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05-03-05, 02:49 pm
do any of your bunny live outside? my guinea pig used to but i decided to move him inside. now i have bought a large outdoor cage but my rabbit has never lived outside and now im worried. what if he gets cold or something?

05-03-05, 02:55 pm
Don't suddenly put him outside if he has lived inside all the time. Introduce him to outdoor life gradually, by putting him in the hutch for, say 5 minutes longer each day. Preferably, have him inside, but if this is in no way possible, even in a safe garage or shed, then do it slowly and gently, nothing too dramatic for your bun. As for the cold, this can be prevented by having hidey houses, and lots of hay and straw in the hutch. Something cosy would also be an idea. I'm no expert, but this seems like some sort of answer to your question :)

05-03-05, 03:00 pm
do you think if i put him in a shed he would be alright and thank you for your help. i just dont want him with my pig.

05-03-05, 03:16 pm
Why can't he live inside? Rabbits are much happier living indoors as they get more attention, interaction, and they don't have to deal with bad weather or predators.

05-03-05, 04:17 pm
I keep all my rabbits outside and they get on fine with it. Since your rabbit is not currently living outside as cavy-cool-crazy said you will have to introduce the outside to him gradually.. Rabbits suffer from stress very easily so it has to be done carefully.

I personally think that my rabbits LOVE being outside. Because they are already used to the weather they can go out more than if they lived inside. Everyday they get to run around the garden for 5-6hours each. They get the same amount of affection as my indoor g-pigs do. Since you live in the London I doubt there are many predators to worry about. But I will still advise keeping him in a shed in a well protected cage.

05-04-05, 08:48 am
bunnyluv17 i bought a outdoor cage and i am building my cc cage so this is only in the summer time so my g-pig andd bunny are seperate