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07-19-11, 11:09 am
Here is some places I get good pellets and hay in (well around) Edmonton.


G& E Pharmacy sells oxbow pellets at an amazing price. They are located at:

7326 82 AVE (Also known as Whyte Ave)

I have ordered 50lbs of oxbow for $65 from them in the past.


As any Edmonton piggie owner will know buying hay in Edmonton can be a challenge. Half the time the hay isn't that great. I buy my hay from a farmer about 30 mins outside Edmonton. She usually gets 2nd cut hay in the fall. You have MANY choices with her. Timothy, Meadow Grass, and Timothy/Alfalfa mixes (different levels of mixture). Her prices are AMAZING and the hay smells, feels and looks wonderful. They have a site:
http://www.feedneeds.com/ (http://www.feedneeds.com/Wood_Shavings.html)

Here is a photo of the 2nd cut hay I bought last fall:

Even the stems that you see are super soft and my pigs eat everything.

Oh and they also started to carry spruce pine shavings for those who use those. I personally only use shavings for my mouse.

Hope this helps some people in Edmonton.

07-19-11, 12:41 pm
This is a side note and correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't pine shavings detrimental to guinea pigs' respiratory systems?

07-19-11, 01:21 pm
Many people use them, the tip that I have heard is that airing them out for 24 hours cuts down the risk.

Edit: I wanted to add that Cedar is the lethal stuff that should ALWAYS be avoided.