View Full Version : Online pet supplies with shipping to Canada

04-17-11, 12:35 am
Maybe I'm just lazy but I like getting stuff shipped directly to my home. No crowded stores, no long wait in long checkout lines, no lost cars in the parking lot, or in my case, locked keys in my car:censored:. No listening to my children complain about, well, everything to do with shopping! (If you have kids I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) My favorite part is not having to drive all over town to find what I want!:relieved: I'm sure you get my point.

I was wondering if anybody has a favorite online pet supply store. I'm looking for something with reasonable shipping costs to Canada, that offer supplies for cats and guinea pigs. If they happen to have petmate water filters that would be great. I have tried doing a google search but the sites I've found don't seem to have much for guinea pigs, or the shipping was out outrageous. I won't name any names but for 3 filters and shipping one site was going to charge me 22$:eye-poppi

The kind of supplies I'm looking for is mostly good quality food/treats, flea collar for cats, shampoos and toys at reasonable prices.


04-17-11, 09:52 am
Kleenmama's ships pellets to canada and they are the best of the best. Can you get hay locally from a horse place? That would save a ton but you'd have to pick up (But at least you would only have to pick up once every 6 months... (depending on how much you buy and how many piggies you have). Hmmm if you want fleece stuff for your pets you can order from cozycavy.com or Jenscustomcrafts.com (not sure the exact address on that one). There might not be ONE store where you can get it ALL but there are certainly good stores online that have great prices... Good luck to you!