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08-08-11, 09:59 am
Hi!!! I'm Mikaela, a 13 year old guinea pig lover! I recently adopted my babies Doodle and Tillie and a nearby shelter and love them to death! I ordered a 4x2 C&C cage from here and will be adding on 1 foot (so it will be 5x2) and a 2x2 upper level as a kitchen! I already have everything built and I'm just waiting for my grids to come in the mail! I definetly will post pictures :)

08-08-11, 11:14 am
Hi! Welcome to the site! Your piggies will be so happy in their new cage. :)

08-08-11, 08:51 pm
Welcome! How wonderful that you adopted your new babies from a shelter. Thank you for that.
Sounds like you are getting it all together for your pigs to have a great home. Will love to see pictures.
Make sure to check out the great list of of all foods Ly&pigs has put together in the diet/ nutrition section.
Again, Welcome!