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07-29-11, 01:49 am
Hello all! I have two pigs, and my husband and I built our very first c and c cage this week, thanks to this site!! We created a completely enclosed, two-level cage that is about 9 foot by 3 1/2 feet. They are so much happier!! I can't get them to use the ramp, but I noticed several people suggested draping fleece over it. How do you do that with an enclosed cage? My husband built the ramp in his shop (he is a carpenter), so it is a custom-made switchback ramp and climbing area is covered with sandpaper discs to increase traction and help with their nails. They are able to use the interior as a little hidey hole, too. It is pretty spiffy. . .if only I can get them to use it. He is currently working on a way to attach some sort of safety platform so it would be impossible for a pig to fall from one level. The sides are about 3 inches tall, and I fear that may not be enough. Any advice?? Thanks! This site was amazing to us; we had it open the entire time we were building, and I am so grateful.

07-29-11, 09:23 am
Hi and welcome ! I don't use a ramp, but others say to put treats on the second level so they have to go up to get it. One they do this, they'll get the hang of it. I had a temporary cage in the basement with a ramp and put treats on the ramp and then further up the ramp until they were finally on the top level. My sows finally got the hang of it and liked the second level, but it doesn't work for my upstairs cage. I think you are right that 3 inch walls might not be tall enough to be safe.

07-29-11, 09:25 am
Oh, P.S. I think you only get one thread for introductions, so tell us a little about your pigs ! The site has amazing info, as you have found out with the cage threads. Do check out the nutrition charts, etc. Great info there, too !

07-29-11, 02:11 pm
that's a nice looking cage - I bet they are happy in it. I had one pig who had difficulty getting the ramp thing down and I think that his cage mate showed him how to use it. Maybe place one on the middle bit of the switch back - and it will have to go either up or down - and hopefully figure it out.

07-29-11, 04:17 pm
You can temporarily cover the ramp by putting a soda can box over it, or by clipping fleece or towels to the top of the cage so that it covers the top and hangs down the front side. It doesn't need to be a permanent cover -- they'll figure it out pretty quickly.

Another thing that may help is to pick them up and put them on the top section, then put a few treats going down the ramp. Down seems to be easier for them than up.

07-29-11, 05:38 pm
Nice job!

As for covering the ramps - many people are successful taking grids and bending them into an upside down U and placing them over the ramps, then covering with fleece, a washcloth, etc.

You are right, 3" is not tall enough to keep piggies from falling off. You can always take grids and cut them, say, 3/4 height using tin snips and use grids as walls.

Would love to see photos of your cavies!

07-29-11, 05:57 pm
Thanks everyone!! I was so excited when I logged back in and saw the responses. I will take all of this great advice. . .after the hubby reinforces the sides. Now that I've heard input from experts, I want to make sure the sides are taller, and he wants to build something to separate the two "stairways" so even if by some weird accident they did get past the rails, it wouldn't be a drop. After we make it safe, I will use some more fleece. I love the idea of using more grids to create a top to the ramp. . .I think they would like the enclosed space, and it would be that much safer. I will get some pics up of my piggies tonight! To me, this is heaven. . .a place I can talk about and show pictures of my animals without people rolling their eyes! This site has been our lifesaver. I even found a local vet that clips their nails, files their teeth, and provided checkups for only $34 for both!! lol Thanks, everyone!! I'll keep ya posted on the ramp progress!!

07-29-11, 06:03 pm
The first one is Notorious P.I.G. He was a beautiful piggie, and we had to have him euthanized in the fall; he had cancer and wasn't responding to treatment. He was loved. . .The second one is Daisy. . .she just had a bath so my hubby is holding her and drying her. She is 2 and the friendliest little cavie I've ever seen. She "popcorns" all through her new c and c cage and loveesss watermelon!!

07-29-11, 09:01 pm
Great cage and adorable piggies! Sorry for the loss Notorious P.I.G. I love the way Daisy is looking up at your husband. Adorable! Welcome to the site. It is an awesome place for us GP fanatics.

08-11-11, 01:08 am
I was glad to read that also use sandpaper on your ramp. What grade is it - is it very sandy and grainy or is it the smooth kind? Have you noticed any signs of redness or soreness on their feet from using it? I haven't seen any sign at all on Maximus von Lichtenwalder's wee feet yet. I have only been fostering him for a month so it may be early days but I'm keen to learn from your experience of using it too.

I love your cage, your husband is very clever. My condolences on the loss of Notorious P.I.G - R.I.P dude.

Daisy is the epitome of a heartsnatching piglet in that photo!

Thanks for the thread!