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04-27-05, 05:28 pm
Hi I just talked my father into getting me a friend for my guinea pig. The thing is i live on Cape Cod and there arent that many places to get piggies. I tried PetFinder but only a few options. I need a young female. If you have any suggestions please post them.

04-27-05, 05:39 pm
Have you checked www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com/) and www.craigslist.org (http://www.craigslist.org/) http://www.guinealynx.info/rescues.html and www.cavyrescue.com (http://www.cavyrescue.com) http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewforum.php?f=12&sid=6050125598ec4f2ffdc878efc5879871

04-27-05, 09:24 pm
Check your local animal shelters too.

www.petharbor.com (http://www.petharbor.com/)

Sometimes they do not advertise that they get guinea pigs or are not listed on petfinder. Don't forget classifieds under petfinder and cavyrescue.

www.gpan.net (http://www.gpan.net/) has listiings too. You may want to try local rabbit rescues. Sometimes they have piggies. Some rescues can work out transport for a good home.

04-27-05, 11:32 pm
HiCuteButShyPig, there are a number of piggies available in the Boston area, is that too far for you to travel?

04-28-05, 03:37 am
yeah it is. For some reason the cape only has alot of petstores. That's were I got Lily because she was the only healthy one out of 5 (I quarentined her). And she wasn't seperated yet from her brothers and I had to save her. I dont know if I would buy from there agian though, I want to rescue one but there is only the MSPCA and Boston Rescue League in brewster(on the cape) and they only have males in at the time.

Slap Maxwell
04-28-05, 04:04 am
Most rescues or shelters can meet you halfway. I traveled an hour and fifteen minutes for my first two rescue pigs, and for my third, I met Amiable Animals half way, which was an hour and forty five minutes.

04-28-05, 08:09 am
I've done adoptions in Boston, which is about 3.5 - 4 hours from me. But with my new job and the cost of gas, I don't think I could swing a trip all the way to the Cape (as nice as it would be to visit ;~) right now.

What about seeing if one of the Boston members might pull a little girl from one of the Boston shelters and meet you half-way? You could post on Guinealynx and the pigloo and see if anyone is willing to help. I bet you would find someone! Also, there is a guinea pig transport group at yahoogroups and I bet you could find a volunteer to help you there, also.

Don't give up! There are so many homeless guinea pigs and they all deserve a chance at a great life. Good luck!

04-28-05, 10:02 am
Also, there is nothing wrong with waiting for a little while. You can give the local shelters your name so they call you when a female comes in. Is there a reason you'd like a young female?

04-28-05, 03:52 pm
Yes, my guinea pig I have now if a female. i guess I could take a nuetered male, but i am strongly agianst nuetering. No effence towards anyone who has a nueterd pig though.

04-28-05, 05:53 pm
Why are you against neutering? Just wondering?

04-30-05, 08:09 am
idk, i see it as if it's already there then why take it out. It's not completely horrible and It works for people that need to neuter their piggies when they have a girl and a boy but I dont agree with people who do it when they only have like had 1 boy and no other piggies.

04-30-05, 08:31 am
What about with dogs? Would you allow your dog to be netered?

04-30-05, 08:35 am
maybe, I don't have as much as a problem with nuetering bigger animals, I still think its wrong I just dont agree with putting an animal through surgery unless it was definitly needed for health reasons and breeding reasons.

04-30-05, 04:29 pm
Would you consider an older female? Or a boar that was already neutered? I understand not wanting to put animals through unnecessary surgery. Its always a risk.

04-30-05, 04:40 pm
Yes, I was thinking a younger female, or just a female in general because my guinea pig is young and I didnt want to intimadate her with a larger piggy. But yes I would consider a nuetered male or older female.

04-30-05, 05:49 pm
Here are two girls at the MSPCA in Edgartown, MA.


Is that close?

04-30-05, 05:51 pm
nope, sorry. Thanks for trieng though. They are in nantucket and thats a boat trip for me. And I wouldnt want to put the piggy through that expeirence.

04-30-05, 05:53 pm
I'm adopting a piggy from up north. It will be a total of 8 hours in the car for him. I'm confident a boat trip wouldn't hurt the piggy.

04-30-05, 05:54 pm
yeah thats true, but i also dont have the money. Its kinda expensive.

04-30-05, 05:55 pm
Cuz im making a cage, and buying the pig so I dont have money for a boat ticket.

04-30-05, 05:59 pm
Oh, I see. That's understandable. Will your parents be able to help with vet and other expenses as they come up? Its important to be able to provide what they need.

04-30-05, 06:01 pm
yes ofcourse, just right now all that stuff is overwhleming. But after we get her she will see the vet if she needs to.

04-30-05, 09:10 pm
These two shelters have females. Are they near you?

MSPCA Animal Care & Adoption Center-Western New England (http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/MA50.html)

Norfolk County Humane Society Inc. (http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/MA139.html) in Canton

There is a petfinder classifieds listing in Somerville,MA for 2 sows.

Have you checked craigslist?

05-01-05, 08:14 am
cool yeah they are over the bridge, half mile away from me. Maybe I can get them.

05-02-05, 06:35 am
I just dont agree with putting an animal through surgery unless it was definitly needed for health reasons and breeding reasons. But it is for both breeding and health reasons. Health because it prevents testicular cancer and more, breeding because you don't want your dog going around impregnating every female adding to the pet overpopulation problem, now do you?