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07-31-11, 03:08 am
:love: Maximus von Lichtenwalder :love:

Maximus von Lichtenwalder.... arrived to me to be fostered in early July 2011

He was born in April and my friend bought him from Animates Wellington. She kept him in the largest store bought corner cage that she could buy. As soon as she told me that she had bought him I showed her this site.
It resulted in her buying Maximus a second corner cage. He can run between the two via a linking passageway that is lined with sandpaper, and has air holes.

He is nearly 5 months old, an abysinnian with what looks like the roan colouring... its chesnut and white with some darker patches around his eyes and one on his rump. Yes I will pop in photo's when I've learned how to.

At this stage Maximus lives alone, his owner has had to move back to Europe to sort out some things.

Maximus is a loving boy, he hops into my hands when I put them in the come position and he flops down on me immediately I am holding him. The most yawns in a row have been 7 so far.

I line my bed with a waterproof layer and two further layers, put his comforter on the top like a folded calzone and that is where Maximus spends the majority of his day. He runs laps around the perimeter of the super king size bed, had a towel on which his kitchen lies and poops to his hearts content on the speedway.

He only ever pee's inside his calzone comforter, which I sponge out frequently and wash twice a week.

We recently moved to a house where one of the conservatories is a lino-lined floor and I plan to make Maximus von Lichtenwalder the most exicting room I can over time. It's too cold in there at the moment so he is in the sun porch adjoining our bedroom, which will be too hot in a few weeks.

He is a loving wee pig, and sleeps in our arms when we are sitting down after dinner. We don't have ideal feed in NZ, and I sift through the commercial pellet mix to remove the meat based pellets. It's sad that a whole country can't get in the proper feed at this stage but I hope to find enough NZ members on the forum to warrent a bulk purchase of safe pellets and in time maybe we have enough people together to commission a feed from paddock to pellet. Who knows? I just want to be able to offer the wee man the best food we can manage. I am very lucky that his owner said she is willing to post feed over from Germany... she hasn't yet but I hope it happens soon!

My first question is - how long is too long for the toe nails? His owner has not cut them since she got him in April and I figure there must be a norm to go by. I read somewhere on the forum a while back that the nail should end infront of the blood vessel. By how much? are we talking a mm or two or more?

thanks everyone for this lovely forum!

07-31-11, 08:14 am
Welcome! And I love Maximus' name!

Three months is way too long to go without cutting his nails. I usually cut mine every two weeks, but they have once gone a month when I was out of town for several weeks.

If his nails are white/clear, you can see the "quick" (the area with blood vessels and nerves) inside them. Cut as close to that as you can without actually cutting into it.

If they're dark, you'll have to guess. Just nibble a tiny bit at a time until you get a reaction from him -- well, a reaction other than disgust at having his nails clipped at all. :-) The quick will likely be about the same length in all of them, so you'll have an idea how much to trim.

It definitely helps distract them if you give them something to nibble on, and it's far easier with two people than it is with one. One holds the pig and the carrot while the other works on the feet.

08-01-11, 05:12 am
Thanks Bpatters, his nails are quite easy to see in the light, I had my husband hold him up today and I can see the quick. It's really good to know when one's gut feeling is right, I had asked her and she'd said they were fine but I had this feeling I should ask just to be sure. Now I can mark nail trimming on the calender! and have his favorite snacks to hand, you made me giggle about the disgust I thought maybe we should have someone with a camera to capture the looks too!.

08-02-11, 04:13 am
Do guinea pigs bite their nails? Our dog nibbles on his nails and I've seen Maximus use his teeth on his hind feet nails I was wondering is he doing something with his teeth to his nails or using his nails to pick out his teeth? does anyone have any ideas?

08-14-11, 02:22 am

Here is the wee laddie, its his first photo, the first time anyone took a picture of him. He is also as my avatar now. I'm just learning about photo's and my macbook, and how that translates to forum posting so hopefully I get the sizes imprinted in the brain and do things right as soon as possible.

I will also show his cage improvements, he started out with an angled almost 3 by 2 corner style cage bought from a pet store, his owner then went and purchased a second cage after I showed her this wonderful site. He now has the two almost 3 x 2 corner cages opened to one another, and my further improvement is that I built him a connecting al fresco dining platform to fill in the angulated almost side of the equation. He now has floor space of a full 3x2 set up. I removed the side partitions so that he can run laps - and boyo! he runs some laps! It took him a few minutes to get used to the wooden eating platform fill in bit. Now he leaps races and leaps. Where the two bottoms join I have thickly folded towels so that he is aided in his transition from cage to cage. He runs laps and popcorns several times durning the day. It's nice that he seems to be a happy and active boy.

It is too cold at the moment to use the lovely tunnel we have designed for his adjoining cages as an alternative set up mentioned above. We had a few really warm spring like weather weeks then when I mentioned that variation.

The main thing is that we have improved Maximus von Lichtenwalders living conditions enormously. And we continue to amend them for improvements. His floor time is on our bed which is a super king size. He doesn't go near the edge by about 15 cm. This is obviously his best circuit area for laps and wild popcorning. When he has tired himself out he snuggles in the white coverlet shown to the left of the photo - which I turn over like a calzone pizza, with tunnel entrances for him.

I am really glad to have worked out how to do the photo thing. I hope I have...

08-14-11, 06:50 am
Well, I don't see a photo, and I'm sorry -- I think Max's name is my favorite of all the guinea pigs on this forum, and I was looking forward to seeing him.

However, the photo problem may be a forum problem. I know there have been some difficulties with getting photos to display, and that Teresa has been working on it. But I haven't kept up with the latest updates.

You might PM CavySpirit and see what the status is.

Edited to add: Oops, the photo problem may be mine. I looked at another thread with attachments and can't see them, but obviously other people can.

08-16-11, 03:31 am
lol Oh BPatters you did make me laugh so... when I read your "and I'm sorry" ... my heart sank - I thought Oh No! what? but then I read on about how you like Maximus von Lichtenwalder's name and I just laughed so! Yes when I introduce him to a person I usually start out "and this wee man goes by the exceedingly humble name of.... Maximus von Lichtenwalder... and people pause and then chuckle delightedly... he is so endearing - I hope you saw the photo in the end?

Perhaps I will have to start a photobucket account. I just don't like the idea that you lose the rights to your pictures useage doing that. Especially with my husband being a professional photographer. Thanks though I will contact CavySpirit about the attachment opening.

08-16-11, 05:06 am
Do guinea pigs bite their nails? Our dog nibbles on his nails and I've seen Maximus use his teeth on his hind feet nails I was wondering is he doing something with his teeth to his nails or using his nails to pick out his teeth? does anyone have any ideas?

My girl Buttercup has done this too while on my lap ( among other things...she is very comfy with me and will bathe, eat her special poop, scratch, "do her nails" heeheeh) and figure she is just chewing on them, like some of us humans do. ( ick !) I don't know for sure, but that is what it looks like, to me. I have never seen my other sweetie Cuddles bite or clean her nails this way, so maybe some piggies do it and some don't.

P.S. By the way, I LOVE his full name too, ( can't remember if I told you already...) and think it is just adorably masculine !:)

08-16-11, 05:53 am
KCA, Teresa knows about the attachment problem and is working on it. I'll just have to keep checking this thread to see if I can see his picture.

Give Mr. Max some scritches from me.

08-16-11, 08:00 am
I just wanted to add that I can't see your photo of Maximus either, Tammy...I have never been able to "see" photo's that people send via "Attachment #'s", and have always wondered why. Does anyone else know why I can't see these type of photo's either ? Every time I have clicked on the "Attachment number" to see someone's photo, it says this: Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

For otherwise, I see everyone's photo's just fine ! Hopefully you can figure it out soon Tammy because I would LOVE to see a photo of Maximus !!:) (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/sendmessage.php)

08-18-11, 04:35 pm
BPatters and Kathlaaron, thanks for the feed back not only on nails and cute wee man's name, but also to let me know about the attachment not showing.

Do you see my avatar photo? that's him giving my husband gooey lips. (Not that it shows much of him at all)

bpatters I gave him one of his best: chin and cheeks scritches from you, he loved it!lol

Right ladies, Project get the photo's sorted has begun! Thanks!

08-18-11, 04:49 pm
I, too, love Max's name! It's very unique.

I can see your avatar, but not the attachment. Just a thought: if you have a Google account you can upload pictures to Picasa; it's very easy and fast. I use it when I want to upload pictures to websites.

08-29-11, 05:33 am
Maximus von Lichtenwalder.... official photographic introduction


I knew I loved guinea pigs before I ever got to care for one, but I had no idea just how lovely a being they are - Maximus von Lichtenwalder is the best introduction any person could ever wish for to the World Of The Guinea Pig Universe...

08-29-11, 06:55 am
Awww, he's as cute as his name. I love the one of his eye looking through the lettuce leaf. "Get away from my food, woman!"

08-29-11, 07:14 am
Oh, what a cutie! Thanks for posting pictures; I'm glad attachments have been working now!

09-03-11, 07:09 pm
In the continuing saga of the Adventures of Maximus von Lichtenwalder we have news!!!!

Last week I was asked by a local radio station manager if he could record me reading my emailed stories of Maximus von Lichtenwalder for radio!

I'm going to have to get our house move sorted out (boxes nearly completely packed - and here I am sneaking off for a break to GPC forum!!!!) then I'll have to collate all mails I've written... so it won't be for a wee while yet, but I am just so excited I had to share it with everyone!!!

09-03-11, 07:57 pm
Oh wow that is so incredibly COOL !! :cool: Oh man, how exciting is that ?! CONGRATULATIONS my friend, that is really fantastic. Any way we could hear a small clip of your radio broadcast ?

09-03-11, 08:50 pm
Thats awesome, I bet you'll have fun with that!! And he is very cute by the way, just handsom! Did you start this up kinda like a 'piggy diary' like I have? I think the 'piggy diary' thing is such a good idea. It keeps all the members and there pigs organized! :)

09-14-11, 08:11 pm

Yesterday was a day I shan't forget. It had hailed, a freak storm of bomb like proportions. The road on which we now live was white, the lawn white. A big wind blew up and the temperature dropped. Inside the cottage was warm enough... or so I thought. At six the next morning I walked passsed Maximus von Lichtenwalders abode and saw his wee bum poking out of the draped hammock staircase that leads up to his "heaven bed". We call the stairway "Stairway to Heaven. It takes him up to the roof of his cage where he has a super thick soft bed arrangement . He can choose up there from several mattress types depending on the kind of temperature he wishes to sleep in.

I said good morning Maximus von Lichtenwalder, and he ignored me. Which in some moods is normal. I went about my tasks and an hour later noticed his bum in the same position. I thought Oh he must have been back down for a snack. Which is normal. Not thinking anything amiss I had breakfast and then looked at his cage again, now his bum was still in the same place and I thought No! 3 times in a row is not normal. I went over to him and lifted the drape that was partly covering him...

My boy was cold. So cold that he did not respond. I have been attuned to Reiki Master level and the energy that flooded through me at that instant was phenominal. I could not see the outline of my hands. I scooped the wee man up and cradled him to my alpaca and mohair jersey. I sat on the sofa with him and let the healing energy flow. He did not sing like he normally does. He did begin to shiver. Deep scary waves of shivering. I prayed... my husband had the car; I had no phone connection nor internet to reach for help. We live in the country where neighbours are a good walk away in what was then a cold blowing icy wind. Not the sort of weather to take a potentially sick pig out into, even if he was inside my windbreaker....

I asked for clarity so that I could feel exactly how Maximus von Lichtenwalder was, how desperate the situation might be and waited for the answer. It came as a peaceful but altogether serious feeling. I thought OK all focus on wee man then for how ever long it takes for Allan to get home or a neighbours returning car to appear along the road.

It was not long that the chills lasted, I was horridly aware of how taxing chills are on the body resources and very worried. It was a real discipline to make my mind stay on wellness and feel just love for wellbeing that has been Maximus von Lichtenwalder's only experience of life so far. He yawned about 20 minutes after me picking him up, the chills had abated to a longer periods between them. He began a soft whispering noise and groomed my finger infront of him. He kicked out a back leg and settled in more comfortably. I offered him some high energy snacks and there was absolutely no interest...

So I sat. At 11.20 he wriggled as if he needed to pee. I put him into his cage and he pee'd into his spilled hay area immediately. My hands were close to his body and I felt another chill set in, I picked him up and the chills swept over him for the next couple of minutes. We were still deep in the woods, I thought. So, I offered him some different kinds of foods all of which he turned his wee head from. I sat and cradled him letting the energy warm him and help as it could.

At 1pm the sun was brilliant outside, the wind had abated and Maximus von Lichtenwalder had not had a chill for over an hour and 45 minutes. I carried him outside and with my hands still around his body put him on the small seeding grass in his outside play pen. He ate then, and the relief that swept through me was enormous. He stayed snugly in my cupped hands and munched along on the grass and the tiny grass seeds. He ate for about 15 minutes maximum, then he wanted to investigate in the walled area, which was shaded. I felt a shiver and scooped him up immediately. We went back in doors, he slept again in my arms. Kicking out comfortably to the side, I put a woollen cover over the top of him as he nudged my hand away this time...

Allan came home not long after this, as soon as he came in I said we need to go to the vet urgently. He said yes of course. He wanted to see if Maximus von Lichtenwalder might be ready to take veggie foods from the fridge before we set off. I had not taken him to the fridge for the cold air that I'd expose him to whilest there. He ate a portion of red yam very readily. The relief that swept through me was enormous. We offered him a bit of everything else in there, he took some cucumber not as much as I'd hoped he would take, a little tiny floret of brocco-flower and then wanted his potted grass in his cage again and another pee.

I set up a woollen beanie hanging from the cage roof for him to lie against, put him on a thick mohair cushion, moved the heater so that the heat would rise up into his cage and covered him in a woolly blanket. He yawned widely and flopped his head down.

It was a relief that he had pee'd and pooped and taken food. Vets are always very happy to hear reports of that. Fortunately he was a very healthy piglet with good reserves, so we did not need to rehydrate him or put him on a drip or anything like that. I just had to watch him very carefully and make absolutely certain the temperature remained nice and toasty during the entire night and also through the next few days.

At 9pm last night Maximus von Lichtenwalder ate out of his pellet mix bowl. He took some of the highly nutritious snack bikkies and I did not restrict any intake. He ate for a while and then whooked at me, so I went over and picked him up. He snuggled on me and pulled more energy through for about 45 minutes, then he indicated he wanted his abode again...

I checked him in the night and he was toasty warm, snuggled into his woollies. His tummy was full by the feel of it and I noticed that his potted grass was eaten well down.

He sneezed 5 times and coughed once the entire time, but I sprinkled lavender essential oil on his cage sides in the shavings just incase. He liked the smell because he went and breathed there a few times when he went back in. No respiratory problems have developed.

This morning he dashed off before coming back for a chin scratch and cheek rub. He is sleeping alot today, which is also something that he sometimes does even when well. But I know we are only on the edge of woods yet. His new grass pot is a quarter eaten it's 2pm and I have seen him at his bowl 3 times today. I am very relieved.

The mistake I probably made was to put a brick into his cage to replace a stuffed box that wobbled. I recall when I picked up the brick that it was cold to the touch. I did not realise how much that may have dropped the internal cage temperature. It was raining when I had the bright spark idea of fetching a brick... we don't know if it was a contributing factor or not, I took it out before he went back in as it was still cold and slightly dampish (but that might have been my imagination too - looking for something that was wrong..?). Why Maximus von Lichtenwalder had not walked up the stairway to heaven to his perfectly warm insulated upper beds we don't know and we probably will never know. The replacement brick went on the heater for several hours before being installed as a step.

We are just so thankful that he is ok. I like the cushion being in there too, it shortens the stairway to heaven climb by 5cm. Maximus von Lichtenwalder is snoozing on this cushion as I am typing his ordeal out to the world. He rather likes the gentle heat wafting in from the heater as he has positioned his wee head just so he can best appreciate it.

This morning he was parked on top of his grass hut on which I'd put the crochet'd cushion front, his butt snugged up against the wool tucked into his cage wall. He is a little slower on his veggies so far today, but he has been at the pellets in a hearty way....

I hope the next adventure of Maximus von Lichtenwalder is less stressful to share with everyone...

09-14-11, 09:15 pm
I'm glad to hear he's okay, what an ordeal! I will close our living room windows tonight, the low in Wisconsin is 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 Celsius). Brrrrr! Keep us posted on Max's recovery.

09-14-11, 09:50 pm
Glad to here he's doing well. I don't know what I would do if that was my guys! He is a very cute piggy!

09-14-11, 11:21 pm
I'm glad to hear he's okay, what an ordeal! I will close our living room windows tonight, the low in Wisconsin is 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 Celsius). Brrrrr! Keep us posted on Max's recovery.

GotPigs? please do that! I discovered that one window near his abode does not seal properly!! I think part of the culprit may well be a draft even though that side has a very thick towel "sealing" the sides... it's a big leap from 1.1 degrees C or 34 F to what their wee bodies can cope with at minimum 16 degrees C...

He has slept alot today, this afternoon it rained and the temp dropped again, he moved out to his al fresco dining platform directly in the warm air flow from the heater! Now he is back on his mohair cushion. the late afternoon sun is streaming in to his home and he is kicked out to the side head down fast asleep.

He has eaten very well, even though not so enthusiastically as normal yet, he is tugging at his coriander (cilantro) and not forcefully yanking and dashing off with yet...

Thanks Hhbean - yes I also think he is a cute piggy... he's a real character with it!!

09-15-11, 12:00 am
Oh my, what an ordeal you went through ! I am so sorry...but I am so glad that Max is fine now, whew ! What an INCREDIBLE scare. :eek: Great job in keeping your cool and not losing it, for one never really knows what they will do or how they will react when a crisis befalls them, until they are tested.

I too have been really concerned about the huge fluctuation in temperature the last few days, and am feeling the panic rise within me.... about leaving the windows open too long on Tuesday afternoon, when a cool front came in. I should have closed the windows before bed time, and now I am concerned that my girls may get a URI .

If they do, I will feel so angry at myself.. for being so incredibly ignorant!:weepy: So I will be watching very carefully for any signs of illness, especially those symptoms assoc. with a URI for the next several days. I think that for humans, it generally takes 7-10 days from exposure to a virus, to exhibit symptoms, but for piggies I don't know how long it would take. Plus, this would be from a "chill" in the air not from a cold virus.

Do you have pictures of your cage in your album yet ?

09-15-11, 03:23 am
Hi Kath,

I have been taking photo's of the cage progression and have plenty on the camera to upload, good thing for me to do tomorrow during my breaks! I'll let you know and I'll take of the latest set up too with the heater if I can get it in.

There was some research done that never became commonly taught material, the scientists Enderlein and Beauchamp took it up seriously just prior to the rise of Pasteur. It talks about pH of the individual cells as opposed to the germ theory popularised by the powers that were behind Pasteur. The chill and shivers that Maximus von Lichtenwalder experienced would have certainly altered the pH of his internal cells, I am hoping that the fever that resulted successfully alkalised the cells again. If it did then a "virus state" cannot occur inside the cells, which will mean that an outside virus landing on his mucous membranes will die due to the unfavourable conditions of alkalinity. Virus's being needful of acidic environments to "catch" and explode their populations. Even so I will be watching the wee man like a full bellied hawk (so as not to alert him but to be observant enough to notice the first changes.

(Towards the end of his career Pasteur tried to point academia towards the "alternative" germ theory but the wheels were already well in motion for support his early works theory.)

It's good that he has started to make his little happy piggy noises and to dash about again. He has been at the food bowl quite regularly this evening...

Don't be angry with yourself Kathlaaron; we only know what we don't know when we've found out... learning is wonderful, now that you are aware, like me, you can prevent drafts, while not cutting off the supply of fresh air, and we'll be aware of temperature drops. I'll certainly keep the woollen goodies in his cage from now on.

09-18-11, 03:54 am
Maximus von Lichtenwalder seems to be totally fine... he had a little crusty dust on one eye...

not enough to wipe off but it raised my alarm bells, I took him out to the warm playpen to eat fresh grass and...

He ate a eucalyptus leaf though... two days ago. I was so worried because I had read on the forum about eucalyptus essential oil being dangerous to piggies!! It was a fairly old dry looking leaf, I didn't see it when I put him out in his grass playpen until I heard him stamping it with his teeth. He ate only so much of it and then left it alone.

It set me to thinking and wondering if he was self medicating... I offered him a bay leaf to see what he would do. He snatched it and ran and ate a portion of it and then again he left it, like the eucalyptus leaf. Later I offered him purposefully a fresh eucalyptus leaf and he turned his nose away from it. I then offered him another dry bay leaf and he turned that down too. Then I offered him a cinnemon stick he sniffed it alot but just touched his tongue to it and did not try to stamp it with his teeth... mmm I thought, he might be quite smart. The crusty stuff on the eye has gone completely...

I keep a close eye on him, and a close feel because I noticed such a change in the "feel" of him when he was going through his hypothermia ordeal and in the next day... It's been interesting to note how he feels "more" himself.

He took a huge interest in yams following his drama, and now his interest in them is over too...
I find this all so fascinating! he is back to celery and lettuce and cucumber and fresh grass being his favourites. He wasn't even so interested in the red cabbage which had played the most exciting tune to him previously (thank heavens on that one!)

I think he really appreciated the time I gave him holding him because he has dropped the dashing off tactic he was begining to employ since the previous move.

I'm sorting the cage photo's into the proper progressing of improvement, so they will put up in my album shortly. I have to "re-inact" the first set up though and have more boxes to upack before I can have success with that. So shortly, in a wee while...

09-18-11, 06:10 am
I adore your posts, can't seem to get enough of them! I'm going to start using that phrase about the full bellied hawk:D!

09-19-11, 09:12 pm
:D Thanks Hhbean - that was lovely to read!! That quote is one of my husbands favorites too; it just conveys SO much.

09-19-11, 09:22 pm
Folks, I just wanted to put somewhere easy to see and find the cage specs for Maximus von Lichtenwalder's abode progression. I know I won't be able to add to this post after I post it, but it's here to serve as a reference for me.

He came with a below minimum specification for one pig.

He lived in this size cage from April 2011 to end of June 2011.

His cage is a corner cage - 80cm x 80cm on two sides, then the front is cut away after 40cm on two sides so that it is not a square and not a triangle either.

He came to me at the beginning of July 2011.
He moved into double the space above, by virtue of us adjoining a second corner cage to the first one.
Dimensions of the double cage are 80cm wide on both sides x 160cm back length the front has the cut away and in this area I built an alfresco dining platform, removing both of the "fronts" of the cage and one of the 40cm sections altogether.
He has roof access too. Via his slung towel, that we call his "stairway to heaven". This is his main bedroom area. It also serves his zoom arounds as he tends to do upstairs and down stairs in his single "loop".
Upon arrival to us, he also has the king size bed as his "floor time and or day/evening area" this is set up so that he zooms around the entire perimeter and then collapses to sleep in his folded calzone douvet that occupies the center of the bed.

As of end of August he also has an outside fully enclosed wire/wood playpen with an open bottom for grass access and proper foot to ground contact which I feel is very important.
Dimensions of the outside playpen is 77cm wide and 2 meters long. The closed-in weather proof and fully shaded area is 55cm deep and 77cm wide, it has a permanent cut out opening for all time entry and exit. In this box area he has an off the ground bedroom, with woolly blankets. Should he need to snooze in between grazing forays while I am gardening next to him.

I am sorting out a progression of cage photo's for the album. Re-inacting the earlier versions. I'll get there soon I hope!!!:melodrama

10-04-11, 11:53 pm
Hi folks, i am really excited that Kathlaaron has sent some U-Haul pads from the States! I can now begin the process of offering a different bedding system to Maximus von Lichtenwalder and see what his aristocratic self prefers.

Seem to be having some issues with getting my album sorted, and have deleted a couple of albums so far either between picasa or here as the order came out all wonky.

Maximus von Lichtenwalder has hit his teens.... It's a bit daunting. He's become a bit of a fuss pot over me touching any of his various beds. Suddenly things he appreciated me doing and was sweet about are now times to periodically exert discipline on me! he is very gentle but it's a very definite No! He will hold with his teeth, exerting absolutely no pressure, at the most extreme insistence that The Staff (me!) pay attention...

I've read about behaviour changes as dominance comes into their lives. I suppose I expected that dominance would be with other piggies... and since he lives by his regal self, well, I suppose it's perfectly reasonable that he would exert his 6 months age dominance over his Staff. ??.

He does not like me fussing with his blankets particularly and only after this hypothermia experience so I am wondering if the "result" of the experience has defined a preference within him that his bed is how he left it last time he was in it.

Having said all that though the behaviour is periodic, today for instance he he snuggled down in my arms and let me pull up a wooly blanket over his kicked out dangling leg, with nothing but a yawn several seconds later. Gosh I love him to bits!!

10-05-11, 02:39 am
I have no doubt, that he is trying to show his dominance over you ! (I know for a FACT that certain male dog breeds will do this IF their owner does not show that HE/SHE is the alpha)

Plus, he has no other cage buddies to establish this normal Dominance process with, I wonder if maybe he is doing it with you instead ? I am not sure. ??

This is completely healthy and normal I would think. Since you have such a strong lovely bond with Max already, more so since his near death experience, that maybe he feels safe enough to exert his little independent side too.

Okay, now that was my "philosophical" answer. The more practical concrete answer would be that yes, he is going through adolescence. Typically adolescence is between 3mos-5mos, but can last as long as 12mos.

I think it is so adorable, that he is telling you.."no Mommy, that is MINE..please don't remove it.:sorry: " LOL. Boars do a lot of hard work in marking "their" territory, and "their things"...man he must be such a doll. Learning about Max through you, he sounds like such an amusing little character ! :D

10-08-11, 11:36 pm
lol I've come to a conclusion about the snappy behaviour.... it's not just about moving the bedding after all, it's happening When the cage is at critical mass pee and poop.... Usually when Life behaves and let's me follow my nice tidy routine of spot removing pee patches in shavings twice a week, facecloths on fabric pee patches daily, and poop scooping once a day I have a wonderful contented wee mannikin.... When Life does not behave and gets me out of my nice tidy routines by throwing events and circumstances in the way, wee Maximus von Lichtenwalder gets snappy about me touching His stuff! :melodrama Boars!! You gotta love em.

Oh and a sneak preview of thoughts in the cooking pot.... Allan and I have been discussing how 2 piggies would work in our world - provided of course Maximus von Lichtenwalder approves and doesn't turn out to be one of Those pigs I've read about here who just decline to bond or share Anything with Anyone... space being a consideration here as where we are renting currently we could not have them in sight of each other and then that defeats the social point of it all....

10-27-11, 06:28 pm
Maximus von Lichtenwalder is proud to announce that he has completed his Sounds of Music Experiment initiated by Kathlaaron. It was posted in the About Guinea Pigs forum, under Behaviour colour coding.

Since I fail to navigate away to fetch a link to it without losing this text that's the best I can come up for now. Hopefully some wonderful person somewhere in the world might tell me how to type a reply and be able to access the links you want all at the same time. One can hope!

Our stories are coming along, with some wonderful progress on piggie pellets. I have found someone interested in providing a quality guinea piggie pellet here in NZ, since the law changes are likely going to omit any chance of getting Oxbow in easily.

Imagine the frustration of living in a country where only 3 vets say they stock critical care and two don't bother to reply to you...

Yes it pays to be healthy it would seem...

Maximus von Lichtenwalder would like to know what happened to spring:?:... the days have gone back to being as chilly wet and windy as winter!! which reduces his outdoor grass playpen time and full tilt sprint zooming possibilities...:melodrama

10-28-11, 01:43 am
OH my !! I DEFINITELY think Maximus von Lichtenwalder would LOVE:eek: a buddy to play with !! :heart::heart: Most piggies really DO get along, ONCE they have sorted things out. Teresa did a study...its' written here...let me go find it for you.

Read the part on this page about adding a 2ncd cavy..Guinea Pigs Social Life (http://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm)

10-28-11, 01:50 am
Our stories are coming along, with some wonderful progress on piggie pellets. I have found someone interested in providing a quality guinea piggie pellet here in NZ, since the law changes are likely going to omit any chance of getting Oxbow in easily.

Imagine the frustration of living in a country where only 3 vets say they stock critical care and two don't bother to reply to you...

Yes it pays to be healthy it would seem...

I cannot imagine the frustration that must be...we are VERY spoiled here in America !!:guilty:

By getting "someone interested" do mean a supplier ? Or do you mean someone like you like are you making a petitions list of some kind to advocate this up dated healthier plan ?

10-28-11, 05:20 pm
By getting "someone interested" do mean a supplier ? Or do you mean someone like you like are you making a petitions list of some kind to advocate this up dated healthier plan ?

First of all when Skylarnz contacted me about if I knew what pellets were good here in NZ and where she could get them, I thought we could get a club together to solve our own problem by bulk (not huge) importing and splitting it between the group, maybe even offering the surplus for sale. The freight is 3 times the cost of the product. It was just the two of us at first. Now that Wrongdecade has expressed interest I seem to have 3. It makes the pellets more achievable, but I've been warned that there is no guarantee they will make it through. I've been told sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Which is a bit much of a gamble. I'd rather know.

So what we did, Maximus von Lichtenwalder's official mum and I, was she wrote to the major pet store here in NZ and asked them why they included meat and meat products in their pellets. She received no reply. Now that I am settled in to our new place, I took up the question and wrote in again. This time I did get a response, and a blow off from the manufacturer. Which I shared with the manager of the store. His response just delighted me. He is keen to offer quality pellets, and has asked if I and others would go over the ingredient lists he is offered and make suggestions. He has taken notes from the long email I sent him and is on board, it would seem, to provide top quality pellets here in NZ!!

We have a real chance here to be part of major changes. I am very excited.

And beyond that good news is this, he asked me about indoor housing yesterday!!:D

10-28-11, 08:36 pm
Wow ! That is so very impressive and encouraging ! You are reaching people...really reaching people, and making an incredible, significant difference here. That's just too AWESOME....and very very COOL.:cool:

11-07-11, 02:29 am
Kathlaaron thanks!! that's really nice of you to say.

well folks there is more news...

I went into a pet store recently, and while I was purchasing the lady asked what sort of puppy I had, I was purchasing puppy pads for a trial in Maximus von Lichtenwalder's abode. And so I began to talk to her about Himself. She was fascinated that a guinea pig COULD be kept indoors... well can you imagine ... something we take for granted as perfectly normal is like a life revelation to another person... wow!

she was completely fascinated with the concept of the c&c cage and asked me to take photo's and bring them in to the store... because... it sounds like something they would very much like to stock... how great is that!!??:love:

suddenly without trying to get a result there is more interest... now to find or get the cubes here... next installment no doubt.

His small cute fluffiness is yawning his head off as I am writting this... enormous day the wee man had today, got to run around and munch his head off in the piggie veggie garden today, it's only got lettuces, cilantro, dandelion and shepards purse in it but gosh he can mow coriander faster than it can grow!!

We found a biodynamic grower, a holistic vet (unfortunately not cavy savvy) but we have lots of yummy herb, and veg just on our doorstep at 5 dollars a bag for a salad mix... piglet approves in total delight - he is now flat on his side eyes tight shut. Poor thing so much digesting....:shhh: don't laugh too loud, he might hear and have to wake uplol

11-07-11, 03:40 am
It's like I'm in the room with him and can see "the wee man" slumbering away! I'm happy to hear about the pellet issue being addressed by the store manager.

11-07-11, 05:49 am
First of all when Skylarnz contacted me about if I knew what pellets were good here in NZ and where she could get them, I thought we could get a club together to solve our own problem by bulk (not huge) importing and splitting it between the group, maybe even offering the surplus for sale. The freight is 3 times the cost of the product. It was just the two of us at first. Now that Wrongdecade has expressed interest I seem to have 3. It makes the pellets more achievable, but I've been warned that there is no guarantee they will make it through.

How much were you looking to get? I get a steep discount on international shipping and would be willing to help if I can. I work for FedEx and can tell you what is and isn't allowed to be imported to NZ. There really is no reason it shouldn't make it through as long as its allowed to enter NZ. Also, as long as the value is claimed as below $70 usd and marked as a gift there's no tax.
Let me know what you're looking for, how much and what city it would go to and I can tell you what I can do to help. =]

11-08-11, 12:13 am
How much were you looking to get? I get a steep discount on international shipping and would be willing to help if I can. I work for FedEx and can tell you what is and isn't allowed to be imported to NZ. There really is no reason it shouldn't make it through as long as its allowed to enter NZ. Also, as long as the value is claimed as below $70 usd and marked as a gift there's no tax.
Let me know what you're looking for, how much and what city it would go to and I can tell you what I can do to help. =]

I am SO excited!!!!! That is a wonderful:heart: offer, the city it would come to is Wellington.
WOW LilPig thank you Mam! (of course I am assuming you are a Mam and not a Sir... if I got it wrong just re-read Mam as Sir ok? lol)

Could you please check for us? I know the others will want to know what the freight is relative to the amounts that go with each freight category before they can make a decision and say how much they want. I don't want to get a big big amount because I am feeding just the one piggie. But if it's more cost effective I'll go with a bit of bulk and store it. So along with first checking to see IF we can get it through into NZ would you also make a small list of options and the prices that go with them?? I'll get that to the others via PM?

Thank you!! I'll be in touch via PM soon!

11-21-11, 01:13 am
Hi folks,

Maximus von Lichtenwalder made it very clear to me just now that it HIGH TIME I visited the site to let him let his friends know how and what he is up to....

Does anyone elses guinea pigs sleep down hill? Maximus von Lichtenwalder was lying fast asleep on the down hill slope of his middle cushion hind legs kicked uphill defying gravity!

He was most annoyed when I looked up, got startled and send him a bolt of concern thought. He moved in his sleep and began chattering his teeth until I dropped my eyes and took a deep breath! I swear this guinea pig is amazing...

So some cage, progress.
I removed the front flaps of the corner cages which I had opened and flipped onto the roof. I didn't like the way they poked up and while my original idea had been to use them in creating a nice little set of snuggle spots, it didn't work out in reality.

I took off the peices of wood that I'd placed up there to create walking surfaces, and cut a large single cardboard box to cover the entire roof surface and still allow the stairway to heaven to drap over his middle bed and still be his sling ramp upwards.

Today I added his first cardboard box up stairs next to his much loved sheep cushion bed. He was so excited when I layered U-haul to pad out the cardboard box bottom that he popcorned himself silly up there. He ran and jumped down onto the stairway to heaven and leaped onto is alfresco dining platform so athletically that Allan and I were just in fits of laughter.

Such a dude, he is now hanging over his bowl mining snacks...:D

11-21-11, 02:11 am
Don't you just love it when they popcorn because of something you did for them?

12-13-11, 05:37 pm
Yes I sure do! It's like a wee gift each time. Somehow very special and taken personally - I love it and it just seems to inspire more from us... perhaps this observation is as true today...

The Greatness of a Nation
and it's moral progress
can be judged by the way
it's animals are treated

Mahatma Gandhi
1869 - 1948

12-14-11, 02:31 am

Maximus von Lichtenwalder went to the vet. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the wee man, but I wanted to watch the vet handle him, see how he clips the front leg nails and cleans the butt....

Our vet's name is Mike, and I'll refer to him by name. Mike was honest and upfront about never having cleaned a perineal sac before. He has experience with ferret's in the clinic but not often guinea pigs. He has a guinea pig at home, so he is familiar with handling them. I figured that it would be a win win situation if he would be willing to have a look at Maximus von Lichtenwalder's butt and the clinic lady Jo was very open to learning about GuineaLynx and Guinea Pig Cages. I sent them the link to Brimstone's video's on sac cleaning holds.

So I had watched Brimstone's sac cleaning video's on GuineaLynx a number of times. And when we arrived there they were on Mike's computer screen. We discussed what hold might suit the wee man; belly up or belly down... I thought that was really nice of him to ask. Since I don't hold wee man upside down for anything I thought feet on the ground would perhaps be better tolerated.

See, that way I could conveyer-feed the uber delicious salad straight into the mulcher. My plan was to leave with a calm happy, if slightly indignant, piglet...

Mike was wonderful clipping his nails, wee man tried to discipline him off the front paws but Mike calmly took no notice at all and carried on. Of course grapes cut in half are a terrible distraction because they are a rare treat. Tactics.

Once we had the nails all nice and short as possible, not a drop of blood, we attempted the pig-burrito. Maximus von Lichtenwalder was ever so tolerant, and we had to wrap, unwrap, fold and re-wrap the poor dude before we got to a burrito size that fitted the filling.

I had taken slightly warmed and just melted coconut oil with me, and a towel that was "his" just in case. While we didn't use his towel it sat on the examination table for reasurance. I moved around the table applying salad and herbs to keep the wee man focused in the right direction.

Q-tip insertion met with some rather louder than usual exclamations but the sage leaves soon put a stop to that. The world seems to stand still for a sprig tip of sage leaves, which handily let Mike explore the perineal sac. Primarily going to the top and sides. He was quite clean (not that I know what dirty can be outside of my very active imagination...)

I am glad we went to Mike for this job because I would have been inclined to go all around top sides and bottom of the sac....

Maximus von Lichtenwalder did reach a point where he declined salad and had wiggled his way forward in the burrito, burrowing his nose into his Daddy's tummy. Allan took over stroking his head while Mike showed me what he was doing. We had a look at the sticky patch of fur on wee mans lower back above the butt area, and Mike cleaned a good spot of the gunge off with coconut soaked Q-tips, it seemed to be quite ticklish but wee man was enjoying this treatment so much no-one needed to hold him at all. We just had barrier hands some distance off him, in case... (it's a long drop off that table...) I am to continue the cleaning at home because Mike felt that he had reached a good point to end on, and I was very keen to continue myself in a day or two.

It's very important to me that my animal friends have good memories of seeing their vet. I was surprised that Mike felt so too. It was also nice that we felt as though we were given Time, there was no sense of being rushed at all, far from it.

For NZ$30 the treatment our lads nails, greasy butt fur and butt sac received we couldn't be happier not to mention the peace of mind and confidence we gained!. It was an unexpected learning curve for all involved and a good win win foundation built. Thank you GPC and GL the effects of your work and dedication to wee ones around the world is being felt and certainly greatly appreciated !

12-14-11, 05:39 am
Poor little Maximus having his bum cleaned! But it sounds like it all worked out in the end and he wasn't to bummed out:D!

Three of my four boys are very vocal about sac cleaning, but I tell you Roger acts as if he's having a spa day! He relaxes with his back towards me and belly up. I swear there are invisble people standing over him with palm leaves fanning him while placing grapes in his mouth! It's a good thing Roger likes to have his little "spa days" because he is the dirty bum piggy of the bunch:yuck:!

Please let us know how you and Maximus survive home bum cleaning. I am happy to hear Mike is one of the good vets that truely care about his smallest patients.

12-14-11, 05:26 pm
:D I think you just inspired a chapter title... thanks Hhbean !!

12-15-11, 01:16 am
Yes I sure do! It's like a wee gift each time. Somehow very special and taken personally - I love it and it just seems to inspire more from us... perhaps this observation is as true today...

The Greatness of a Nation
and it's moral progress
can be judged by the way
it's animals are treated

Mahatma Gandhi
1869 - 1948

Tammy, I love how you are with Maximus...you are such a sweet, and tender-loving person, you truly are so special.:heart: I also LOVE that quote from Gandhi, how true, how true !

12-15-11, 01:19 am
Poor little Maximus having his bum cleaned! But it sounds like it all worked out in the end and he wasn't to bummed out:D!

Three of my four boys are very vocal about sac cleaning, but I tell you Roger acts as if he's having a spa day! He relaxes with his back towards me and belly up. I swear there are invisble people standing over him with palm leaves fanning him while placing grapes in his mouth! It's a good thing Roger likes to have his little "spa days" because he is the dirty bum piggy of the bunch:yuck:!

Oh Heather ! You had me in STITCHES of laughter,lol over the above things I highlighted in BOLD print ! Just too funny ! You are such a delight !:heart:

12-15-11, 01:46 am
I just realised that I didn't say in my reply how I laughed at Heather's post too, I can't believe it!! at the same time as I imagined how I'd write what I'd put in that chapter... I also recall "asking you in my mind" if you'd mind that Heather??... and I see I didn't put that on the reply post either... crikey like a forget professor...

I had tears in my eyes and giggled afterwards through the afternoon... Roger DUDE the state you keep your butt in takes you straight to bliss ... you picked just the right Mom !!!:D

01-14-12, 01:11 am
Well ! I am pleased to announce that I have managed the butt cleaning on two more occasions, while the wee man is straddling Daddy's arm. It's not so bad really. The thing that worried me the most was not knowing how far in to put the q-tip.

Nails are due next. I've managed to trim the hind nails just fine, but those front ones... hmm! Perhaps the vet was wise to have him standing for it? Not having the outright experience I just don't know. Might have to end up taking wee man off to "Uncle Mike"...

I'm updating the diary because I've done a wee house alteration. I've been using puppy pads lately on top of the U-Haul pads. Simply because it's summer and water restrictions are encouraged. Also because when I head off overseas Dad will have the added chore of cleaning and I know with his schedule adding two extra washes to his week is better avoided.

I like the puppy pads, they are brilliant at odour control I must say. And most importantly Maximus von Lichtenwalder popcorns on them a lot!. So it got me thinking, I wonder if I put the puppy pads up on the second storey as well? Would he accept that feel. No problems there at all. I had to staple them into the calzone douvet though and that did trouble me. I've had a clean and wash today - of the calzone douvet and tonight he has the Uhaul pad with puppy pads on top of that. I'll be interested to see how comfy he sleeps tonight. I'll drap the mohair blanket over instead of the calzone douvet - it's drying.

I wanted to see how wee man would take to burrowing in hay. There are such lovely stories on here about their antics in hay. So I covered the puppy pads on the lower level with a couple of big slabs of hay.

It's not timothy. Just plain NZ meadow hay. No interested. Not one bit.... hmm I waited a couple of days and yes he dashes over the top of it. Lies in two spaces on the edge of it and snoozes there. But does not venture onto the slabs to fruffle in it at all. I wonder if it's too stalky? there is high percentage of narrow poky grass stalks. He eats them... but. I wonder if I should put a much less amount in there and fluff it all up for him first?

I'll post on what transpires !!

01-14-12, 08:05 am
Yes, I think the wee man would enjoy you fluffing the hay before he romps through his medow. You are more then welcome to use anything you find interesting or inspiring about my boys in whatever form you chose. I just wanted to add one thing to the Roger bum cleaning, hope you like it :D


01-25-12, 09:21 pm
Thanks Hhbean for the the delightful butt photo of Rog!! and the fluffing of the hay advice. It did prove sound. Wee man von Lichtenwalder does like it better.:love: Oh the joy of being approved of ...

to which I must add another abode adjustment... hubby and I were having luncheon at the piglet's outdoor playpen. It was a lovely day and we decided to make a small paddock surround to the sturdy roofed "hutch" so he could do real laps. hee heee heeee !!

It has worked magnificently !!! He Loves it out there when I am with him. Lying down or standing or sitting, he is always close to me. If I move about doing things he is not as happy, and tries to get into his enclosed roofed bit. Today I was lying in there with him and he came and licked my nose.

In-fact the outside grass area is so favored by the wee man that we have turfed out an area of lawn and fitted it to the base of one of the corner cages that form his lower level indoor abode. While the weather is good at this time of year and he can be outside during some of the day, his grass portion indoors lasts all week, 7 days. On the weekends we'll turf out a new section for him. For the joy of watching him at home the effort is nothing.

I honestly can't tell you how he loves this new improvement, the joy is unbelievable - he seems to popcorn in there almost constantly as he grazes or walks across it. As if his wee feet can't get enough of the feel of the lawn...

02-02-12, 11:58 pm
:love: WHISTLING !! :love:

Maximus von Lichtenwalder whistled last night during his floor time free range around the lounge - right in front of his Dad - it was So Beautiful and LOUD. What an amazing sound!

and this time I Knew it wasn't some bird outside I saw his little lips moving and it was already night all quiet, so I was Sure it was him... and that means I've heard him whistling before now and didn't know it Was him...

I just love this little dude


03-12-12, 06:26 pm

Well February saw us move yet again, on the one hand moving around to try out different areas is fun and its amazing how different places feel. I'm beginning to think that people either resonate with a place or area or they don't to different degrees.

Maximus von Lichtenwalder made the move in the wicker laundry basket under a pile of fluffed up hay on a comfy padding at bottom. The cat ( she answers to Beautiful ) was extremely good - which was a huge relief. She had the back and the wee man was strapped into the front seatbelt.

While boxes and furniture was shifted about Maximus von Lichtenwalder had one corner cage on the 4 seater dining table. We ALL noticed the restriction this smaller cage made to life, and he had his outside secure playpen.

Since I had scrubbed down the other side of his normal abode and everything had been washed I thought I would take him to see a lady who was trying to home a 5 week old male. I cleaned out the side he was using and set off with him in the laundry basket.

The wee Roomy was living with a tiny baby rabbit... in an outside hutch, much like my wee man's playpen.

I held him to see if he would settle on me and while his heart was racing he did settle his front feet and didn't try to leap or wriggle or bite...

I asked to see them together and we found a biggish plastic bin, put some hay in it and then the little one - I got my wee man out of the car and brought him over to look from a height - the joy and utterances were so marked. Maximus von Lichtenwalder wriggled to get to the little piglet, and whistles were made, not piping alarm whistles JOY whistles! then the conversations started and they followed each other around sniffing and chatting away. We put in a carrot and an apple piece and both them stopped to munch.

It was as if Maximus von Lichtenwalder realizing he was the ONLY cavy on earth was overcome with joy. Of course I had to take wee piglet home, there was No Way on earth I could separate wee man from his Other.

The thought of this new pig in the laundry basket unnerved me. I had the dog with me. But to my utter surprise both piglets snuggled up and slept. They were content to sleep while I rebuilt the big double cage and alfresco dining platform set up. Then I woke them and popped them on the platform.

Once home and in the big 6 seater dining table set up the behaviour of Maximus von Lichtenwalder changed a bit...
He chased the little one from one sleeping place and hidey to the next, when the little one tried to burrow under the hay Maximus von Lichtenwalder sat on top of him. This alarmed me. The little one squeaked in alarm and I flicked my lad with my finger to get him off. He did get off. For a while just the chasing. I made a hot drink and sat a little way a way. More chasing, and then the little one seemed to get fed up with it and he snapped at wee man. Ha! I thought good! A big sleep followed shortly after. I prepared a salad and some fruit. When they woke up they had a big feed. I had to flick my wee man on one further occasion to get off the little one and that was the sum total of the distress and property negotiations. I am extremely lucky.

It was funny that Maximus von Lichtenwalder tried to defend all the food area's until he realised it wasn't worth the effort. It was the most exercise he'd had since our final pack and the move. Thank heaven I had him free range most evenings on the floor a few weeks prior to the big pack.

So wee man FINALLY has a friend. Friend is not yet named. He has been very skittish - quite afraid of hands, and moving indoors has been a big change for him. I am SO GLAD I took the plunge and the meeting was so friendly and successful. I have watched them closely and I do see the value in their processes of chasing as I see it leads to following and eating together. :heart:

03-12-12, 07:22 pm
I'm so glad he's OK. Keep us updated!

03-12-12, 08:48 pm
Do we get to see pig-tures of the newest little man?

03-13-12, 07:57 am
So happy Maximus has a little buddy! It's so funny, because we also have a 2 new additions. We are fostering 2 girls for another forum member, they are upstairs far from the boys:cheerful:. The little girl must think we're planning on cooking her up for dinner because she is very vocal when I pick her up. The older girl is just the sweetest, cuddliest pig in the world(right after Huey that is)! I can't wait to see pictures and hear more about their adventures togather. Good luck with the name!

03-13-12, 08:59 am
Tammy........so good to see you around again! Missed your presence. :D

Chester is so jealous that Maximus has a buddy! We've been promising him a roommate for months and life got in the way of adding to our family.

04-01-12, 11:29 pm
Thanks Guys <3 <3

04-02-12, 06:56 am
Yes, please.........an update on your little men! :cheerful:

04-04-12, 07:49 pm
Hi folks,

I brought in a memory stick (back in the library to get an internet connection grrr! once a week if I am lucky!) My battery does not like this set up... and the memory stick now tells me to initialize it... the computer shop up the road tells me it's died and they Might be able to retrieve data off it... grrrr rrrr!! (throws a silent neat tantrum)

So yes I was going to pop up a photo of the newest wee man. Sorry.

I can't believe how fast these dudes grow !!

BumBum (the only part of him we saw for the first few days) is dashing off more sedately these days. He is showing us his nose from time to time, and recently has gotten brave enough to snatch the odd thing from my fingers. This morning to my utter amazement he almost normally walked up to the sage leaf and slowly opened his mouth and started to stamp it with his teeth before yanking it out of my fingers and turning the BumBum on me to gobble it.

When I put them out the other day, for sunshine and fresh air, I decided to pin a cover over the top of the laundry basket and tucked them in the roofed part. Now the funny thing is that since I did this, Maximus von Lichtenwalder has started to hop back up onto my forearm with his front feet when I go to pick him up... And BumBum does not dash off...
not even when they are in the outside playpen or their inside abode...

such tiny little things seem to make such a very big difference to these wee people.

But as yet I haven't had floor time in the new cottage. I think it's important probably only for me, that they are both very comfortable again with human hands before we go all out and wide open.

Neither will eat capsicum !! I am starting another set of herb gardens, so we have celery, sage, parsley, peppermint and coriander from home. And lots of different rough river grasses that I stuff into toilet rolls and peg onto the side of the walls, the long blades hang down and the chattering that this encourages is just so sweet. BumBum is Very loud - his whistles sound just like a bird and he popcorns around sort of winding himself up in volume, the noise of the video camera seems to hit the off button instantly so I haven't yet managed to record it. Maximus von Lichtenwalder seems so distinguished and mannerly in comparison to the wild joy that BumBum flings about the place.

Spy9Doc when you find the Right One you'll know it. There is no Time on that find. It's taken a few weeks but my wee man is starting to ask for his cuddles and Mum time again, I was a bit concerned there for a time that the new addition translated to a loss for me... but it seems that might not be the case after all... We are striking the pick me up pose several times a day over the last couple of days. Gosh I do love these wee folk. I am so glad Maximus von Lichtenwalder came my way.

Photo's will come I promise. A Tech friend would be great round about now in my world!

04-25-12, 11:13 pm
Hi folks,

well tech friend has not materialized and I am still in the horrid land of no internet at home. Horrid Horrid place to be in :melodrama

A small update before the library closes then...

Maximus von Lichtenwalder is doing well with his roomey BumBum Frizzy Whiskers - they are not close buddy's. They do not curl up together habitually nor seek to be close to each other unless there is some perceived threat. But they are very cute.

Maximus von Lichtenwalder is Definitely cage boss. He boots the little one off of Everything until he decides that access is allowed. Then he plops down like an indulgent Grandpa and watches on.

I was informed the other that BumBum Frizzy Whiskers would prefer to be addressed by the name of Einstein !!! I must profess that I am not quite used to using it though and often lapse. During these lapses I am perfectly ignored until I remember the right name. When I use it I am rewarded with attention and focus.

So Einstein it is then. Unless I forget and revert to BumBum the nickname initially used for his delightful white marked rear aspect. It is still very cute.

The biggest gift from Einstein is that I can handle his feet and underbelly with absolutely no reaction from pig. So very utterly different to Maximus von Lichtenwalder.

I'm also proud to announce that I have nail clipping off pat. I can now successfully address all of wee man's toe nails while Daddy holds him.

Einstein's toe nails are white and they are very much easier to clip. His nails are shaped differently as well. I think it must be the outdoor living he grew up in.

My stories, for those of you who were keen on getting a hold of, are coming along just wonderfully. But for now it's only the semi autobiographical horse stories that are available on CD, as a gift set.

When time permits me a proper long session I will catch you all up on the adventures of the lads... there are quite a few things I'd like to add here for several reasons.

04-26-12, 12:35 am
I'd take bum cleaning over nail clipping any day! 2 of the boys have black feet that even a flashlight won't shine through, worries me the whole time that I might nick one of my little guys! So happy to hear how well the wee men are doing. I understand your tech frustration, I think if I didn't have Daniel around I would never have been able to post a picture! I tell myself all the time that I need to develope computing skills but by the next day I put the whole dreaded thing out of my mind:crazy:. I can't wait to hear more about the adventures of the wee men!

04-29-12, 06:47 pm
Thanks Hhbean, it's actually really good to hear that someone else has continuing conniptions about dark nails...

well there is a wee update... the small men were on the lounge floor for adventures and running. I was moving around and noticed that Maximus von Lichtenwalder likes to follow me like a little dog. I put this notion to the test and walked out on the patio (fully enclosed) which stretches the length of the cottage... and true to thought there he was trundling along behind me!

It was So cute! we got to the end of it and I stopped still. He stopped then after a wee pause probably waiting to see what my next move would be, he started to sniff around. A bird called and he zoomed in-between my feet! squatted down and made a chattering noise. I bent down to stroke him and he made sweet little sounds like I was doing right!

After a bit I said to him Ok wee man, let's go now and moved my head in the direction, he stood up and walked as I walked !! then he got super happy and had to do zooming and pop-corning -lol - it became a very nifty move directly back into the lounge over the ranch slider door frame!!

Huge commentaries ensued from Einstein and it turned into a squeaking discussion where Maximus von Lichtenwalder lead Einstein over to the door frame and looked out, chatting away with Einstein sniffing away at the erstwhile trail of foot print smells. I had to laugh, and wished I had the video camera out!

until next time - Kiss the pigs for me xx

05-10-12, 04:42 pm
That is just downright adorable! I'm so glad Maximus and Einstein(will always be BumBum in my mind) are have a grand ol' time becoming a herd of 2!

07-03-12, 05:34 pm
Update on Maximus von Lichtenwalder and his pal BumBum

Hi everyone,

so we've moved yet again... and the piggies traveled fabulously in the wicker laundry basket.
We've set them up in the lounge where we can ensure it's warm enough through this cold winter. I've changed the abode only slightly, I'm using kitty litter in the pee areas of the cage and I cover this over with a good thick layer of soil. On top of the soil goes a thick layer of hay, I change the hay and pee spots every 4 days. If I leave it longer by half a day - I hear the first sneezes.

Around the sides I've piled the hay high and notice that they like to burrow into this. I'm bringing in picked long grass and insert the ends into a toilet paper roll which I wedge into the wire sides.
The stairway to heaven is unchanged - a sling over the alfresco dining platform where the corner cages cut back. I've sturdied this by putting a wood ramp under the sling between the two levels.

At the top of the second story I've slung a mohair blanket to keep the heat in. I chose mohair because it allows the air to move through it.

Most importantly the piglets adore this cage set up. It's really private. Difficult for us to see them doing stuff but wee man is also presenting more on the dining platform for cuddles and pick ups again...

Interestingly enough last night they did not pop out for floor time pick up. I wondered about this and then the island was shook by a 7 pointer earthquake. Pretty smart these wee people.

next time I'll write about the progress of BumBum's personality - it's peeking out like a tortoise from his shell. We think he'll be a serial "cuddlebum" I'm so glad to be able to access the site again. Even though this library lets me have 3 forum web pages before my allocation runs out...

Oh heck I nearly forgot, I've been asked to start the radio program so the piggie writings are being edited for it. It will be available on the net world wide. So not long now...

07-17-12, 08:41 pm
FIRST INJURY... BumBum's eye wound

Keeping everything about ones piggies in one place is such a good request that Teresa made! I wonder though if this will come to the attention of those who might help because the thread is still in introductions...? We'll see

BumBum eye was clouded over one morning. I had thought the eye looked a bit smaller the night before at cuddle time but it was not obvious. There was no lacrimation (tears) or other indication.

They eye looked completely blue/white. He held the lid as though closing the eye. I rang the vets after hours number and 4 numbers later I eventually got a human voice! The consultation fee to see a guinea pig in Masterton on a Sunday is $100, plus meds. Fortunately I had exactly the right eye medication in the fridge, and it was well within it's use by date. The lady told me how often to put the Conoptal in and what to watch for. She said that it was likely that they would do no different...

We put the antibiotic in every 3 hours and carefully opened the eyelid to see if there was something lodged in the eye. We gently felt around the eye as she had told us and we found nothing that felt wrong.

We kept up the medication the following day, as the eye looked better. I rang into the vets and they said to just keep up the dose schedule. If I saw anything that alarmed me I was to take him in immediately, but since there was still no swelling or lacrimation they would treat him no differently to what I was doing at home where he was not stressed.

On the 4th day the eye was back to blackish blue and looked a bit red in the black. At the lower part of the eyeball under the lid there looked to be a small swelling developing. We continued under veterinary advice and on the 5th day half a seed husk was stuck to his fur on the inner corner of the eye. There was a little bit of yellow exudate holding it on. They eye was much more black and open and the little swelling was not bigger. We continued to treat as per schedule and we noticed during this time a change in BumBum's nature. He was waiting for us to pick him up!

He settled immediately into Allan's arm and he was happy for me to treat him. After we put the conoptal in the eye he would just snuggle further into the arm and enjoy the patting.

He adores a scratch these days! The little swelling on the eye was flat on the 6th day, the eye was fully open and he was doing full zooms around the two levels of the abode. Pop-corning and squeeking for treats.

We are checking the eye and after two days break we gave one more treatment, as per instruction BumBum vigorously shook the medicine out his eye!

07-18-12, 12:18 am
So happy to hear that BumBum is healthy and happy once again! I'm eagerly awaiting for more adventure stories of your wee men!

08-29-12, 08:05 pm

It's icy, not snow ice - wet cold snow on the hills nearby kind of icy...

too cold for a pig - icy

you know the cold that inspires a pig to stick out his legs and try to climb the air when you attempt to put him down for floor time... the kind of cold that makes him back up to the updraft from the heater and sleep the deepest kind of sleep just there...

well it's that kind of cold here right now!

Maximus von Lichtenwalder is not a robust cavy. I think he was born to be an indoor heating sort. He feels the cold far more quickly and severely that BumBum who was born outside and lived outside for his first weeks on Earth.

BumBum a wily sort has a totally different fur coat too. His feet seem to have inbuilt sheepskin slippers - they just don't get as cold as Maximus von Lichtenwalders... ever!

This entire winter the boys have been willing to be put down on the floor a grand total of 10 times! And outside on the grass in the sunshine on still warm days - a total of 3! In 90 days of the season...

It seemed to be better when it was colder and our fire was burning away all day... the floor was not a problem to contemplate for them then... but now it's warmer and we have only a heater to top up the ambience the boys are refusing the floor... My hubby had his first experience of a piggie refusing to be put down 2 nights ago. We thought it was warm enough but NOPE! no way no how Maximus von Lichtenwalder refused outright.

BumBum avoided the question by burrowing his wee nose under my elbow.

The boys are well and I am longing for more days when they ask to go out and down to the floor for running and play.
xx I'll write again in a bit.

09-17-12, 09:18 pm
1st thing of concern...

Maximus von Lichtenwalder has a lip thing going on.... his top lips swell then split and get crusty. Not all the time. And in such a way that the vet does not know what is going on. She has given me some meds to put on it's for fungal infections, cut's and wounds it's HyperCal Lotion, not cream based. Like a dark liquid we put on with a q-tip. It definitely works but it's treating the symptom not the cause... Could it be diet related? Sometimes he gets a tiny amount of food stuck between his top teeth but it's not enough to spit his lips or make them crack.

Some days his lips are perfectly normal and then suddenly over night they change.

I thought it might be the soil I was putting over the kitty litter, so I stopped that, and I just put hay over it for a while. I was cleaning the cage every 4 days. Now I clean the hay from the house every day. It's made no difference...? The whole cage is cleaned still every 4 days and I spot poop clean every day...?

any Idea's?

10-11-12, 09:44 pm
Well it's sorted - that lip splitting condition that Maximums von Lichtenwalder has been suffering with for months...

when BumBum arrived, I decided based on forum preference to stop the oats and other grains in the wee lads diet...

It took about 3 weeks for Maximus von Lichtenwalder's lips to begin splitting. That was in early March. The vet and I thought it was something fungal or bacterial introduced by BumBum... but what it's turned out to be is lack of oats from his diet.

I put him back on oats 5 days ago and his lips started to show clear improvement 3 days later. Today his lips are absolutely perfect.

No wonder the medication wasn't working it was nutrient based !

Thank heavens my poor boy has a healed mouth and that he never has to suffer that! again.

11-28-12, 09:31 pm
And so we learn more as we go on... oats only do not work for Maximus von Lichtenwalder... the re-introduction to oats healed the cracked and split lips very quickly and for nearly two weeks. Then the top of the upper lip began to crack again!

I really scratched my head... but now I have re-introduced seeds, and yes the oils have been the key... he will not even attempt to eat a stripped black and white sunflower seed, but the all black ones he relishes. BumBum is the same in the use or non-use of sunflower seeds. I notice that they are now going for narrow leafed ribwort seeds, plantain minor, in the long grass outdoor area. And roses - gosh we Love roses... the new growth where everything is still soft and red, and the petals of some roses. It looks rather adorable to see them munching on a rose! (warning to the un-wary.... take all thorns off - especially the tiny ones!!)

The other most important event is that our dog Blue, has taken to guarding the guinea pigs enclosed outdoor area from neighbourhood cats! What a good dog! If I have to nip indoors he is stoic about staying out with the wee pigs!