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05-02-05, 10:06 pm
I am currently in the process of making myself a cavy cage... and i got the great idea that maybe you could make a bird cage using the same idea!! so maybe you guys can help me... i would need....

A stronger cage, possibly thicker bars - The bars used in cavy cages are 1/16th inch, probally something in the 1/8th-1/4 inch range...

Smaller spacings - Birds heads can easily get stuck in 1 1/2 inch gaps for guineas... need under 1"

Stronger clips - a larger bird could easily break plastic or wire ties....

A large bird cage... say 4ftw, by 5fth, by 3ftd would cost around 300-400 dollars... so even if expenses are alittle less then that.. things would work..

Let me know if u have any ideas!!!


05-03-05, 05:01 am
It would depend on the size of the bird. If you got the white or black regular grids (with 1" square openings) you could double grid to make smaller openings.

05-03-05, 09:46 am
You could get the mesh grids floating around here somewhere.

05-03-05, 12:42 pm
I have never seen the mesh grids in person so I can’t really say if this is true or not but if the wholes in the mesh grids are as small as they look I would not suggest it because 1. They could not climb very easily and 2. There toes could get stuck depending on the size of the bird. I think the cubes with smaller wholes would be better than the mesh ones.

05-03-05, 01:11 pm
I wouldn't know. I never had a bird. I was just throwing around ideas. But wouldn't the grids lith smaller holes have weaker wire? DrowningxInxAir wanted strong wire.

05-03-05, 01:43 pm
I was thinking the grids like this http://www.cavycages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=537&password=&sort=1&cat=531&page=2
I don't know what kind of bird she has so it is kind of hard to tell if these girds would work. I have a cockatiel; I don’t have a c&c cage for him though. The mesh would make it very hard for larger birds to climb and the smaller birds could get their feet stuck :(

05-04-05, 07:07 am
First... she is not a she... it's a he... thank you...

The smaller bars look like they would work very well... and the seem alittle thicker then what i have for my c&c... mine are 1/16th inch.. those look like 1/8th inch, or something inbetween...

I'm not sure what kind of bird i'm going to be getting.... possibly a sun conure, or possibly an eclectus... it depends how much i want to spend... if i get an eclectus, i may not build my own cage... all i need is to kill a 1,500$ bird b/c my cage malfunctions.... -.-;;