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06-29-11, 09:27 pm
Hey, everybody! My name is Frank. I'm a 19 year old male that lives in Pennsylvania. My guinea pig is Cobaya (Pronounced: Co - Bye- a), a one year old half blind male. Cobaya, in Spanish, apparently means Guinea Pig. I'm creative with names. . I had actually JUST moved to here in Pennsylvania. I grew up in Arizona, where I got Cobaya. I had rescued him from Petsmart.

The local Petsmart has what is called a "1 cent Adoption." All these pets are "problem" pets. They are pets that are either to old, WERE sick but now healthy, injured, and ect. All these pets will be put down. Killed. My hamster had gotten sicked and sadly died. So, I went back to rescue another one. I knew the lady and she mentioned about a half blind guinea pig that came with a cage and everything. WHen I first met him, I fell in love. He was about to be put down soon and was completely blind in his left eye. Along with that, he has major balance issues. So, I took him home and had him ever since.

Then, due to some stupid family issues and me still living with my mom, we had to move. Though, things didn't go as planned and our current living situation is.....hard. We moved into my uncles (My Grandmother's second house actually) and he TRASHED this house. Now we have to clean it up.If you ever seen or heard of the show Hoarders, that basically sums this house up. 6 people, 2 dogs, 1 guinea pig to a small two bedroom (actually 3. The 3rd is currently unlivable) trailer does not go well. We might move again, might now. So, he sadly has to stay in his pet store cage (mets the requirements though) until i move out. I have to save up money for, if it goes as planned, for about a year. I should have $12000 then plan to move to either Los Angeles or Las Vegas to go to college and find a job. And my little man is going to go with me. :)

Meet my little man, Cobaya!

(Long bio is long. :p)

06-30-11, 02:00 am
He is soo Cute! lol Its really good that you saved him. That is kind of really frustrating that he was considered a 'problem' pet. I mean really, we don't go around killing disabled and old people... Sorry, a rant for another day I suppose. Anyway, Welcome to the site! If you have any question feel free to ask. :cheerful:

06-30-11, 02:55 pm
Thank you. :) I love my little man. Once i get a permanent place to live, I would like to get him a buddy. But, I'm just worried they will fight. And it is a shame. In a way, i don't consider it as "adopting a pet store pet" because I really did rescue him and all. Its stupid that he was considered it. I don't know if all Petsmarts do that or not. And they don't advertise it. The lady I know doesn't consider them "problem pets". Shes a super cool lady.

Its okay about the ran. :) And thank you! I'm just trying to figure out how everything runs and such.