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07-21-11, 10:38 am
Since I've been posting a lot lately I thought I would do a reintroduction of my pigs.

Let start with Romeo and Pixie. Romeo is my most recent pig. He was being given away from a lovely woman who had the right cage, diet and basically everything money can give pigs, but she traveled so much he never got much snuggle love. He was neutered to be housed with two females but I just could not find room for. He has been with us over a month now and LOVES his three ladies.

Pixie is the daughter of Clover and next month will be 2 years old. Shes a sweet little thing, always giving a kiss or snuggle to anyone who needs it.


Next we have Clover and Eve. Clover was one of my first guinea pigs. Her life started out in a pet store, she was bought by someone for their kids but with in a few days was brought back to the store. She had a broken leg and head trauma. After an operation and TLC she was deemed unfit to sell and I adopted her (I paid nothing and her paper work does say adoption). I would never do that again and haven't since. She is my Princess, many of her photos show it too.

Eve is the first pig I adopted from the SPCA. She had mites when I got her and her age was unknown. The vets there are not cavy savvy and put her age at 1.5 years old. A visit to my very cavy savvy vet changed her age to about 4. Why? Well she has cataracts and arthritis, what 1.5 year old has that? She is now coming on 6 years old give or take. We've had her two wonderful years and I hope at least one more.


Reko and Mojo are my manly boars. They have their own 2x6 cage below the other 4's 2x6 cage. Reko was adopted last Feb. His coloring was what drew me to him. We all know we have one of those coloring loves. Some people its blacks, others himalayans. I have two, a silver agouti and a skinny. Reko is my butterball baby though. He is only 7 months old and 1000+ grams. I simply adore him. We adopted him from the SPCA last Feb.

Mojo is my true baby. He is the son of Clover and brother to Pixie. When he was only 4 weeks old he was adopted out to my mom and sister. But last October my mom sent him back because my sister did not spend enough time with him. He was a lone pig for many months as we could not decide, get him neutered or get him a pal. Turned out getting him a pal was just what he needed.


Well those are my babies.

*EDIT: Tried to resize the photos but the aren't doing what I tell them.*

07-21-11, 11:09 am
They are all beautiful. I can tell that you love them all very much

07-21-11, 11:11 am
You have some extremely adorable little piggies. I love the Silver Agouti! They look very well-pampered. :)

07-21-11, 11:12 am
Very well pampered is one way to put it. I don't know where I would be without my pigs.