View Full Version : Please welcome Voodoojoint as a new Moderator!

04-28-05, 08:16 pm
Ly, Treen and myself have help now. Voodoojoint is a new moderator to help keep things on track. Please make her feel welcome.

Slap Maxwell
04-28-05, 08:17 pm
Yay voodoo! Congrats!

Christys GPS
04-28-05, 09:49 pm
Awesome Voodoo,,,,, you will make a great MOD.

04-28-05, 10:14 pm
YaY! Congrats Voodoo, you'll be a great Mod!

04-29-05, 06:34 am
Congrats Voodoo!!!

04-29-05, 06:40 am
YAY Voodoo!! Glad to see you now have the power to wield that stick ;o) We all know you'll do great.

04-29-05, 07:24 am
Woo Hoo way to go Voodoo....Keep doing that voodoo that you do so well.

04-29-05, 08:29 am
That was to be expected. I think she'll be a great mod. Congratulations Voodoojoint!

04-29-05, 09:14 am

smileyface cavy
04-29-05, 09:23 am

04-29-05, 09:45 am
Awww...shucks. Thanks folks. I'll do my best.

Feel free to PM me through the forum with any concerns, problems or issues you have with other members or me.

I'll be in chat often to help keep an eye on it. I may not always be chatty as I often keep the chat window open to watch what's going on while I do other computer work.

Other then the fact that I've been given a Mod stick it's still just lil ol' me. Treat me as you always have.

Baby Bears
04-29-05, 09:57 am
WOO-HOO VOO-DOO! yeehaw! Congratulations!

04-29-05, 10:12 am
Boooh!! Hiisss!!

Just kidding, congrats Voodoo!! You'll be the best chat mod EVER!! And among the ranks of all the great forum mods!! GO VOODOO.

04-29-05, 10:15 am
Boooh!! Hiisss!!

SMACK! goes my Mod stick

Just keep making me laugh Dag and I'll love you forever.

04-29-05, 02:07 pm
Congrats Voodoo. :) *sticks little needles into a doll* Remember... never ban me... *G*

04-29-05, 03:24 pm
Woohoo!! Congrats Voodoo!

04-29-05, 03:55 pm
Three cheers for VooDooJoint! Defender of cavies and crazy canucks! :D

04-29-05, 07:05 pm
Way to go! I knew it was just a matter of time. Good luck, and congrats Voodoo, you'll do an awesome job!

04-29-05, 07:25 pm
Congrats, voodoo! I'm sure you'll be a great mod!

04-30-05, 11:35 am
cingrats voodoo! good luck with all os us crazy gp lovers !:)

04-30-05, 02:21 pm
Watch it voodoo, I will take your stick away! LOL, just kidding. Congratulations on your new position.

04-30-05, 07:23 pm
YAY! I remember when I first joined I was reeaaaalllly stubborn and how we had that grudge. It's amazing how that changed :P Congrats!

04-30-05, 08:20 pm
Watch it voodoo, I will take your stick away!

NO! no no no no no...It's MINE!

lindsey's boys
04-30-05, 08:38 pm
Congrats Voodoo!!!

Daisy Duke
05-20-05, 02:20 pm
Congrats Voodoo. Sorry, I am a little late. lol

Ashley's Gurl
05-21-05, 01:39 pm
Congrats Voodoojoint!