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02-18-03, 03:07 pm
Linolium is poisonus to guinea pigs???

02-18-03, 07:21 pm
No it is not.

02-18-03, 09:13 pm
Why is it not recommended for a cage?

02-19-03, 12:22 am
I've never heard of such, but Coroplast is a better choice for cage flooring. Often, guinea pigs will chew on linoleum, whereas they can't on Coroplast, since it is harder. But I use linoleum, and never have any of my piggies to chew on it. Mainly because there is bedding over it, and they don't dig, so it stay's "un-bitten" most of the time.

02-20-03, 12:42 am
IF a guinea pig were to ingest coroplast, it could potentially cause blockage, but the plastic would be indigestable.

Linoleum on the other hand is made of who knows what and probably would break down somewhat in the digestive system. Whatever it's made out of would NOT be good or healthy. If you use linoleum, you HAVE to make sure your pigs don't chew it.

02-20-03, 11:36 am

wowie that was a bit confusing. well, I'll be using linolium for now, but the way you said it it sounds like neither is very good in the case of the guinea pigs chewing on it.

02-20-03, 02:18 pm
So actually, neither coroplast or linoleum are safe.

02-20-03, 02:26 pm
Eating plastic or flooring material is not safe. Period. You should make sure your guinea pigs don't chew on the edges. There are recommended approaches on the website about protecting the edges if your guinea pigs are inclined to chew on them.

Mine have nibbled occassionally on the Coroplast edges over time and have shown no ill effects. I do not encourage anyone to allow it. Once noticed, you need to deal with it.