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05-02-05, 01:21 pm
I think I am just going to blow!! Could somebody please give me a reply to this utter sh**

I agree. I care about animals more than anyone I know but I still eat meat. That doesn't make me a cruel person, anymore than eating vegetables makes you a cruel person (Because ya know, plants are alive too. How do YOU know they don't have feelings?)

Please, I can't stand all the pathetic arguments that have been raised against me. I just need a really good, sensible, detailed answer to this

05-02-05, 01:26 pm
Plants don't have a brain or a central nervous system. They really can't have feelings at a physical level. Maybe at the spiritual level, but I would like to think they have come to terms with being eaten by almost everything by now. We have been long past the stage where plants ruled the planet.

05-02-05, 01:45 pm
Thank you

05-02-05, 01:47 pm
Your very welcome. Would you like some fries with that? :P

05-02-05, 01:51 pm
he he, no thanks, I'm on a diet!

How can somebody say that they love animals, yet the continue to eat them? I think this question is going to baffle me for years!

05-02-05, 01:55 pm
Let's just rephrase that - I'm not on a proper diet, it's more healthy eating.

05-02-05, 02:06 pm
OK, would you like a baked potato with that? :P

I'm kinda that way to right now Piglet, but it only seems to work when I'm at home or work. When I go out to eat it seems like all my "eat healthy" thoughts go out the window. The only thing I won't eat at the restuarant is meat. It seems being vegitarian is the only diet I can keep 0.o

05-03-05, 03:18 pm
people who love animals should not eat them. so whoever said that needs to no she is wrong. i love animals and i stick to that by being a vegitarian. (3 years next month), mind you it wasnt hard to give up my mums not a good cook.

05-11-05, 11:53 am
Piglet, tell him/her that plants "want" to be eaten because it's how they spread their seed. Animals eat them and poop them out and spread the seed. In this way more plants are produced than the one that was eaten. I hate that argument too. I have never interacted with a plant on the level I have my dog and my guinea pigs and my cats and you know what? I doubt a pig or little ducky would be any different, I'd love a pet pig. Some people are just so ignorant, that's like a five year old's argument. I feel your frustration.

06-18-05, 09:16 am
For me , piglet it's not about not eating meat, (because I was doing really well last ime... I went for about two months) but I was getting stomach cramps, acheness, gas. I then found out it was because of the balance of iron, vitamins, minerals, protein etc.

06-18-05, 09:24 am
CaviesRDABest, you were not eating right as a vegetarian. The stomach cramps makes little sense to me. The complaint I hear most from recently converted vegetarians is tiredness, not cramps and gas. MAny people who have eaten meat their entire life do not know how to supplement correctly without meat. I really can't think of a single instance where a person could not be a vegetarian. Even people who have had most of their intestines removed and have very little digestive power (fiber) can do it if they cook their veggies differently.

If being vegetarian is an important cause to you, I would reevalute your vegetarian diet. Possibly go see a nutritionist that is for vegetarianism to help with the proten and vitamin issue. Most nutritionist I have met are for vegetarians; however, I have met one that was not.

06-18-05, 09:26 am
Thanks, Kalkrik - your a cool guy!

06-18-05, 09:26 am
or girl (presuming something is never a good idea boys and girls!)

06-18-05, 09:48 am
Did you eat alot of dairy/eggs? If so that might have lead to cramps, bloating and gas. I can't digest eggs and I have to limit my dairy.

06-18-05, 04:00 pm
You cant love something yet eat it.

I dont eat my mom or my pet guinea pigs, do I?

End of story.

06-28-05, 06:19 pm
Piglet was that from the other forum? I think I replied with saying, something like, "You need a brain to feel pain. Plants don't have brains, if they had a brain, scientists would have found it by now. No brain, no pain, end of story."

07-05-05, 08:43 am
ok, i think i have found a good answer to this. from what piglet said at the beginning (sp?), most plants, (if they have some sort of thoughts, feelings, whatever) would LIKE to be eaten! for example. on the island where there were dodo birds, (i forgot the name) there was a plant that the dodo birds ate. the seeds in that plant had a protective shell so the seed couldnt get harmed. BUT the seed inside the shell couldnt grow through it. the dodo birds would eat the plants, digest the outside shell and poop out the seeds. the seeds could grow after that with no shell. thus, the dodo had food, and it kept an entire species of that plant alive. of course, the dodo isnt alive today, and that kind of plant is extinct with it.

so eating the plants is distributing the seeds through your nutrient rich poop! soooooo the plants most likely, if they even have thoughts, feelings or emotions at all, would like to be eaten. and if you dont like that, you can always just pretend that the plants are suicidel and your doing them a favor! (sorry if that kind of sounded like sort of jerk humor, but its just a way of dealing with it..)