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06-17-11, 06:44 pm
Hello! I am new to the forum and still new to guinea pigs but so far I have been loving both very much. This forum has been very helpful and informative. I recently purchased a male guinea pig about 8 months ago who is named Fernando and has black, white and brown colorings. He was and is still a bit shy, but I have noticed recently he is really starting to warm up to me and other people who stop by to pet and coo at the adorable little rascal.

Unfortunately, I think he might be a little lonely and I am seriously considering getting another guinea pig with hopes that the two will be able to pal around together. Reading this forum and others, my next guinea pig will not be coming from the pet store as my first one, now that I know how many of these cute, misunderstood little creature are given up for adoption and I also know there are no guarantees that the two will get along. I'm not sure if this is this thread is the right place to ask for advice on that matter, so I will probably post a new thread in one of the other categories.

Right now I have 2x3 C&C cage for Fernando, who I think really enjoys his bigger cage! I recently went on vacation and had to drop Fernando off at my sister's in a smaller cage and noticed right away how happy he was to be back in his Rancho Deluxo!
I am continually amazed and how clever and animated guinea pigs are! He has a treat ball that he loves and it did not take him long to figure it out. I'm thinking I have to devise more tricky little tasks like that for him to work on. I guess I'll have to post that question too! ;)

Thanks for this great forum and for letting my ramble on. Looking forward to sharing and conversing about guinea pigs!
New Cavy Slave, Ecogirl and her master Fernando! :)

06-17-11, 09:55 pm
Welcome and I'm glad Fernando loves his new cage.

I'm not sure if there are any rescues near you but also check Craigslist. And quarantine the new guy 3 weeks away from Fernando.

06-18-11, 08:12 am
Welcome! Glad you're looking into adopting.

Fernando's markings remind me of my boy Cletus!


06-18-11, 01:28 pm
Hi! I'm in Edgerton and have 2 sweet little girls.