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07-24-11, 04:44 pm
I think I found the right pig. Him and several others were found in a dumpster and a lady took them home and is caring for them now. He is under a year and very friendly. I will only be getting him for now but in the near future (hopefully), I will be getting him a buddy. I just need to convince my mom. I will be sure to post a picture as soon as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)

07-24-11, 05:22 pm
That's great! Pictures are definitely recommended!

07-24-11, 07:45 pm
Well, I got a picture not too long ago. Unfortunately, we called like 5 minutes too late and she gave him to someone else :( But I am going to keep looking for a piggy. Thanks for replying.

07-24-11, 09:00 pm
Aww thats so sad. I've had that happen a lot lately too.

Where have you been looking. Maybe if you post your zip code or city someone here might know of a rescue/shelter or ad some where near you. Do you know about Petfinder.com? Have you looked at the pet section on craigslist? Some of us know a lot of other places you can look. If you need help just ask.

Do you have a cage yet? How about supplies? Do you need any advise on what to get and things you will need???

07-24-11, 09:13 pm
I am constantly checking CraigsList, this site, PetFinder, my local shelters and just about every adoption website i can find. I have found some but they are things like breeders and shady people. I have emailed at least 10 people and all the ones that replied sold them before I could get back to them. :( Well if anyone can help- my area code is 78108. Anywhere in a 30 mile radius please.
I have a store bought cage and plan to attach it to a C&C cage that I am working on getting the supplies for. I only need to buy a few things because either the cage didn't come with it or the one that came with the cage isn't good enough. I don't need advise on things to get (thanks though) but I do need some advice on something else. I have talked to my parents countless times and sent them TONS of links about how GP's need a buddy and my mom is refusing to even think about it. I am worried because if I only get one pig I want it to have a buddy and be happy but I won't be able to do that. Any advice on ways to convince her or what to do to keep a lone pig as happy as possible without a 2nd pig? Thanks
Oh and I found someone on CraigsList just now that can't afford her pigs anymore and is selling them for $100 and includes 2 recently vet checked pigs, a C&C cage, food bowls, water bottle, and toy. I told my mom and she said she MIGHT think about it (the 2nd pig). THanks again :)

07-25-11, 01:02 am
Good luck getting the 2 piggies!! I'm sure you'll enjoy them, if you can afford it and are willing to give them the proper care they need they will be happy guinea pigs and it will bring a smile to your face and make you feel great - mine did that for me.

07-25-11, 10:13 am
Thanks. I just need to convince my mom that I need to get TWO pigs not one and then I will be OK. I don't think these ones will go as fast, though, because they are up there in price and I have noticed people go for the cheap ones. Thanks for replying. Hopefully I can get those pigs :)

07-25-11, 10:52 am
Good luck on your quest to find some little companions! You should ask them if they will take anything less for the whole thing. Never hurts to ask..

07-25-11, 11:09 am
The truth is that guinea pigs do need friends. It's not impossible to find a guinea pig that wants to be single (I have one right now who attacks all other guinea pigs and is really happy by herself), but your parents really need to be on board with the whole idea of the possibility of getting a pair. You want a guinea pig, you must attend to their every need. You already know that, though.

Can you sit down with both of your parents and explain to them the importance of meeting the social needs of a guinea pig? Ask them why they object to it, and see if you can reach a compromise or appease their qualms.

Here are some helpful links:
Guinea Pigs Social Life (http://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm)
Guinea Pig Companionship (http://jackiesguineapiggies.com/Companionship.html)

You could show them this adorable and happy herd on the guinea pig webcams at the bottom of the page: 3 Live Cavy Web Cams and Blog, Guinea Pig Website - Happy Cavy (http://www.happycavy.com/). They're really too cute to ignore.

Good luck! I understand your situation and wish you the best of luck.

07-25-11, 11:48 am
Good luck on your quest to find some little companions! You should ask them if they will take anything less for the whole thing. Never hurts to ask.. I was planning to haggle the price but when I emailed it said the ad was no longer available (just my luck). BUT i found an ad just like it but for either $40 just the pigs or $80 for pigs and C&C cage. I emailed and I just need my get my dad to help me convince my mom about the 2 pigs.
I have sat down with them and told them about it. My dad doesn't have a problem but like I said it all falls on my mom. Hopefully/most likely I will be able to get them. THanks for the help it is greatly appreciated. :)

07-26-11, 07:57 am
I know exactly what you mean, I, too am trying to convince my parents to allow a second guinea pig. They seem to think that I am bored of my single bog Squint who I got at the end of January, but I truly love him to death and hate seeing him alone and bored all day. One of my friends aunt works at a shelter that recently got a bunch of piggies that definatly need a loving home. I found the perfect match for Squint, another male guinea pig who is 4 months old. Now all I need is the okay before I can buy him! Somehow I have gotten my dad to come with me to go see him and I'm hoping that means I can probably get him!! I'm going to check out the sites posted above, but any persuasive reasoning would also be appreciated!

07-26-11, 09:28 am
My dad convinced my mom for me. She said no but talk to your father. I did that and she (even though she wasn't too happy about it) went along with it. I am picking my boys up saturday. If you check my newest thread it talks about them. Good Luck I know my mom will warm up to them eventually