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01-14-03, 01:22 am
I have 3 bunnies. Yam (7mos old, chinchilla color, 3 pounds). Bubbles(5mos old, all white with brown ears, under 2 pounds). Baby(3 mos old, white and brown, under 2 pounds). they love their cube cages very much. Especially the second floor. I didn't built them a ladder because they can hop pretty high. They usually hop to the upper level to rest.

here's a link to the picture:
<a href="http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/c584e239/bc/YamBubblesBaby/YBBCubeCage.jpg?bc9v8I.ARxq5ASEN" target="_new">YamBubblesBaby's Cage</a>

02-13-03, 01:28 pm
The link didn't work for me and this board is all about guinea pigs, not rabbits! :p

02-13-03, 07:11 pm
The link didn't work for me either.

Star Gardener, it's quite okay for someone to post about their cube cage for their bunnies.

02-15-03, 07:10 pm
I'm sorry Teresa. It wasn't meant to be rude... that's why I put the :p emoticon !!!!!

02-16-03, 12:04 pm
the link didnt work for me either!:(