View Full Version : cubes on sale at K-mart

01-13-03, 10:13 am
Went looking for cubes yesterday, adopted 2 piggies from the humane society, xmas gifts are coming in :| and found them at our local K-mart, SW WA on sale for 12.99, regular 19.99. They are 15x15

Peggy IL
01-13-03, 02:28 pm
I found the same deal at our local K-Mart. I don't have my piggies yet, but when I get them they are going to be sooooo happy to have a nice large home!

And I have to give a special thanks to my hubby. He had no problem with giving up his half of our bedroom (a central room and more like a family room) for the cavy cage. What a great guy he is! He's gonna make a great guinea pig dad. :evil: