View Full Version : Introducing Milton!

07-01-11, 09:27 pm
I finally have pictures of Milton.




He's in momma's hands in the last picture.

I'm pretty much in love with him and am pampering him everyday. I find that this is an influential time for him, and I intend on turning him into a lap pig. He is always content when in my arms and rarely squirms. I've also started him on veggies and fruits. I've tried carrots and celery with success.

I'm excited for him to grow up, but then again a little sad because he is extremely cute right now. I'm sure he still will be cute later on, but it's cute to watch him jump in his food dish with his butt hanging out while he is eating.

Also, he isn't stinky. I actually like the smell of him. I sometimes sniff his hair. Along with his smell, he has very good manners. He will be quiet when I want him to be (especially when I go to bed). When the lights go out, he takes a few swigs of water from his bottle and then will go to his little bed in his house.

...I should stop blabbering. Long story short, I LOVE HIM! And I think I'm hooked on guinea pigs.

07-01-11, 09:52 pm
Oh my goodness, he is so cute!!!

07-02-11, 01:57 am
What a sweet piggy, Congrats! Every time I turn out the lights my girls start to bicker and yell. Which mean little sleep for me. :crazy:

07-02-11, 01:39 pm
He thanks you for your compliments. :)

Are they bickering over which side of the bed they are to sleep on? ;)

07-02-11, 04:43 pm
He is very cute! Henry smells good too.. weird, I think.

07-02-11, 04:51 pm
lol Actually which side of the bed is probably the source of the squabble. I have little cuddle cup/couches that they like to lay on and there isn't enough room on them for all of the piggies. :eye-poppi How do you get them to smell good? All my girls smell fine but I also have a long haired male and he always stinks! His hair get oily and stinky but I don't want to bath him too much because i've heard its drying to their skin. If thats the case he will only get worse. :yuck:

07-03-11, 11:28 am
He just came that way? He smells sweet and nutty and warm, My parents have a cat that smells good too- almost like he's wearing perfume. They have a dog that smells really really bad..

07-03-11, 07:12 pm
He looks very cute!