View Full Version : has to be Coroplast?

02-07-03, 04:03 pm
I want to make my own cage for my piggy but i dont have much money only about 30 dollars....i was planning on getting the cude things but is there another cheeper i can use in place of the Coroplast? like maybe cardboard or something?? please help!

Ginni and Zoey
02-07-03, 05:02 pm
i would say cardboard would not be good beacuse when they go to the bathroom it will get wet and it would start smelling. also i got a huge sheet of coroplast for 10.00 also the cubes where 20.00 thats only 30.00 with taxs but thats is just what i think. also with card board it would be easyer for them to chew and eat it then you will have to get more anyways

02-07-03, 06:52 pm
where did u get the cubes and coroplast??

02-08-03, 09:10 am
I didn't use coloplast as it's expensive here and as I cannot drive is difficult to transport in the sizes I needed. I bought a sheet of tarpaling (£2) and fitted it into the bottom of cage with sides like the coloplast would be (used cable ties to hold it up) then I bought some sticky backed tiles from a diy shop (£2 for 6 tiles) and put them on top of the tarpaling. They can be pulled up if you stick it wrong because it's plastic and can be cut with scissors to any shape you need. I can just sweep it and even wipe up any wet bits I see. On my second and third level I did the same but put a piece of hardboard under the tarpaling first the make a solid base.
I keep meaning to put some pic son my site, but I can email them to anyone who'd like to see it.

Cardboard would soon get soaked and be smelly. I know some people use towels and then just wash them.

02-08-03, 09:12 am
try sign shops for coloplast.
Here ( uk), pound stretcher, homebase and index sell cubes

02-08-03, 11:17 am
If you get creative, you could also try finding cheap scraps of linoleum, although it doens't work as well.