Christie passed away a year and a half before he did. He was awesome too, though such a nervous little piggie! It really is amazing how they can have such human traits!
Feel free to say hello, give comments etc. So yeah.....hi! lol

08-12-11, 03:45 pm
Welcome to the forum.

Good for you for planning to keep your pigs inside -- they're much safer there than outside in a hutch. A 2x1 meter cage should be plenty large enough for two or three pigs. Linoleum is fine for the base, but you need something absorbent over it, or they'll be sitting and walking in their own urine. That's a recipe for developing urinary tract infections and foot problems. Whatever you put over it should keep them from eating it.

Keep reading these forums, and you'll find several recommendations for bedding -- fleece, pellets, carefresh, etc.

08-12-11, 03:56 pm
Yes, with my previous piggie I had a large indoor cage, and used sawdust, but found this site after he passed on, it had never occured to me to use fleeces, as I thought they would eat them, but it seems to work for lots of people =) Thank you for the welcome!

08-12-11, 06:43 pm
Hi and welcome to the forums !

08-12-11, 09:14 pm
Hello! Welcome! I will just add my thoughts. There are so many wonderful threads on cages with pictures, info on care.
You and your boyfriend can search together and he will see how a cage (indoors) can fit in a flat, how easy and wonderful these little critters can be. Good luck and keep us posted. Thank you too for adopting.
P.S. We love pictures.