View Full Version : Toys for young piggies

05-04-05, 03:17 pm
Hey everyone.

I have found a cheep toy for Piggie babies, under 3 mnths old. Pringle Tubes!!! they are 3.4 inches across, so once your piggie gets over 3 months old i wouldn't suggest it, incase they get stuck inside. But under 3 months old is ok cuz they fly right threw them:) its so fun to watch. First you have to wash them out and then cut off them bottem, check for edges, if their are none then they will have a field day with them. They are made with cardboard so they are safe, as far as i know. And they are a great starter for people saving up for PVC pipes.


05-04-05, 03:20 pm
Great idea! I never knew those PVC pipes cost that much - we went to a diy store and the small length ones were over 10 pounds!

05-04-05, 03:57 pm
I would like to stress again that you can ONLY use the pringle chip tubes for a short time, as they are NOT 4 inches across (thuus risking piggies getting stuck once they are to big). Please only use on Piggies 3 months old and YOUNGER!!!!!.

Having said that, Thank you. I just came to me today when i looked in the cage and the girls seemed bored with the pages and hide-e-holes. So i threw in the chip tubes, some fresh bags, fresh parsly and now they are going NUTS!!!!