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05-16-11, 03:12 am
This is for 8 sow's, the design enable's them to get the most exercise they also go out in the run daily or run around the kitchen if the weather is bad.


At the back on the bottom floor they can get into the kitchen area and a ramp from there leads to the top floor.

05-16-11, 06:37 am
This cage is not large enough for eight guinea pigs...

05-16-11, 07:37 am
If your going by the measurement's on the homepage of guinea pig cage's site then niether is your's. also your cage allow's for grid's 1x2 plus a little per pig as does my cage. Recently a guinea pig rescue has approached me asking to use that very picture as an example to show adoptee's how guinea pig's should be kept (I don't personally know that rescue but the more recent of my pig's are rescue's and they wouldn't of rehomed to me if they didn't think it was suitable, infact they wanted me to take another one but I wouldn't as I didn't think my cage was big enough for 9) I'm well aware that it is better to have space on one level but as the ramp is in the kitchen area it doesn't take away any running space. I did mention that they go in the run which is a 4x4 grid area or in the kitchen daily for exercise, I also made all the toy's in their cage as they chewed store bought one's and that worried me so I learned to sew and made safe fleece one's which I know they won't chew, they get a large variety of veg every day have pellet's and hay is available at all time's, they are also regularly groomed ie nail clipping and are handled daily, I am 100% with my pig's but thank's for your concern's.

05-16-11, 08:15 am
A really lovely & creative cage! But it is indeed too small for 8 pigs. Noone questioned your dedication or suitability to be a cavy owner or inquired what food you feed them, but simply stated that the cage itself is not big enough. Great that you provided the shelter with pictures so they can spread the word, shelters adopt out to owners with pet store cages, so their knowlege in cage size is limited, them wanting to put a ninth pig in there is proof enough of this.

Is there any way for you to expand further or make a second cage? I would say your cage is large enough for 5 pigs at most. Even if you get them out in a smaller outside run on nice days, the cage has to be large enough. Again, love the design & fleece.

05-16-11, 08:39 am
I like your fleece, it is so cute! I just bought a sewing machine so I could make things like this for my piggies. It will be a while before my stuff looks like yours though! :)

I have been trying to come up with a way to add a loft to my cage but am getting stuck on the ramp. I see where yours starts but don't see where it comes out for the top. I'd be very interested in seeing it - do you have a picture of that to add?

05-16-11, 09:22 am
I love your cage! The cozies and fleece are really cute too! :)

05-16-11, 09:56 am
I would love to know how you did your bottom in this cage we got a Marshall pet cage but my Piggies HATE IT they wont use the ramps and it is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i'm looking into selling it and building a C&C ([email protected]) cage

05-16-11, 10:09 am
I love the design of your cage. But I also think it's too small for 8 pigs.

Piggee Precious
05-16-11, 10:29 am
Love this cage. Great design. I really like the way you have an area set aside for the hay---------. My short-legged-furry-ones take minutes to get hay "sqished" and tramped into the fleece from one end to the other. This is a cosmetic thing that is bothering me due to the beautiful pictures I am seeing of the fleece designed areas. I really don't think I can manage to keep things looking good cause they love the areas all over the cage with hay in paper bags and cozies filled with hay. I am going to set up an area like your picture, when I figure out how you did it, and see if they will be happy with a large area for hay. Thanks for sharing.

05-16-11, 11:17 am
Luckily the rescue asked me for more photo's on my cage design so i have some

Ramp hole

Kitchen area

Top level support with bridge to kitchen

Piggee Precious
05-16-11, 01:26 pm
Don't you need rails to prevent falls along opening to upstairs and along the walk upstairs?

05-17-11, 06:36 am
Actually, based on square footage, which is what the site uses for the guides, my cage is bigger than the recommendations. Your cage is essentially a 2x6, if you rearrange the 2x2 and the 2x4, which is definitely not large enough for eight guinea pigs. The general rule is that second levels do not count for overall square footage. My cage is two 1x2 sections short of being a 4x5... And, as soon as I get new coro, it will be a 4x5.

I was not trying to attack, but I did want to let you know that your cage is in fact too small.

05-17-11, 06:59 am
I would like to add the math to support my post because I was unable to find it while typing my previous post. My cage is 21.7 square feet and five guinea pigs require 20.5 square feet, minimum. That makes my cage larger than recommendations by 1.2 square feet, I know it is not much, but it is still larger.

Your cage is a 2x6 and is the minimum size for four guinea pigs, not eight. You would have to double the bottom level for it to be large enough.

Again, I am not trying to attack you nor upset you or anything of the sort.

Piggee Precious
05-17-11, 09:38 pm
I got just great ideas from you cage. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm going to double the size I have at this time because it is such a kick to watch them checking each and everything that is placed in their home. I feel so sick for those little ones in those awful aquariums,just barely able to turn around------------just awful.