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01-24-03, 08:26 am
Can I keep my guinea pig in an aquarium or do I have to have the cube cages as shown on this site? I have 3 hamsters and I keep two of them in a tank and 1 in a plastic tub with holes drilled in the top. Could I do that with a guinea pig? By the way, I would be getting it out often throughout the day and playing with him/her.

Briana D
01-24-03, 10:02 am
You shouldn't keep any animal in an aquarium except fish and maybe some reptiles.

Aquariums provide absolutely not circulation on air. Not to mention there is no aquarium that is reasonably priced that is the proper size for a guinea pig.

No one is going to make you house your guinea pig in a cubes and coroplast cage. Although if you are concerned about the happiness and well-being of you pig you would house them in a cubes and coroplast cage.

You may want to concentrate on getting your current animals in better habitats before taking on another animal.

Please make sure you read on guinea pigs or any animal before making the commitment of taking care of it. Cavy Spirit (www.cavyspirit.com) and Guinea Lynx (www.guinealynx.info/) (http://www.guinealynx.info/)) are best places to start.

Research all you can about any animal you may consider taking in. It is the reasonable thing to do and your future pet deserves a chance at a good life.