View Full Version : 4x8 inch coroplast? Huh?? Explanation please.

06-14-11, 10:29 am
Okay, so I've been seeing places online selling small pieces of coroplast. How does that work? If I am trying to make a 2x4 or 2x5 how would these small pieces work? People tape these up?

06-14-11, 10:57 am
Are you sure they are inches? Because 4ftx8ft is a common sheet size. I bet they are the larger sheets.
If it is a smaller piece, my guess is that they would be used for signs of some sort-that is the main use of coroplast-not piggie cages ;)

06-14-11, 11:00 am
Ahhh that would make better sense.. Lol.. I'm going to go recheck. Tx