View Full Version : I need coments on my cage idea

02-11-03, 08:54 am
I'm considering getting a cavy and don't currently have a cage for it. I've seen the C&C cages and read all about store bought cages.

My idea for a cage to fit the space that I have is this:

first floor:

1 x 5 grids with the ramp in the center of the cage, leaving the sides of the cage for running.

second floor:

1 x 2 grids with the ramp coming up in the center.

I plan to use clorplast <sp?> to line the bottom of each level and a few inches up on all sides.

I have already planned to enclose this on the top and have access doors for cleaning. I plan to make the cloplast pans removable from the end.

Does this sound like enough room for one cavy? I do have a foldwaway critter cage that I plan to use for floor time.

A basic diagram:


O is the side door.

Any help would be appreciated. :rolleyes:


02-11-03, 09:06 am
Bottom line, 1 grid wide is too narrow. It's not enough space.

02-11-03, 09:15 am
Thanks! Are the grids exactly 1ft by 1ft? I haven't been to the store to actually measure. I can go two wide if they are.


02-11-03, 07:58 pm
They are 14" square.

02-13-03, 03:04 pm
I don't quite understand what you mean by using a fold away critter cage for floor time. The point of floor time is just that, the chance to run around on the floor. I made a 2x6 with a 2x2 upper level for my girls. You may need two boxes/bags however they are packaged of cubes to make the cage, especially if you want to make lids. If you do this, you can use the extra cubes to outline the room so they can't get into hard to reach places or chew on wires near or on the wall! Also, you should consider adopting two guinea pigs. They are social animals and would love to have a same sex companion! And with all that room they'd be popcorning around having fun all day! Good Luck!

02-14-03, 12:11 pm
sorry but 1 grid wide is WAYYY too small! my cage is 2 grids by 4 grids and im working on a loft thing..but not sure what to use as a ramp