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08-02-11, 04:58 am
I just brought my (2) new girls home last nite. As of yet, they are not named...we're still deciding what names fit them. They are still a little scared although they have eaten some food and hay and will let us pet them. I have a hide-a-way for them... which they have been in most of the time since I brought them home. Any other suggestions on what other things in their cage might help them to feel more secure and safe during this adjustment?
Also, I read that you should keep them out of drafts...does that mean ceiling fans? Or just cold, outdoor drafts? We do not have air conditioning so we run our ceiling fans most of the summer, but I don't want to make them sick.
I haven't managed to get good pics of them yet, but when I do I will certainly post them. They are Abyssinians and soooo cute!!!:heart:
I have been reading a lot on this website and getting lots of tips and ideas...the last guinea pig I had was probably over 20 years ago. So It's nice to have all the information out there and forums like this to talk to other gp owners. Thanks!

08-02-11, 06:09 am
Hi and welcome! It sounds like you are getting off to a good start. As you can see there is a lot of good information on this site. I do not have AC either and we use a ceiling fan. I sometimes put a towel over the top of my large C&C cage, so they can get out of the breeze if they want. If it is very hot (over 83 degrees) I move them to a big cage in my basement or put blue ice packs wrapped in old kitchen towels in the cage for them to rest against. Lots of cool water, too. I often give them a shallow dish of water to play in. And change the water bottles a couple of times a day or even more.

Again, welcome to the forum !