View Full Version : First Bunny!

04-28-05, 08:13 pm
Hi, everyone!

My name is Storme, I've been a cavy owner for seven years now and own four spoiled piggies.

Today I found a small a bunny in my backyard. I'm pretty sure its a baby boy. I've never owned a bunny before and have no idea how to take care of one. Right now I'm keeping the bunny in my cavies very small isolation pet store cage with bunny pellets, timothy hay and water. He seems to be settling down great and taking a nap. I'm going to build him a Creative Cube cage I think but I'd like to know what you all suggest. Anything would be helpful.


04-28-05, 08:27 pm
Be sure to visit http://www.rabbit.org
Many people use an expen instead of a cage. It you have room, it is a nice idea. Also, take a look at http://www.thebunnybunch.org