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05-18-11, 12:40 pm

I'm a brand-newbie to the site (but not to piggies; I had my first for 4 1/2 years). I just got my two girls last week, and while searching for way to take good care of them, stumbled across you guys.

Thanks to some research about them doing better in pairs, I got my other girl, Gwen, so my Sophie had a buddy (they're sisters from the same litter). However, I didn't discover the good information about cages until after their pet store cage had been bought and put to use.

I've read about the C&C cages, and I'm not certain if my parents will go for that, or even where to find the supplies (I'd appreciate suggestions on where to find !). However, while doing an Amazon search, I came across this:
www.amazon.com/Midwest-Homes-for-Pets-171GH/dp/B001NJ0DPY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1305742206&sr=8-1 (http://www.amazon.com/Midwest-Homes-for-Pets-171GH/dp/B001NJ0DPY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1305742206&sr=8-1)

It's 47X24X14 (8 square feet, which is .5 more than the minimum recommended). I know you guys swear by C&C cages, but would you consider this a viable alternative? My cage right now is 27X14 (I think...), and I feel so bad that the two of them are squished! (I had bought it thinking that there would only be one pig in it, and that she is small for now; now I have the knowledge AND another piggie!)

To be less depressing, here's a shot of my girls in their little sofa thing: Gwen is the chocolate and white, Sophie is the redish-brown and white. :)
http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m299/gncurrier/DSC01760.jpg (http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m299/gncurrier/DSC01760.jpg)

05-18-11, 02:11 pm
Hi! Welcome to the site! That cage looks good to me!
Your piggies are adorable. I love their little pink noses.

05-18-11, 07:59 pm
Have you asked your parents about building a C&C? Even though 7.5 sq. ft. is the minimum for 2 sows, bigger is better. You could build a 2x4 for roughly the same cost as that cage on amazon.

05-18-11, 08:17 pm
I used that cage before I got my C&C cage.
It's OK, but the C&C is much easier to clean and sturdier.
The MW cage has a canvas bottom and stuff gets caught between the bars and canvas along the bottom, not terrible, but a pain to shake out and clean.
If you ever get pee on the canvas, big pain to clean up.

The coroplast is so much easier to wipe up and the grids are sturdier than the wire frame of the MW cage.

If you didn't have coroplast and grids available at all, this would be the only alternative if you had to buy a cage. But for the price, make one yourself and you'll be happier I think.

05-18-11, 08:51 pm
I've shown my dad some of the literature on C&C cages, and I think that
1.) He doesn't want the work (assuming, probably correctly, that I'll come begging for assistance and he'll pretty much get roped into making it himself ;))
2.) Doesn't trust it, whether that means doesn't trust that it works, or doesn't trust something I make to be stable/secure.

One of the things is, too, I'm in college, and when I go back in the fall, my girls will have to stay at home (no pets in the dorms), and Mom and Dad will be caring for them during the week. (my school is half and hour away, but I live in the dorms during the school year and come home most weekends). I think some of the being against the C&C's is that he doesn't want to deal with the windfall if indeed the cage would break or something (not that I think it would, seeing all the pictures on here!)

I'm just attempting to make sure that my girls get the best care I can give them, while balancing respecting that my parents aren't obessed with pigs, and don't want their care to take over and control their lives.

I'll keep working the C&C angle, but if he doesn't agree, I will be purchasing this cage, at leats to get them out of the pet store one for now, and hopefully I'll be able to get an off-campus apartment my junior year, and be able to have them with me, and then I can build them as big a cage as I can (or just let them roam around as they wish! :))

05-18-11, 09:12 pm
If your parents will be cleaning up the cage in the fall-they will definitely want the C&C cage then! It really is easier to clean than the MW cage. The canvas bottom is just fabric, not rigid like the coroplast. That means they couldn't move it around at all or the whole thing would collapse-trust me my DD did this once. Luckily, no pigs were in it ;) C&C is 10x sturdier!

Show them pics here of all the great cages. They are impressive.

05-18-11, 10:24 pm
I've had the coroplast for this cage for almost a year. The only reason I changed it was because I made it bigger. That was in July. The one before that I had a couple years. Usually the only thing that breaks is sometimes the packing tape comes off. Just retape.

There are great directions on the homepage and also on YouTube. That's what I used and if I can do it anybody can. Just measure, measure and then again measure.

And welcome!!

05-19-11, 10:03 am
Bigger question would be...why did you get piggies if you personally arent going to be taking care of them fulltime? I know my piglets are alot of work, but I knew that before I brought them home...do your parents really know what they are getting in for?

05-19-11, 02:48 pm
Thanks for all the valuable input, guys!

@Sewlittle: They're my pigs, but my parents also wanted a pet, and we have had a pig before (and they mostly took care of Chester for all 4 1/2 years; he was intended to be my pet, but I was very young, and thankfully they took responsibility), and I'm using my summer to learn more about pigs and how to take care of them, and "teaching" (hesitate to use that word) my parents ways to care while I'm away. Thanks for your concern! I trust them to have it covered :)

05-19-11, 05:53 pm
It's all good then!... sorry if I over-reacted. I know what my kids were like when they went to college. It was every weekend coming home..then the longer they went to school...the less they came home. I just wanted to make sure your parents knew what they were getting into...since they would be primary caregivers.. :)
Piggies are the best!

05-19-11, 11:14 pm
They will probably fall in love with them if they really get into it. Your parents are probably my age and I adore them all.