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06-25-11, 05:38 am
Ok so I know that their is a debat of whether or not it's better to keep rabbits on wires, what's your opinions? My friend wants to get a rabbit, she says its bad for the rabbit to be on "solid ground, all the time" So basicly she's going to do the same thing she does with her pigs. Petstore cages :weepy:.

Also I've been wanting a rabbit for a while now, infact I'm saving up for one ($60 so far, its a start) I know the basic care but I want some other info, what your rabbit does.
1. So the rabbit will stay in my room the only problem I have with that Is I have wooden baseboards (Is that what you call them?) and a wooden bed stand. Will she/he chew on it if she doesn't have enough toys to chew?

2.Should I get 2 rabbits or 1?

3.Male or female (they will be fixed, my shelter fixes every animal they recieve withen a week)?

4.Also how much did it cost you the first month you got your rabbit and how much does it cost for you to keep it? I will buy the hay from my barn (Equestion barn, so horse hay) so that will cut down the price a little.

Sorry for so many questions!

06-25-11, 07:51 am
Never keep your rabbits on wire. Every rabbit I have ever seen kept on wire for an extended period of time has had sore hocks. Sore hocks can get so bad that infection can reach the bone, requring amputation of the leg or legs. I would suggest your friend not get a rabbit. She obviously is not taking care of, or properly researched, the pigs she has if they are kept in pet store cages, so she should not get even more pets. If she is determinded to get one, have her look at his page: FAQ: Housing (http://www.rabbit.org/faq/sections/housing.html#wire) and read through the HRS website for more info. You can also have her look at the "cages for other pets" section of Guinea Pig Cages for more ideas.

As for your questions, I am so glad you are researching and saving up first! It will really pay off.
1) I have known rabbits who have plenty of toys and hay and wonderful things to do that still chew baseboards. While the toys and other things will deter some rabbits, it really depends on their personality (an example being pigs that will chew the coro on their cages even though they have plenty of other stimulation). I would suggest picking a bun or buns that have lived in a home setting, even if for a short period, so you can ask the foster home if they were chewers. If you do adopt a bun who thinks baseboards are just too yummy to resist, you can try rubbing ivory soap on wherever they are chewing. Some people have also used bitter apple spay with success, but some rabbits think that is even tastier than the wood alone! You can also try blocking off the area with grids or plastic coverings they have at hardware stores. I went to the extreame with mine and removed all my baseboards and replaced them with rubber baseboard.

2) Rabbits, like pigs, usually do best in pairs. It would be wonderful if you could find an already bonded pair to adopt. They get overlooked a lot and are very hard to adopt out. I have found most people that want a pair want to bond two rabbits they want, and not adopt one that is already bonded, making it even harder to find homes for the already bonded pairs.

3) If you are getting already bonded buns, you won't have to worry about the male/female aspect. If you are getting two seperate buns with intent on bonding them, I would suggest trying male/female speed dates first, then try same sex. As far as persaonlity, I havn't noticed any generalizations you can make about sex. It really does depend on the individual rabbit.

4) I paid $75 to fix each of my buns (at a low cost clinic). Luckly, you will get them already fixed. It was about $100 to build the cage (if you are going to do an x-pen, you can find them on CL for very cheap), $10 for a bag of Oxbow pellets, $50 for bowls, toys, blankets, litter pans, etc. $5 for a large bag of Equine Pine and $15 for a bale of hay.

I always tell everyone that this website: Rabbit Care (http://www.rabbit.org/care/index.html) is the bible of bunny knowledge. Read through it and you will have a good grasp on the care, and what it will be like, to live with a house rabbit :) Good luck on finding some bunny to love!

06-25-11, 08:30 am
Cavycrazy Very good info thanks very much! There are two bonded rabbit pairs on petfinders. Both fron the same shelter so I can check both of them out. Once again great info!