View Full Version : making cage with c&c

02-14-03, 12:41 pm
i got my coroplast and grid things...if i do my cage how it says to on cavcages.com how to...will i have to sit it on the floor? because how they show it the only bottom it has is the coroplast but no supprt..i dont want it to be directly on the floor...what should i do?

02-14-03, 08:39 pm
Many folks place them on a nicely sized folding table. I built a support for mine. The basic design was:


This is a side view ... I built a 2x4 with a bottom and a then placed it on a 2x3, with open fronts so that I could use the bottom areas for food storage and such. I also added a 3 square platform (in like an L shape) as an upper level. All of this required 2 boxes of cubes. Also, when relying on the cubes for support like this the connections really need to be reinforced with cable ties.