View Full Version : Tracking the Cubes Down (UK)

05-02-05, 12:41 pm
For the love of God.

Help me find some of the wire cubing system in the UK.


Slap Maxwell
05-02-05, 01:05 pm
I think Kleenze has them.


05-02-05, 05:46 pm
I think an alternative way to search in the UK is by searching "store fixtures" instead of grids or cubes or storage, because "store displays" or "store fixtures" yields more results. If the grids are available in the size we use here, they are usually listed as a "grid panel" - you just have to find the 14x14 or 35cm x 35cm. (They come in long pieces too) You usually have to purchase the connectors separately, but most of the store fixture companies sell the plastic connectors as well.

The following seems to be an incredibly huge listing of "store fixture" companies. I'm not sure if they're ALL in UK, but a lot are.
http://www.englishforum.com/cgi-bin/web/directory.pl?base=%2FBusiness%2FRetail_Trade%2FSto re_Fixtures%2F

05-04-05, 03:53 am
Thanks for the help guys.

I've ordered a Kleeneze catalogue so I'll have a look through that.

I would have thought someone would be selling them on ebay. But no joy. The US distributors on ebay will only post to the US.

My search continues...

05-04-05, 05:01 am
I've seen the ones in the Kleeneze catalogue and you only get 13 cube grids for £20.

05-09-05, 11:24 am
I dont know if you have one of these near you but I found some in a cash and carry place called costco. My nearest was edinburgh.

05-12-05, 04:02 am
Could you please tell me How much were they in costoco and what are they called i rang them up tryed to explain to them what they were like but the dident understand

05-12-05, 04:28 am
it was a long time ago, but they should be storage cubes, they were about £10 a pack I think