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08-08-11, 10:28 pm
My oldest 16 got us in the world of guinea pigs. Now my other 3 boys adore her (Susan) our new addition to our family(we were told she around 6 months).We love our pets. We have 3 dogs chole 10yrs, Ash 6yrs and Isabella 1yrs. A leporad Geko 5yrs. (Smiley) and My son 13yrs has a cornsnake in his room! (Dr. Pepper)And 2 gerbiles squirley and snowball (one passed away month ago and the one recently) My oldest cared for them, they live for 4 years!! I have had dogs,geribles and rabbits.The other 2 we study on and Knew everything because I did'nt want us to kill a critter and it was my fault over me knowing nothing.
WELL, Susan we got from a PET STORE(I know boo) We just held her and wanted her.We just thought they were like gerbiles or a rabbit. I spent hour talking to the lady making sure we had everything we needed, got the biggest cage, food, water bottle,Hay, bedding and even V- C drops to put in the water. She even told me 1 or 2xs a week give her little bit of apples or oranges. This gal also use to have them and even raised babies She use to have certifice for small pets. She basically helped all small animals that no one wanted and keep them forever or until she found a home!!! So I trust her, this is WHY we got Susan!! :D But now sad :ashamed: after finding this site and reading I am not sure if I doing the right thing for our sweet pet. They are so much more. I have so many ??? and GUIDENCE I been reading for 2 days now trying to make sure we are good but getting overwhelmed. So any takers on me getting guidence?? :sorry:Sorry I found you after the fact we bought one from a pet store. It'S amazing you have world for these sweethearts. I felt embarassed reading and did not want to join but now I just need to move forward to give our Susan a good life!!So if anyone would let me nibble on there ear, I , my sons and Susan would apprecaite it! Thanks so much for your support:>)

08-08-11, 10:46 pm
Welcome! You have come to the right place for info on these adorable of animals.
Know you are not the first one, and won't be the last, to buy a GP only to find out later, it really is better to adopt one. As you said, now you move on and do the best for Susan.
First off get rid of the vit. c drops. They disolve quickly, make the water taste bad and don't do as they say. Instead you get Susan on a good plain pellet that is vitamin c enriched. No seeds, or colored things in the mix. If Susan is under 6 months she can use a good alfalfa pellet. Oxbow, KM, and Mazuri make a good pellet. Also she will need unlimited grass hay. Veggies daily and fruit several times a week will give her all the vit. C she will need. Daily veggies to start, lettece,(no iceberg), peppers, cilantro. Ly&pigs has a wonderful food list in the diet section.

Next would be an adopted friend and a c&c cage. They are very social animals and do better with a friend. They need lots of room to run and play. Hidey houses to feel safe. GP's are prey animals and like to hide if they feel threatend.
There is so many good threads to read on all aspects of care. You will not find a better informed site for your new Susan than this one. Feel free to ask any questions. We are here for you and your new friend. Welcome!

08-08-11, 11:33 pm
Thank you for the guidence and also for the Welcome!! after i posted this all the sudden I came across what you suggested and I tried printing it and it one half of the chart printed on one paper and the other half 2nd sheet) It long chart leaft to right, Do you have one that is up and down??? Looks like great info on what I can see. Yellow everyday she will eat this with raito about listed of each one!!!! Plus the others add here and there do I take anything way when I add it. Just seem like a lot on top of the food and HAY. Just trying to understand. Don't want to over feed ( i know it not good) I will for sure get rid of the V-c drops. It was 5.00 so but the food and HAY I got money wrapped up in that Both are made from Kaytee, Hay I got is Timothy Hay (she enjoys that) the food says Forti diet Pro health with DHA-Omega-3 and off to the side (Lasting Vitamin C) I know for sure I need to get her someday soon a C&C cage It is neat how they make them. My son has small area to build one in his room but would want to make sure it up form the dogs. Can I still build a nice one that is like a 2 deck on and be enough for her. We been letting her out in area of about 8 foot by 10 to run in for a while. She is still little shy of us but everyday seems like she learning to trust us!! I would like to get her a friend but as we were getting the money the lady trimmed her nails for us and said She was going to have babies too.... My son was so in love with her so we go her. So I am holding off and praying for a girl. The lady seem like it and asked a million ??S about her having babies. She made it easy. so yes I have been trying to read. I just praying she has no problems. This will be our first other than be anyone having babies!!! Our dogs our fixed. The lady seems to think by the end of SEPT. So when fell for her then thought we had all the info we needed but now I was IDK..... what to say. We got her now and she is so cute. My little one loves kissing her and even got me kissing her to. My little one want to sleep with her, lol NONO I tell him. I glad we got her. I was told she will live 5 years if taken care of, BUT I seen 7 and 18. I hope longer than 5 years. I want to show you pics of her and the cage now she is in but sorry having trouble on here with clicking the image icon and uploading. I feeling little better knowing I am
here so thanks!!!

08-09-11, 01:00 am
How old is Susan? If she is under 6 months and is pregnant. Or over 6 months, she will need extra calcium. This can come thru alfalfa hay, veggies like kale or parsley. I have never had a pregnant sow or babies. There are good threads on here on pregnancy or on guinealynx. Make sure also to find a good GP savy vet on hand for any complications.
Kaytee is not the best feed. The very best feed is Oxbow. It can be bought online or in some feed stores. It carries a good alfafa pellet. I cannot get it in AZ so I use Purina Mazuri plain pellet.
Amounts: 1/4 cup pellets, 1 cup of veggies a day. Unlimited hay. They must have hay to grind the teeth down and help with digestion.
If you have dogs, when you build a c&c cage you will need one with a lid. You can get shelving that serves as a lid. There are pictures in the gallery and directions on how to build a good sturdy cage.
As for a friend, If one of the babies is a girl that is perfect. All boys must be taken from the cage at 21 day. A male at 21 days can impregnant the mother and his sisters.
It sounds like Susan is in a great home and you are going to be a great mom. Keep reading and asking questions. And we love pictures.

08-09-11, 10:18 am

Please check out Guinea Lynx. It is a really great resource as far as care, medical and other information -- http://www.guinealynx.info.

You said you think Susan is about six months. You'll need to feed unlimited amounts of Timothy or orchard grass hay, 1/8-1/4 cup pellets, 1 cup of a variety of fresh vegetables, and (of course) fresh water each day. As Suzi mentioned, the best brands of food and hay to feed are Oxbow and KMS Hayloft. You can even save money by purchasing from a local hay farm (http://tashastails.blogspot.com/search/label/hay), but be sure to check for quality (http://www.guinealynx.info/hay.html#select): you want soft, pliable, fresh-smelling, fresh-looking hay. Oxbow sells Timothy hay (http://www.petfooddirect.com/Product/3813/Oxbow-Western-Timothy-Hay) and Orchard Grass (http://www.petfooddirect.com/product/3811/Oxbow-Orchard-Grass-Hay) hay at Petsmart (just be sure to look at it before buying to see if it looks soft and fresh -- quality varies), or you can go for the tip-top quality and buy from KMS Hayloft (http://www.kmshayloft.com/hay/) (only available online). The pellets you buy need to be Timothy hay-based and free of seeds, nuts, and colorful bits (just a plain pellet). Oxbow Cavy Cuisine (http://www.petfooddirect.com/product/3943/Oxbow-Cavy-Cuisine-Adult-Guinea-Pig-(Timothy-Based)-) or KMS Hayloft Timothy Choice (http://www.kmshayloft.com/pellet_zen.html#timothy) pellets are perfect for your pig.

Suzi also mentioned finding a cavy-savvy vet. Guinea Lynx has a great vet database (http://www.guinealynx.info/vetlist.html) that should help you. If you already have a vet, be sure to call and ask the questions on this page (http://www.guinealynx.info/vet.html) to be sure your vet is truly experienced. It's also a good idea to start saving a portion of your money towards a vet fund for your guinea pigs. They are considered exotic pets by vets, so their vet care can quickly reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars should something serious happen.

This page might help you as far as pregnancy and birth go: http://www.guinealynx.info/reproduction.html. You might consider opening an account on the Guinea Lynx forums as they have a lot of really experienced members when it comes to medical things.

Good luck!

08-09-11, 02:54 pm
Thanks all for your help!!! The hay and food so far is what I am doing what you all said except Veggies & the brand name you suggest. AS soon has we are done with that I will find the brand name you all suggested. I know the daily veggies 1cup with lettuce ( no iceburg) peppers, cilantro. However, since she did not get that in the store should I give one at a time until I know she okay with it & then when dose that and I know she okay do I say for example give her 1.2 cup of above and 1.2 with another veggie here and there to mix it up. THEN!!! with I did find about fruit like 1/8 apple 2 grapes etc... but do I give the one cup of veggies still plus that??????? I found a vet near so good with that. I am already trying to plan and save money on cage. Just don't know now what to do with the 100.00 one I just bought rrrr. GUESS from the store she is 6 months. Do I need put in nesting things or paper etc... in there for her to have her babies. OR should I just leave things the way they are until she has them. I don't want to build a cage and stress her out more than she been???? OH I KNOW!!! get rid of the drops V-c for the water. But where is she getting it. I know her food pellet has some in it?????? Sorry for all the ???s but because of you all I know more and feel better already from your suggestions. so MANY MANY

08-09-11, 11:13 pm
Calm new mother, calm. You are doing fantastic! Looks like Susan has fallen into a wonderful caring home.
As for the veggies, Susan will get used to them. She may turn her nose up at first but keep trying. Once she knows what they are she won't be able to get enough. You can have her on your lap and hand feed her some. Fruit and veggies, can be all mixed for her 1 cup. Fruit is not a daily, just a couple times a week.
Her cage. No pine bedding. She can have dried pine that has lost its smell. The pine causes respiritory problems. She can be put on fleece also. The fleece pulls the urine down and away. There are many threads about using fleece. In the bedding section. She can have a hidey house in with her. It can be store boughten or a cardboard one from home.
I myself know very little on pregnancy (have never had babies). I know the guinealynx.com can help you there.

Vit c will come with the veggies. As long as she has them daily Susan should be fine. Keep reading and learning and Mother and Susan will be just fine. I am glad we have been able to help.