View Full Version : Do you replace your bed pillow every 6 months? uses for old one...

05-15-11, 04:36 pm
Ok doctors, allergists and such insist that your bed pillows should be changed every 6 months. After 9 months(or 12 months cant remember) half the average pillow's weight will consist of dust mite carcusses, feces and such. YUCK! So don't feel guilty about throwing away that pillow. Recycle it! Take your old pillow and cover it with a piece of fleece for a nice snuggly bed for the piggies (works well for cats, dogs etc... as well) At the end of the week just pitch the pee soaked pillow.



05-15-11, 04:59 pm
You could wash them. I do all the time.

05-15-11, 05:14 pm
Yep you CAN but washing them doesn't change the fact that are and there will be increasing number of poo, bodies and the like living in your pillows. Every 9-12 months your pillow's weight is HALF poo and dust mite bodies... Washing and drying only kills a precentage of the live dust mites.

If you ment washing the pillow AFTER the piggy uses it, you can do that too but I can't do that since our apartment washer does not wash well... Its a nice way to use something one last time.

05-15-11, 05:24 pm
Yes, that's true.

05-15-11, 07:02 pm
Ohhhh...are those some of your boys Onetwo ?! They are so sweet !! :heart:

05-15-11, 09:08 pm
Meh.. I have a dangerously bad dust mite allergy- I have to sleep with this awful crinkly cover over all my bedding and freeze my pillows. I do think however, the bedding covers I have to use would make a fantastic bottom layer for a piggy bed spread.

06-22-11, 01:52 pm
This is great to know because now I have figured out why I sneeze alot when I sleep up my bf's house. His pillows are like 2 years old(he is very cheap). Thanks for the info.