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07-18-11, 11:59 am
Hi all, I used to be a member here many years ago when I had my first pigs. I remember having come here for advice because one of the females we had adopted turned out to be way too pregnant for an e-spay. One good thing came from that whole exprience though, I learned about e-spays and was able to pass along the info to many others [the babies all went to great homes].

So, on to what brings me back! Last weekend I had a pig dumped on my door step. Literally. A friend of mine and I used to do dog rescue, in doing so, we ended up rescuing a lot of other pets (oddly enough, never any guinea pigs though! - Until now) from rabbits to birds to the odd cat here and there. Now apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to leave a poor little guinea pig on my porch. And apparently, I am a sucker. Not only could I find this guy a good home, but I am darn good (if I may toot my own horn) at it because I'm so picky... In other words, he found a good home... hes staying lol.

I have called him Meepit and hes already earned a place in our heart. I missed having these little mini composters around!! Now all I have left to do is convince the husband that Meepit needs a Feepit.

07-18-11, 12:47 pm
Is it safe to assume that by "feebit" you DON'T mean female?

07-18-11, 12:56 pm
Feepit would mean another guinea pig. Considering my past experiences with them, definitely not interested in having any more babies around the house, so yes it is a male lol.

Thanks for the welcome :)

07-18-11, 01:04 pm
Welcome back Meepit! I'm rather new here myself but its good to see old members returning, I think the little guys so cute!

07-18-11, 01:13 pm
Thank you!! Hes really a doll!! He is very shy, but once he comes around hes got such a neat little personality. I'm going to bide my time and bond with him while convincing the hubby lol, apparently the moronic people who dumped him on my porch didn't bother to think that he needed to be socialized!!

07-18-11, 07:43 pm
Hello and WELCOME Meepit !! :)

So glad to have you back ! How awesome that you rescue animals ! Meepit is so adorable ! I have two lovely girls, ( 7-7 1/2 mos.) Cuddles and Buttercup. How long ago were you a member here ?

07-18-11, 08:21 pm
What a cutie! I'd have kept him, too.......